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We do evening makeup

Today, probably, there are no girls and women who in one way or another would not use cosmetics.

Any woman of the fair sex, who has at least a little make-up skills and has a good sense of taste, will be able to make the simplest simple makeup.

But beautiful evening makeup, and in particular evening eye makeup, can not be created by everyone.

And the point is not that fashionable evening face makeup and evening eye makeup is mega complex.

The fact is that a beautiful evening make-up should not only emphasize the beauty of a woman’s face.

When a woman creates evening make-up for a special occasion, she should make some adjustments to her appearance, hide small imperfections on her face, such as non-expressionless features (you can carefully adjust everything with makeup), eye strain, slight swelling, etc.

Also, evening makeup should be in harmony with the festive outfit, complementing it, and reflecting the bright or calm individuality of the woman.

Since evening makeup is most often performed using more vivid shades of cosmetics, many women in the pursuit of fashion trends in make-up create not a beautiful evening makeup that is appropriately combined with the evening image, but a very bright and challenging make-up that fails and fails to play on contrasts of shades. using crisp lines and color saturation.

To prevent this from happening, and your evening make-up turned out to be unsurpassed, we advise you to take into account useful tips from makeup masters on how to make evening make-up, in particular, evening eye make-up at home, step by step.

Especially for you, we have collected an amazing photo collection, where we presented evening make-up in a variety of styles.

Here you will see a bright evening make-up, enjoy a gentle evening make-up, you can see step-by-step evening eye make-up, as well as evaluate graduation and wedding evening make-up in examples.

Beautiful LANDSCAPE Design

But before giving you our photo ideas on the subject of “Evening make-up”, we offer you a brief informational overview of trends and features of evening make-up, which should be taken into account if you decide to make a unique evening make-up for a special occasion.

What should be a beautiful evening makeup: features and step by step tips

A beautiful evening make-up, if it is done correctly, will unobtrusively complement a romantic outfit, prom fashionable bow, or become the highlight of the wedding image.

Makeup specialists recommend doing a rich evening make-up due to the fact that in the muffled light your face will not look so clear and lose expressiveness, although beautiful evening make-up in nude shades is also very popular, because it makes a woman more sensual and refined.

Evening makeup is done by combining the right smooth lines and feathering.

The most beautiful prom dresses – photo

Evening makeup requires a foundation that fits well on the skin and a combination of the correct shades in makeup, by means of which certain features and facial features are distinguished.

Most often evening makeup focuses on the eyes, thereby emphasizing the expressiveness of the look.

You can also emphasize the lips, creating a rich and spectacular evening makeup, in harmony with the shades of your evening dress.

Lips should be highlighted with a pencil that coincides in shade with lipstick, and then apply lipstick of a particular shade and texture, securing the result with a delicate, transparent sheen.

Before you make an evening make-up at home, you should take care to prepare the skin for this procedure, having previously cleaned its surface.

Choose products to clean your face from proven manufacturers, so as not to get allergies.

Creating evening makeup, apply foundation, making the skin smooth, and hiding redness. Try to choose cosmetics with the features of your face.

Smooth movements start applying powder and blush, which can be normal, and can create an unexpected flickering effect. Blush should be applied, keeping the direction from the nose to the temples.

A wide cosmetic brush will make evening makeup smooth and smooth.

An important point is the darkening of the cheekbones, hairline and facial contour at the chin.

Usually after this stage, making evening make-up, the masters lighten certain areas on the face with a highlighter in order to achieve the sophistication and flawlessness of the make-up.

Next, you need to make evening eye makeup, which, depending on the shade of the iris, can be created in a variety of colors of the color spectrum.

When evening eye makeup is next in line, disguise the bruises and swelling of your eyes with special means.

Starting to create an expressive look and applying mascara, eyeliner and shadows, remember evening eye makeup blue, green, gray or brown eyes will be different, because not all color combinations are equally suitable for blue-eyed and, for example, green-eyed women.

In order not to be mistaken with color combinations, we recommend using a table of combinations of shadows for a particular eye color.

So you just can not go wrong, doing evening makeup, and in particular beautiful evening eye makeup.

Correct necessarily the shape of your eyebrows, tint if desired with their special paint, close to the natural color, and fix them with gel. So evening makeup will be more harmonious.

To evening makeup was stunning and deep, you can use false eyelashes, or tweak your own with a special brush.

How to make evening eye makeup step by step, you can find out by looking at our examples of evening makeup, where you can see how to apply mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, creating an incredibly beautiful eye makeup.

The correct combination of light and saturated colors of shadows will allow to achieve a mind-blowing effect.

Your evening eye makeup, even with the brightest shades of the palette, if they suit you according to the color type, will look original and unique.

And now we offer you to watch a video of a professional master class, where you can see how to make an evening make-up step by step.

How to make an evening make-up step by step: video master class

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