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Sochniki or sochni

In fact, juices and juices are two different things, but one follows from the other. Sochen is a rolled dough cake, a billet, which today is often called cake. And also juicy – a dish of Russian cuisine, a kind of cake made from thinly rolled unleavened, that is, unleavened, dough with filling.

Pomerania is cooked with meat or fish, in the Tver village – with gravy, as for shaneg.
And if you roll out a small juice, put curd filling on it and fold it in half, you get a juicer.
Despite the simple and quick preparation, Sozniki is a very tasty confection.
Three major dairy products are responsible for the taste: butter, sour cream for the dough and cottage cheese for the filling. If they are of good quality, they will turn out excellent!
And be sure to call on the help of children: kneading the dough, prepare the filling and mold the juicers very simply and joyfully. Yes, and they baked a few minutes.

Perfect Russian dessert!

Simple and very tasty pastries with cottage cheese.

Grandmother’s Juveniles. This is a favorite cookie since childhood, when I saw the competition, right before my eyes.

The advantages that can be distinguished in cold weather are the opportunity to sit at home with a hot cup of tea,.

Homemade schni is a thousand times more delicious than those we were given in school canteens! Dough is obtained.

Light crumbly dough and soft cottage cheese filling – this is how it should be.

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