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Midi skirts 2019-2020: what to wear with a midi skirt – photo ideas, midi skirt styles, skirts below the knee

The skirt is the basic element of women’s wardrobe. The 2019-2020 trend has become midi skirts or skirts below the knee, which harmoniously fit into the most original images for girls and women with different types of figure.

Buy a midi skirt can any woman of fashion, however, if you want to look beautiful and interesting, you need to know what to wear with a midi skirt, having learned to combine fashionable midi skirts with different variations of the top and those or other accessories.

Especially for you, we have prepared more than 100 ideas with which to wear a midi skirt, showing the most beautiful midi skirts and the most original skirts below the knee in different styles and colors.

In our photo compilation, beautiful midi skirts of puffed tulle, satin, elegant skirts below the knee pencil, denim, lace and leather midi skirts, as well as examples of midi skirts of spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons are shown.

If you have a skirt below the knee in your wardrobe, we will tell you what to wear with a midi skirt, creating extraordinary and stylish fashionable bows for walking, leisure, study, work, and a special occasion.

Stylish skirts below the knee: what to wear a midi skirt – tips and ideas for real fashionistas

Before telling you what to wear with a midi skirt, note that midi skirts are universal, because they can easily complement any set, both in casual and smart casual styles, and in an elegant and sophisticated romantic style.

Fashionable skirts below the knee (midi skirts) can have several levels of length that you choose individually, depending on the constitution of your body, the characteristics of your figure, the beauty and elegance of your legs. The most acceptable length for a midi skirt is 10 centimeters above the ankle.

When midi skirts are the ideal length for you, do not deny yourself the pleasure to buy midi skirts such as pencil, puffy skirts with French length, midi skirts with frills and drapes, pleated midi skirts, with ruffles and frill.

What to wear with midi skirts: fashionable midi skirts in pencil style

Midi-length skirts, narrowed to the bottom, have long been an indicator of good taste, because they look very elegant, elegant and feminine, both on slim girls with perfect parameters, and on women with lush hips with a type of figure an hourglass and without extra roundness on tummy

For women with an inverted triangular type of figure, or the type of figure apple, midi skirts may be inappropriate, because, most likely, figure flaws are emphasized.

Midi skirts with a high-waist pencil look chic if you combine them with silk, chiffon blouses, classic shirts, crop tops, and even casual sweaters.

The skirts below the knee are straight and the pencil must be worn with shoes with heels, which will visually stretch the female silhouette.

What to wear with a midi skirt: A-line skirts below the knee

Another style of midi skirt – skirts below the knee A – silhouette. Elegant midi skirts in a trapezoid style will suit women with small figure flaws or overweight, and, of course, women with flawless appearance.

If you have extra inches on the tummy and hips, midi-trapeze skirts will be able to hide them, emphasizing the rest of the charms of your appearance.

You can wear skirts below the knee in a trapezoid style with different variations of the top, because this style of a midi skirt will correct and hide the imbalance of the silhouette.

Midi skirts with a trapezoidal skirt can be combined with a tight fit and a looser style of blouses and blouses.

What to wear with a midi skirt: puffy midi skirts made of satin, chiffon, tulle

Trendy novelties 2019-2020 are puffy midi skirts, widening the hips. Made of tulle, satin, chiffon skirts below the knee allow you to construct playful, delicate, romantic, eccentric fashion bows in a variety of styles.

Beautiful fluffy midi skirts can be combined even with a leather jacket and voluminous sweaters, creating an original set in street style and casual style.

Midi skirts are suitable for women with long, elegant legs tall. They can be worn with shoes on heels, sandals, classic pumps.

For girls and women with curvaceous forms such skirts are contraindicated. Nevertheless, fashion experiments sometimes surprise, so here you choose for yourself, just like with what to wear a midi skirt.

What to wear with a midi skirt: leather, denim and midi skirts

In 2019-2020, the latest trend in women’s fashion was midi skirts made of jeans, leather and lace.

A straight cut denim midi skirt and a pencil are great for making casual sets. These midi skirts represent a street sports style that is now actively chosen by young girls and active women.

Fashionable skirts below the knee of straight and trapezoid lace will be for you the basic element for the formation of both festive and everyday bows. In our photo collection you can see what to wear with a midi skirt made of lace.

But midi leather skirts are a win-win idea for a skirt below the knee, both for business and for elegant and feminine looks.

Depending on the top, leather skirts, midi pencil, trapeze, puffy skirts below the knee can emphasize the elegance of the figure, emphasize sexuality, the playfulness of the silhouette.

We want to draw your attention to how and with what to wear a midi skirt according to the features of a female silhouette.

If you want to create an elegant silhouette of a real lady, choose midi skirts with a high waist and a delicate blouse.

The strict image of a business woman will help combine the skirts below the knee with a jacket and jacket in tandem with a traditional shirt.

If you need to focus on the hips, midi skirts with low waist will be just right.

Low girls are better to choose the length to or slightly above the knee, giving up the fluffy midi skirt, so as not to weigh down the silhouette.

Depending on the season, you can choose midi skirts spring-summer and fall winter in bright and more muted shades.

For any time of year are relevant midi skirts in a single-color version. In the spring-summer season, bright midi skirts with a striped, abstract, floral print, as well as skirts below the knee with a certain pattern will be popular. Red, yellow, blue, turquoise, pink and other shades in a trend this spring and summer.

Mid-season skirts in a cage, strip, small polka dots and an abstract pattern, plain black, green, blue, burgundy, beige, and brown skirts below the knee will be acceptable for the autumn-winter season.

And now we invite you to see what to wear with a midi skirt, familiarizing yourself with the current styles and novelties of the skirt below the knee.

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