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Spaghetti with bolognese sauce, step by step recipe with photos

Navy pasta is a classic dish of Soviet home cooking. The recipe for this dish appeared.

Traditionally, the word “pasta” means the so-called pasta, which is prepared.

The recipe is so-so, but annoyed komenty, guys are killed, and that this is an advertisement, it is EVERYWHERE, and there is nothing to be done about it, so let’s leave this tone and continue to spawn the Internet.

I wonder why such recipes even appear on the pages of this site ?! In order to buy a can of canned food and eat them, you do not need to be seven blades in the forehead!

minced roast, pour the sauce – and already bolognese. do not make me laugh.

kamenty from dolmi staff just touches)

Celery, basil, cilantro – all of course wonderful herbs. But what to do, if in half an hour unexpected guests have to come, and these herbs do not come to hand (maybe because they are stored for a short time, and it is difficult to find them especially in winter), and the dolmio jar is always at home for every fireman.

And there are no preservatives and large letters E. There they roasted the mince, added the roots which are in stock, the tomatoes there, the onion turnip, while the spaghetti is cooked, the mince is ready!

Quickly delicious and surprise guests!

Meat mince. Sauté onions, chopped carrots and celery. Add stuffing.

Fry (simmer) over low heat, stirring constantly, not allowing the mince to turn into a patty. After half an hour, add the tomato mass and cook for about half an hour. In the final, salt and pepper.

Before serving, mix with chopped basil leaves.

repeat instructions from the jar of the sauce. IMHO you need to delete such recipes

There are no preservatives in Dolmiio. I agree that this is a quick recipe, for example for a lunch break.

But it can also be supplemented with fried onions and carrots and add Italian seasonings. As a result, a delicious lunch or dinner for the guests who suddenly showed up)))

As far as I know, Bolognese is prepared for several hours and the ingredients are a little bit different))))

powerful recipe. Especially in the part of Dolmiio sauce saturated with preservatives, I don’t know what. Fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper, basil will make this dish a real Bolognese.

And so this is advertising sauce apparently.

My subjective opinion is that this recipe does not teach to cook the hostess on my own. Add a jar of ready-made sauce too easy! And if this cant is not at hand?

It seems to me more important to know the main ingredients, the rules of their cooking and the ability to creatively experiment. That’s when the recipe will be interesting, and not look like a twin brother on TV advertising.

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