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Soy – recipes, articles

In our time, the post has ceased to be a test for the body. After all, there are many products that are capable of.

Smeared bread with a thick layer of butter and added milk to coffee – it turned out normal.

Our grandmothers, in response to the complaints of granddaughters that the breast does not grow well, usually categorically asserted:.

August 31 in Russia celebrate Soybean Day. This year the festival is held for the first time in the Amur region, where.

Elena Laude knows how to bring newness to familiar foods: potatoes with mushrooms in her perusal.

Soybean sprouts, soybean seedlings

Soy products are becoming especially popular in the post – this is an excellent source of easily digestible.

Miso is a thick paste of fermented soybeans, to which is added a little salt and water.

In China, soybeans were grown for thousands of years, but in the West it became widely known only in the 1960s.

Tofu, bean curd (soy cheese) is made from coagulated soy milk. It is minimal.

Soy sauce is made from fermented soybeans (the fermentation process lasts about a year!),.

If you soak the soybeans in water, and then create the conditions in which they germinate, they will succeed.

Soy meat is an alternative to animal meat, not only for vegetarians and vegans, but also for those.

Surely you have repeatedly bought from Koreans selling a specific kind of snacks, some.

Crispy, beautiful wings just melt in your mouth, so they will be swept off the table in a few.

Soy is a mixed product. Despite this, it was developed by nutritionists on its basis 7.

You will be able to keep your slim figure without problems if you turn on a salad of sprouted soybeans and.

Oyakodon is one of the favorite dishes of the Japanese. Translated from the Japanese “oyakodon” means.

Soy Milk Recipes

This product is known to mankind since ancient times. However, today soybean is causing active controversy out

There are many recipes with soy sauce: it is used as table seasoning and an ingredient for salad dressings.

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