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Suluguni (Megrelia), step-by-step recipe with photos

This famous brand cheese was invented by Mingrelians, and even though Suluguni is cooked almost everywhere in Georgia, everyone knows that this is just a pitiful resemblance to real divine puff cheese with creamy tear on the cut, which is made only in Megrelia, and that is of different quality everywhere! Suluguni is young – soft, gentle, with milk dripping from it, and mature, for gomi – hard, salty, golden yellow.

Even if one describes the technology of its preparation in the smallest nuances, it would still have to go years and years to the present Suluguni. But risk is a noble cause! To find out if you bought the “raw materials” correctly, check out – young imeretinsky cheese should creak slightly on the teeth.

And if you put it in boiling water – drag on the threads.

  • 1 kg of young Imereti cheese (3–5 days old)
  • 3 liters of milk (whey, water)
  • salt

The preparation of suluguni is actually a very complicated process, but if you managed to master all its wisdom, then there is another option: you can smoke it. It turns out absolutely incredible delicacy

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