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Soyuzmoloko accuses Belarus of dumping, and Ukraine in the supply of low-quality dairy products

Belarus supplies dairy products to Russia at reduced prices. There is also the problem of importing dairy products containing vegetable fats.

This was told by the Chairman of the Board of the National Union of Milk Producers Soyuzmoloko Andrey Danilenko.

According to IA Regnum With reference to the words of Danilenko, representatives of the Russian dairy industry complain about the unceasing cases of dumping Belarusian dairy products on the Russian market. Representatives Soyuzmolok believe that Belarus is taking “insufficient measures to prevent the import of dairy products into Russia at prices below indicative.”

Now there is an acute problem of increasing the volume of imports of Belarusian dairy products to Russia, and above all – cheeses. The fact is that the dairy industry in Belarus receives substantial subsidies from the state, so dairy products in this country are much lower than in Russia. Accordingly, under the conditions of dairy products from Belarus, domestic cheese makers are not able to compete in price with producers of similar, but subsidized dairy products.

That is why domestic cheese makers, according to the representative Soyuzmolok, “Are on the verge of bankruptcy.” It is noted that “warehouse stocking of Russian producers of cheese and dry milk products is unprecedented in nature, tens of thousands of tons of cheese, milk powder, and butter accumulate in warehouses.”

For this reason Soyuzmoloko suggests “prompt increase of import duties on certain types of dairy products or provision of immediate financial support to enterprises producing cheese”.

There is another problem: supplies quite a lot of imported dairy products containing vegetable fats to Russia. “The current situation is only aggravated by the continued supply of dairy products to the Russian market with the unlawful use of vegetable fats of tropical origin, primarily from Ukraine,” the representatives of the Russian dairy industry said in a statement. Representatives of the Russian dairy industry know that Ukraine is the world’s largest importer of palm oil, and it is used in cheese production. Meanwhile Russian technical regulations for dairy products prohibits the use of vegetable fats in foods that are called milk, cottage cheese, butter etc. Foreign manufacturers “systematically grossly violate the requirements of technical regulations, replacing milk fats with vegetable fats, without displaying the relevant information on the packaging of finished dairy products.

Falsified dairy products are increasingly replacing natural products from the market, thereby causing enormous damage to both producers and consumers. ”


invites the Russian authorities to take urgent measures, since “producers of natural dairy products are not able to compete in price with producers of cheap fake”. First proposed limit the import of cheese from Ukraine.

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