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Suzdal – what to see, what to try

Pancake week weekend in Suzdal (with a stop at the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, with a visit to Vladimir, Rostov the Great, Bogolyubov, or something else as beautiful), organized by travel agency, will cost 5,000-6,000 rubles.

However, no one bothers us to go to Suzdal independently – three hours by car, and we are there. There are such accommodation options: from hotels with rooms at 20,000 rubles per night to charming guest houses, where a day can cost only 700-1000 rubles.

We arrived, settled, threw things and went for a walk.

We need to see Suzdal Kremlin, Transfiguration Cathedral, Spaso-Efimiev and Pokrovsky monasteries, Museum of wooden architecture, Chambers of Commerce, touching old houses and other local beauty. On the way, enjoying the bell ringing and indulging in sublime reflections on how beautiful our province could be if Russia’s history had taken a different path.

However, there is no need to grieve for the lost here for a long time: first, it’s still itself Suzdal more or less survived, and secondly, on Shrovetide here at every corner there is insane fun in the Russian spirit, from which foreigners come to indescribable delight and begin to think that this is how we always live.

However, we, with all our cynicism, will gradually relax and with children’s joy will surrender to the mercy of flocks of singing and dancing folk groups, buffoons, horns, spoilers, dancers, part-timers, runners on stilts and other things in this spirit. By others are meant fist fights, climbing on a painted pole, taking a snowy town and even goose fights (during which, I hope, no goose will suffer).

And, of course, we are waiting for a powerful final chord – burning stuffed Shrovetide: hooray, it seems, we wintered again!

On Shrovetide the city will be literally littered with pancakes, and we are simply doomed to stroll, holding pancakes in each hand. Pancake orgy can be slightly diluted with all sorts of bagels, donuts and cakes.

And having thirsty, we will certainly cling to the mead – Suzdal famous for its mead, which local craftsmen make about 80 varieties (and all of them can be tasted at the Mead Museum).

Suzdal is a tourist city, and restaurants are dark here. “Pushkar“,”Hive“,”Hot keys“,”Russian restaurant“,”Russian mealbut”, “Refectory»In the Kremlin or in the Pokrovsky monastery and a dozen or so cafes and taverns. True, prices in most of them are quite comparable with Moscow ones. But here you will be able to fill yourself with all kinds of dishes in pots – they are especially tasty in Suzdal.

This city, in general, is considered to be something like a reserve of authentic old Russian cuisine – the same pancakes were madly baked here in the 9th century, as evidenced by the ancient frying pans found during the excavations.

Well, besides pancakes it makes sense to try meat cooked in kvass, Suzdal roast, Suzdal stew, monastic fish, Suzdal cabbage soup, potatoes with mushrooms, jelly, meat dumplings, dumplings, dumplings … However, in the menu of most restaurants you can enjoy Russian dishes peacefully with any foreigners. So, some patriotic soup with porridge side by side with a salad “Caesar“Or whatever ratatuem, and nothing, everyone is happy, no one complains.

Olga Volkova:
“I was born in the summer of June 17th, and probably this is why I hate winter with all my soul, as well as late autumn, early spring, and generally cold, darkness, slush, and snow. As soon as all these troubles begin in Moscow, I am drawn to go somewhere far and more pleasant.

More than anything, I love to travel, and the profession of a journalist allows me to do it, even if not as often as I would like, but still more often than if I worked for someone else.

My second passion is that I love to eat tasty food, and I am ready to try anything except dogs and cats – I will not eat these for anything, because I love them very much. Like all other animals, by the way, I love them so much that I not only filled my house with them, but I also write articles and even books about them.

And I also speak French, famously driving a car, and I consider the most foolish occupation in the world of ironing socks and shorts. ”

The idea of ​​the week:


March 8 is not far off, but we have extra pounds on our hips, skin over the winter, bags under the eyes and a strong disgust for life. See below.


For some reason, Delhi, we visit except on the way, stopping here for a day on the way to the sea. Meanwhile, the Indian capital deserves more!

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A hundred and fifty kilometers from Sofia there is a mountain called Pirin. On the slope of this mountain, around the 9th century, the town of Bansko was formed, which today.

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Now you can become a guest of the Lithuanian capital for a weekend for 300-400 euros, or even cheaper if you go by car: from Moscow to Vilnius – less than 900 km. See below.

In Nice for a carnival!

I would never have called you to Nice – February, 12-15 degrees, no beach, if it were not for one significant circumstance: there would be a carnival here! See below.

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