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Leek and broccoli puree soup, step by step recipe with photos

This delicate cream soup is as simple to prepare as it is healthy. Plus, it is also amazingly tasty.

You say it does not happen? Try it – and make sure!

  • boiled egg (yolk) – 4 pcs.
  • garlic – 2 cloves
  • 500 g broccoli
  • 200 ml cream with a fat content of at least 20%
  • 500 g leek
  • salt

Egg yolks and garlic can be grated on a fine grater and gently mixed in the cream soup – it will turn out more textured. Serve the fried pieces of white bread to the soup.

This cream soup is cooked quickly and eaten almost instantly. Is it possible to wait for something else from.

cooked soup a second time, and yet he is very good.

I liked the description very much, the soup itself is so-so. cooking was interesting and fast. It is generally edible, sometimes for a change.

Tatyana, thanks for the comment, the recipe is corrected. Since the soup is cooked in vegetable broth, the vegetables are put in cold water, otherwise you will not get any rich taste.

The recipe is called soup. At what point in the broth again lay cooked vegetables? When to mash the soup?

Why do we put broccoli and leek in cold water, if we then sprinkle them?

I cooked a soup in a slow cooker, poured 3 cups of water, though I put whole boiled eggs with protein and knocked it down. Very tender and tasty, even my sye 1 g 10 months with appetite ate talelochku-appreciated despite the garlic! 🙂

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