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Tablet instead of food

What only people do not come up with to combat obesity. And diets are not limited.

Now on the agenda is an electronic pill, “saturating the stomach” and deceiving the brain.

Representatives of the American company Call MelCap Systems just the other day they reported that they had invented a special electronic diet pill.

After the pill has been swallowed, it is activated in a certain place of the stomach, not far from one of the two nerves, going from the brain to the stomach, and begins to generate low-level electrical impulses. The impulses give the impression that the stomach is full and the brain receives false information about saturation.

1 capsule works – “deceives the brain” – for 21 days, and then dissolves and naturally leaves the body.

The company plans to use a pill in the fight against obesity. A Call MelCap Systems spokesman said: “Tablets allow you to enjoy food without overeating, gaining extra pounds and constant weight control“.

When choosing a diet for weight loss, it is important to consider your age, then you can not only get rid of.

“Lose weight by 10 kg in 10 days!”, “Eat and lose weight!”, “Fat burner.

A curious fact: few nutritionists themselves seriously lost weight. And it is a pity, in fact for them, the practitioners,.

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