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Celery soup, step by step recipe with photos

Singer Nadezhda Babkina suggests cooking a soup of mashed celery for dinner. A good idea for those who fast, and for those who are on a diet.

  • large celery root weighing 500 g
  • soy milk
  • leek
  • salt, freshly ground white pepper

The soup is good, though I boiled a couple of leek stalks along with celery, mash it together. Then a bit of olive oil splashed.

And decorated flaxseeds. And it turned out beautiful, tasty and healthy.

And I really liked it. True, I added a few lightly fried champignons for taste)

And another thing: I drained the water to add milk, because I understood from my mind that it was too much and was not wrong

Cooked soup, but also added nutmeg. Leek fried in olive oil, because I do not like raw. Delight not experienced, but fast and fast 🙂

Tell me, please, what do you think, will coconut soy milk be tasty? Thank!

Soy milk can be replaced by cow, better low-fat. As a substitute also suitable fat cream.

The same soup can be cooked in water (lean version) or in vegetable, meat and chicken broth.

Tell me please, and you can replace soy milk. In our city I can not buy soy milk.

THANK. Best regards LOVE.

Dear Guest, in the description of the recipe everything is written about it. ))) In the photo – leek.

Tell me, please, what is the soup on the photo decorated with?

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