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Superfoods: you can, if carefully

Superfoods are by no means a substitute for the food we are used to, but its supplement. Yes, goji berries will help you lose weight, but only if you eat right and not eat them with cakes and chocolates.

Yes, spirulina will raise immunity and help relieve fatigue, but if you sleep two hours a day, only a long rest will save you. In general, superfoods are a great addition to the right lifestyle.

Use them as additives to meals, then you really feel a positive effect.

The main value of superfoods is their naturalness. Unlike artificially synthesized dietary supplements, both spirulina and chia seeds are grown in a natural way.

That is why “superfoods” are so popular – they are in trend.

But do not forget that superfoods are exotic for our organisms, so they can cause allergies. It should be borne in mind that any superfood is a powerful stimulant, it should be taken strictly within the framework of the daily norm.

Often superfoods come to us from exotic countries in packaging, all the explanations on which are written in an incomprehensible language, so, before putting them in your diet, make inquiries on the Internet and consult with experts or a doctor. After all, the chance to share the secrets of health and longevity that other cultures hold is a privilege given to us by globalization.

Spirulina – an alga from tropical lakes, contains high-grade protein, an incredible amount of iron and almost all known antioxidants. Sold mainly in dried form.

It is added to smoothies, dressings, soups – as a result, dishes acquire a radical green color, such as, for example, a cocktail with orange and spirulina.

Orange and Spirulina Cocktail

Goji berries grow in China, Tibet and Mongolia. They tend to increase immunity and libido, reduce inflammation and clean the blood vessels.

You need to be able to choose them: often for goji they give out cornel and barberry. The stores get dried or in the form of juice.

At home, you can make a cocktail with goji and blueberries.

Cocktail with goji berries and blueberries

Kama-Kama – these small sour berries grow in the forests of the Amazon. We are available in powder form.

They contain an impressive amount of vitamin C and other vitamins, have anti-viral properties, increase tone. Used in cold desserts, drinks, salad sauces.

Quick recipe for sea buckthorn cocktail with kama-kama.

Sea-buckthorn cocktail with camu-camu

Chia – small seeds from Mexico and Latin America have a neutral nutty flavor. One of the best sources of complex carbohydrates, proteins, omega-3 acids, calcium. In the liquid, the seeds swell a lot, so they give a feeling of fullness without extra calories.

Chia is added to cereals, puddings, salads, smoothies and pastries. As a drink, you can make a vegan chocolate cocktail with chia.

Chocolate Chia Cocktail

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