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Do-it-yourself winter garden – TOP 50 photos of winter garden ideas in a private house and apartment

Today, when creating modern private houses and arranging apartments, more and more attention is being paid to the greening of living space.

In addition to plants and flowers in the house, the winter garden is very popular during the cold seasons.

You can create a winter garden, both in a small apartment, and in a huge country house, highlighting for this a separate room.

To make a winter garden on your own, you have to work hard, because it is not enough to plant decorative indoor plants, you need to think about how to make good ventilation, how to provide watering, and how to warm the winter garden.

And, of course, another important step, which will bring your winter garden to the ideal, is a thoughtful and interesting design.

Right now, we will present for you ideas on how to design a winter garden in your home, proposing original solutions for decorating a winter garden and arranging plants. Also our brief review will introduce you to the peculiarities of creating a winter garden.

Do-it-yourself winter garden: creation, design, important points

Many people dream of having a winter garden in the house, but not everyone can make their own ecosystem with their own hands.

The winter garden can collect in itself the most original and charming flowers and plants, which even in the winter will be pleasant to be in your living corner.

Own ecosystem in an apartment or house can be located in a separate room, designed near the house.

With all the necessary communications, the winter garden can be placed in plexiglas, polycarbonate and metal profiles, or wood-glass structures.

If you create a winter garden in this kind of room, remember, it will look beautiful and please your eyes and soul not only in winter, but also in warm seasons, because your plants with proper care can be in the winter garden all year round.

As a rule, the winter garden in a huge outbuilding of wood or cellular polycarbonate has sufficient area so that you can equip your winter garden, not only arranging plants and flowers beautifully, but also placing a couch, armchair, sofa in the garden, as well as a comfortable table for tea drinking, small shelves for the right things.

In such a cloister of beauty and comfort you will receive aesthetic pleasure, breathe oxygen, enjoy pleasant emotions at the sight of your favorite flowers, decorative plants.

In addition to placing a winter garden in the outbuilding, or in a separate room in an apartment or house, you need to think about tightness of the skin and proper ventilation of the air in the room, because in winter the heat should remain inside at the slightest energy consumption, and in spring and summer the plants should be comfortable thanks to a well-designed ventilation system.

Like any other living organisms, the winter garden in the form of indoor plants should be carefully heated.

To do this, think about how you will maintain the temperature. There are several ways, namely, wood-burning stove, water and oil heaters, gas heating, heating with electricity.

Which method of heat supply you choose depends on how large the winter garden is, where it is located, how optimal this or that way of heating is for you according to financial possibilities and labor costs.

Beginner gardeners should also think about sufficient watering of plants and the normal flow of sunlight into the depths of your ecosystem.

Winter Garden: design, design features, ideas on how to build a winter garden

As we mentioned above, we have prepared for you the TOP 50 ideas on how to arrange a winter garden in a private house, an apartment close to a house built.

For many, the winter garden is associated with something unusual and impossible, because we can see huge winter gardens in public institutions, where a large number of personnel take care of this beauty.

Yes, indeed, the winter garden requires special care, but your own living area is even possible in your home in small, medium, large sizes.

To equip a winter garden in a private house, apartment, autonomous room, you must taking into account the proposed area, the desired functional purpose of this room.

In addition to plants, you can arrange beautiful paintings in the winter garden, original figurines, vases, furniture, think over several types of lighting, which will allow you to spend pleasant time in a lively corner.

Create an atmosphere of relaxation by installing a home cinema or audio system in the winter garden.

Winter Garden, the design of which depends directly on the arrangement of its elements, will be gorgeous if you plant the plants on the lower, middle, upper tiers.

Choose high and low plants so that the room is cozy, and the plants complement each other and look harmonious.

If there is a large space, place a waterfall in the interior, or a small pond.

In order for a winter garden to be your favorite corner in a house or apartment, you do not have to plant many plants, the main thing is to choose the plants that you like, flowers and ornamental plantings unpretentious, well adapted in a closed environment.

When selecting plants, consult with florists who will tell you how to decorate and transform a winter garden in a house or apartment.

Be sure to plant in your eco corner of lemons, chlorophytum, cacti, succulents ivy, gammon, philodendrons, saxweed, flowering plants, etc.

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