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Fashionable flowers in a box with their own hands: photo ideas of a box of flowers, natural flowers in a box photo

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and non-binding gifts for any girl and woman, symbolizing attention, respect, the desire to show their attitude and feelings.

The trends of floristic 2019-2020, as well as fashion trends in clothing, do not stand still, developing, improving, offering flower lovers all sorts of options for the design and presentation of flower arrangements.

One of the fashionable floral trends today are the flowers in the box, which have become an original alternative to the usual bouquet.

Fashionable flowers in boxes 2019-2020, in particular flowers in a hat box, fresh flowers in a box of square, round, oval and heart-shaped can be bought today in almost every florist shop, having received a unique floral arrangement that will surely delight recipient, and will remain in the memory for a long time.

Beautiful fresh flowers in the boxes can be presented for the birthday of the birthday man, to teach the hero of the day.

Also, fresh flowers in boxes of different shapes became a creative decision of a bouquet for a wedding, a concise floral arrangement for the leader, a surprise for her beloved on Valentine’s Day or March 8, etc.

Fashionable floral trends and fashion trends of bouquets provide for the possibility of decorating flower gifts in a variety of styles.

Florists do not get tired of experimenting, offering lovers of new flower surprises and new bouquet solutions in unique, bright or tender interpretations.

Fashionable flowers in boxes 2019-2020 – a new original solution for flower arrangement design

Many women dream of being presented with a huge bouquet of flowers. Dear girls, such a gift looks really beautiful, but not every fragile recipient will be able to hold such a large bouquet.

Today it is much more interesting to get fresh flowers in a box than an ordinary banal bouquet with a lot of flowers.

It is beautiful flowers in boxes that give men to women who have good taste and who are not without a sense of aesthetics.

Fresh flowers in the box 2019-2020 will create a pleasant mood and will give a lot of positive emotions, both to the donor and to the recipient.

Note that experts recommend choosing flowers in boxes depending on the recipient’s individual preferences (if you are familiar with them so that you know about them), and also, given the status of the recipient and the purpose of the presentation.

Such a floral trend, like fresh flowers in hat boxes, can not only be bought at a flower shop, but also made at home with your own hands.

If you want to try to arrange fresh flowers in the box with your own hands, consider not only the type and size of flowers, but also pay attention to the fashionable palette of shades, according to which these or those flowers are combined in one composition.

In the fashion of all shades of pink, Marsala color, wine, lilac, delicate beige, bright purple, etc.

White and red flowers still have not lost their relevance. Pleasant blue, yellow shades also remain relevant in flower arrangements.

Interestingly, fresh flowers in boxes can be represented by one variety, for example, today’s popular peonies, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, gypsophilia, always in demand with roses, carnations.

You can also combine in one box several varieties of flowers, different in shade, shape and size, for example, boxes of field flowers.

Fashionable flowers in boxes 2019-2020 – unusual bouquets of flowers with a surprise

In addition to the fact that fresh flowers in boxes look very original, florists went further, deciding to combine the beauty of floral metamorphosis with a small but very pleasant surprise for lovely women.

In addition to the floral idea, fashionable flowers in the boxes are complemented by macaroons, which make the flower surprise not only beautiful, but also tasty.

An unusual box with flowers and macaroons is a nice gift for any girl and woman.

In addition to sweets, the donor can also put another small present in a box with flowers, for example, perfume or chocolates, etc.

If you make boxes of flowers with your own hands, it all depends on your imagination and desire to please the recipient.

As for the flower box, if you do not have a special gift box at your hands, you can take any other beautiful box with shoes or hats, and make it a place to create a future bouquet.

To arrange the flower arrangement yourself, stock up with flowers to your taste, a special floral sponge, a knife and scissors, a paper pot that is placed in a gift box to protect it from moisture penetration, decorative tape to create a decor, water that will prolong the life of your little flowers .

You can also arrange fresh flowers in the boxes with your own hands with decorative leaves and greens that will noticeably transform your bouquet.

Florists advise that at the bottom of the box of flowers you need to put additional pieces of paper to avoid water on the box.

Flowers in boxes permissible to spread randomly, in rows, or in another way that you like.

If, in addition to flowers, there are macaroons or any other elements in the box, consider their location.

Boxes of flowers with macaroons can have a cover or you can arrange flowers in a box that will serve as an unusual vase.

It is characteristic that fashionable floristic trends of 2019-2020 suggest replacing ordinary bouquets with flowers not only in boxes, but also presenting an unusual flower surprise, designed in pots, watering cans, buckets, teapots, etc.

If fresh flowers in a box should please your beloved woman, there is no better shape than a heart for a box.

Such a flower arrangement will symbolize not only love, but also respect, attention and care.

As a rule, fashionable boxes of flowers – a good idea for a holiday of lovers, women’s day or birthday beloved.

Having chosen such a gift, a man will undoubtedly conquer a woman, because real flowers in a heart-shaped box look elegant and cute.

And now we offer you ideas for the design of a box of flowers in a variety of variations.

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