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Beekeepers Union: up to 70% of honey in Russia is fake

The share of counterfeit honey in some regions of Russia reaches 70%

About a huge number of fakes, sold under the guise of honey, said the president of the Russian National Union of Beekeepers Arnold Butov. According to his estimates, in different regions of Russia now they sell from 30% to 70% of supposedly natural honey, which in fact cannot be called honey by its composition.

Honey is forged, bred it, various additives are used, whipped and so on. One of the ways to solve the problem in the beekeepers’ union is seen as the exception of second-hand dealers from the seller-buyer chain.

Very often, problems with the quality of honey arise from the fact that numerous intermediaries do not know its “nature” and the conditions for its storage. For example, add ingredients that neutralize the acidity of natural honey to prevent it from souring – and the resulting product of these manipulations can no longer be called quality honey, it is a fake.

About what to look for when buying honey and how to choose the right honey, read our article Which honey is the best?

Drinks with honey – tasty and healthy. Our ancestors knew about this and therefore honey has become very long time ago.

Honey sauces can go as an extra ingredient as sweet dishes,.

Blanks with honey – this is exactly what the doctor ordered. And in a literal sense,.

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