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Blurred vision

Blurred vision The eye is the organ that every person uses constantly throughout his life. Many are aware of that. Blurred vision A number of cardiovascular pathologies are accompanied by deterioration of vision to one ...

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Teeth care

Why is brushing so important? The microflora of the oral cavity is extremely diverse, it contains about 700 species of bacteria. Microorganisms enter the oral cavity from food, from air and consumed water. The presence ...

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An electronic cigarette is an electric inhaler for personal use, producing an aerosol inhaled by a person from a solution. The inhaler creates a fine aerosol from the liquid, and in it in the gaseous ...

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What are sedatives? Sedatives – An extensive group of drugs, which is used to normalize the mental state, reduce emotional stress. Soothing means are made from natural or synthetic raw materials. Soothing agents are also ...

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