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The most beautiful birthday cakes 2019-2020 – photos, decor ideas, cake design

No holiday and a solemn feast can do without confectionery; an event will take place at home or in a restaurant.

Masterpieces of confectionery art can not exist without the influence of fashionable culinary trends.

Among the abundance of confectionery, a special place is occupied by beautiful birthday cakes, which must be present at the holiday table, becoming a successful culmination of the anniversary, children’s birthday, the birthday of a young lady.

Today we will look at the most beautiful cakes for the birthday of 2019-2020, the photos of which the confectioners, without any regrets, post online to demonstrate the immensity of their talent and tell everyone who wants to arrange a birthday cake for children, men and women.

We presented the best photo ideas in the review of the most original confectionery products, offering you stylish and incredibly beautiful cakes for different age categories in the TOP 50 collection.

And now we will tell you what stylish cakes for a birthday will be, what design confectioners offer sweets lovers, and also what variations of decor you can try on sweets for kids or your favorite halves.

Trendy birthday cakes 2019-2020: current trends and pastry trends

If you want to make a beautiful birthday cake at home, hitting all the guests and the birthday boy with his masterpiece, you will undoubtedly need good design ideas to make the cake not only tasty, but also very original.

Pastry newcomers will also appreciate the creative solutions for decorating cakes, receiving even more orders from satisfied customers.

Trendy birthday cakes have long since moved away from thoughtless bright flowers and leaves, incomprehensible ryushk of cream.

Today, confectioners offer birthday people to appreciate beautiful birthday cakes – stylish and thoughtful, themed, created by extraordinary plots.

A birthday cake can be made with mastic, fruits, chocolate figures, candied fruits, nuts, etc.

We also recommend making birthday cakes in a certain style, adding a special mood to their design.

The pastry chefs learned how to combine several colors when creating one dessert, which looks very interesting and fresh.

As in fashionable clothes and manicure, and in the pastry business, the minimalistic trend is relevant, so fashionable birthday cakes without frills and unnecessary details in one tone will be perfect.

Beautiful birthday cakes made of mastic have been recognized. They do not lose their presentation as quickly as cream, long maintaining great taste.

You can also create any original jewelry and figurines for the pastry piece from mastic, therefore this material is doubly good.

You can decorate an exclusive cake with chocolate icing, and also present the so-called “naked” cake to the birthday man, which is often decorated with fruits and berries, or fresh flowers.

And now in brief about the trends in the design of cakes.

Cakes for boys and girls 2019-2020: the best ideas for themed cakes for the most important birthday men

When it comes to children, there is nothing impossible for moms, because they are ready to give their children the very best to be happy.

Birthday cakes for boys and girls are also included in the category of what children look forward to and admire.

Therefore, mom’s efforts will undoubtedly be appreciated if a fabulously beautiful birthday cake for children appears on the festive table.

Kids love everything colorful and vibrant. Birthday cakes are no exception. Thanks to a variety of food additives and natural dyes, you can make blue, pink, lilac, green and turquoise, yellow, beige, and multi-colored birthday cakes for your kid.

By tradition, it is generally accepted that a blue, yellow and green cake is perfect for a boy, and a pink, lilac, crimson cake will undoubtedly please a girl.

Although we all understand that these are only stereotypes, and beautiful birthday cakes are not as different in color as the design details.

Your little birthday girl will be in the seventh heaven if the birthday cake is made in the form of a charming princess, decorated with cute bears and bunnies and other animals, bows.

Superb Ombre pastry with a color transition, or multi-colored layers, as well as exclusive cakes that embody the birthday girl’s hobby or pastime.

The boys will be delighted if a birthday cake appears on the holiday table in a marine, cartoon, fairytale theme.

And birthday cakes with super heroes, a soccer ball, or Lego will inspire the kid to new things and games.

The best cakes for the birthday of 2019-2020: holiday desserts for stylish women and successful men

A cake for an adult, self-sufficient woman or girl, or a self-confident man or boy is not just a sweet dessert.

Birthday cakes often become the personification of the interests of the birthday man, his inner world.

That is why often the masters make creative birthday cakes in the form of curious stories from the life of the birthday man, as well as his personal desires and

Stylish birthday cakes for men and women can be made with a gradient transition, an incredibly beautiful mirror glaze, chocolate coating, and mastic.

For a big holiday – a big birthday cake, so a two-tier or three-tier cake is the right decision if you want to treat all guests, surprising you with an exclusive idea.

Women are advised to choose beautiful cakes in the fashion style, minimalist options, birthday cakes with fresh or sweet flowers, or colorful cakes with berries and fruit jelly.

Men will appreciate the pastry surprises in the form of a female bust, a cool car, men’s accessories, a book or a box with money. Yes, these masterpieces confectioners today also do.

We advise you to pay attention to the beautiful cakes made from several small cakes, macaroons, cakes.

Yummy are cakes, cakes which are soaked in milk, condensed chocolate, fruit, honey cream and complemented by different types of fillings.

It is not difficult to understand from our brief excursion that decorating a cake is a serious matter, but if you approach it with imagination and a great desire to do something wonderful, you will definitely create the best pastry masterpiece for your birthday.

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