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Top new manicure winter -2019: fashionable winter nail design, photos, ideas

Beautiful manicure and excellent handles of lovely young ladies should be irresistible not only in the warm season, but it is also important in winter.

Winter magic takes place to be not only outside the window in the form of beautiful winter landscapes, but also on the pretty lady’s nails, decorated with a trendy winter nail design for 2018-2019.

Tempted women of fashion are tirelessly searching for new and fresh ideas of nail art with the advent of the new season, trying to keep up with trends and keep abreast of trend nail art from 2018-2019.

And this will help you our today’s review on the topic: “Photo collection of mega-manicure winter”, which we show and tell you about the exciting winter nail design in top nail techniques and trends.

A trendy winter manicure is an opportunity not only to decorate fingers, but also to complete your winter look, as well as provide a stunning mood to yourself and others.

Regarding the latter, the winter manicure 2018-2019 with amazing sketches and no less strange animals will certainly contribute to this.

You have the opportunity to find ideas for winter manicure with cartoon penguins, owls, cats and dogs, teddy bears and bunnies, as well as deer and snowmen.

This kind of trendy winter nail design can be complemented by beautiful and “cozy” knitted ornaments in a delicate scale.

At the peak of popularity in the winter will be a manicure with deep colors – from alluring deep tones to delicate pastel shades, which are inherent in fashionable winter nail art.

The main rule in choosing a shade for a winter manicure in any direction is the cold color gamut that should prevail in the winter season of manicure art.

Many holidays that await us in the winter dictate their trends in winter nail design. Namely – an elegant and festive manicure winter of 2018-2019, which is performed with an abundance of rhinestones, pebbles and crystals, glitter and foil.

Metallic reflections in the form of gold and silver glitter – this is the mandatory “Mast Hev” manicure for the winter of 2018-2019.

Winter nail designs in traditional nail techniques will be relevant – lunar, gradient, French in a modern fashion.

Selecting a winter nail design for an ordinary day and in the office – give preference to winter minimalism, origami, graphic motifs in the design of nails is winter.

Considering the trendy winter manicure in a solemn interpretation, as well as a winter manicure at the corporate, then look at the winter manicure of 2018-2019 with rub and powder, creating both a bright and concise alluring effect on the nails in the winter.

In addition to funny prints, winter nail design has variations with colorful and breathtaking landscapes, translucent sketches in floral and vegetable style, as well as themed drawings with slider stickers, which is very effective.

Do not be afraid to try a new and unusual winter nail design in the upcoming season, demonstrating the latest trends and trends in the nail industry of 2018-2019 on your own pens.

Exquisite examples of new manicure winter 2018-2019 in different styles you have the opportunity to consider right now …

White winter nail art

Perfect white is always a simple and concise manicure, which should be a must have for you this winter. White nails are beautiful and in the short version, and long form. Winter manicure in white color will help to make more elegantly the monograms and lace motifs on individual fingers, a sprinkle of sparkles, the outline of the holes with thin sprigs, silver camoufs, bouillons, as well as colored foil will help make white winter nail designs more interesting.

Playful and funny little animals

You are depressed from the winter weather, do you want to recharge yourself with positive emotions and cheer up not only yourself but also those around you? Then why not choose as a winter nail design for 2018-2019, drawings with cartoon and playful animals. Fashionable winter manicure looks very impressive with penguins and deer, polar bears and Teddy bears, bunnies and kitties. The designs of the sweater, ombre, and decorative tools for manicure in the winter of 2018-2019 will add to the drawings of the animals.

Stylish Origami

Nontrivial and new-fashioned manicure in the winter of 2018-2019 is shown with spectacular origami that can be decorated with several of your fingers at once. Winter manicure with origami looks very restrained, especially made on a matte finish. Origami should also be used in nail art in muted colors – wine, burgundy, plum, beige and cream. Graphically made origami animals in winter nail design 2018-2019 look very stylish and at ease.

Inlaid Pebbles

Christmas and New Year motifs should certainly be reflected in the trendy winter nail design, which will decorate your fingers in these winter celebrations. In addition, do not forget about the importance of winter manicure for corporate, which should also sparkle in a concise performance. And in this, the important role of the nail masters is assigned to pebbles, which are stuffed with little nails in abundance this winter. Covered holes, snowflakes of pebbles, the entire surface of a marigold or the addition of a winter composition in nail art – choose you which of the decoration options for rhinestones of winter manicure to contemplate on your nails in the winter of 2018-2019.

Winter “sweet bloom”

An interesting winter nail art will be remembered in the “sweet bloom” technique, creating charming and stunning three-dimensional patterns on the nails. Flowers and figures of different shapes from colorful volumetric particles will help to recreate the winter manicure of 2018-2019, in a wonderful solution. The tenderness of the manicure “sweet bloom” this winter will not leave your hands without attention – that’s for sure!

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