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Shabu-shabu, step-by-step recipe with photos

Ilya Lagutenko offers a little zamoroch and prepare for dinner a dish of Japanese cuisine – fragrant, nourishing and warming, just right for a winter evening in the company of friends.

  • Chinese cabbage – 1/8 fork
  • bunch of fresh spinach
  • leek stem, white part – 1 pc.
  • white onion – 1/4 pc.
  • rice noodles or udon
  • glass noodles
  • tofu bean curd – 100 g
  • Shiitake mushrooms – 5-6 pcs.
  • marbled meat or beef pulp with thin veins of fat – 600 g
  • water – 500 ml
  • Sake or dry white wine – 150 ml
  • soy sauce – 3 tbsp. l
  • Dashi – 10 g
  • Kombu dry seaweed – 50 g

So, we take a big pot and make a broth – boil water, add dashi (this broth base can be bought in the store in the form of powder). If there is no ready-made dashi, just take some fish or seaweed kombu and cook the broth from them.

The main thing is not to forget to add soy sauce and half a cup of sake or dry white wine.

For cooking, you will need beef – marbled meat (or just good fresh beef with thin veins of fat), cut into seams 1–2 mm thick and palm-length. Tofu cut into medium cubes. Cut shiitake mushroom caps crosswise.

The stem of a leek slice diagonally into slices. A bunch of fresh spinach thinly sliced, it will replace the delicious Japanese grass mizuna, which, alas, is not in Russia.

Peking cabbage and onions – shred.

In the resulting broth we put everything that we cook – just need to put in order: first, what cooks the longest, and at the end – what cooks faster. It will turn out like this: mushrooms – onion – tofu – vegetables – meat.

When the contents of the boiler will be ready, we catch in the broth you like a piece – immediately dipped it in the sauce, you can in sesame or soy. In soy well squeeze a slice of lime or add a drop of vinegar, separately rub a little white radish daikon.

When nothing is left in the broth, we load udon noodles into the pot for 4 minutes – just don’t boil it! Put in a bowl with soy sauce, add broth. And, as the Japanese say, idadakimas!

That is, let me try with pleasure and respect.

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