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Taver, Restaurant La Mancha – address, menu, photo, reviews of visitors

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Were about 1.5 years ago. We went by chance, because they got hungry, although they knew about the existence of such a restaurant for a long time – they regularly passed by it in that area, noticed because of an unusual installation – Don Quixote’s copper figure on a bicycle near the entrance.

The atmosphere is pleasant, beautiful interior, cozy. Almost as always, they took fish with salad.

Fed tasty, only portions seemed too small. Probably, because I really wanted to eat)

La Mancha is a great place for those who want to have a good time. Were there a couple of times: the first time – on the recommendation, and the second time – of their own accord :)) met with old friends there. It pleased almost everything … And the cleanliness of the place, and tidiness, the kitchen is not author’s, but very tasty.

Spanish dishes are not enough, most of the European cuisine is on the menu … But the presentation of Fajitos and its taste is unforgettable. While serving this dish, the waiter first pours tequila on it, then sets it on fire, and the fire, while flashing, will leave an unforgettable impression on everyone present.

The fire burns for about 5 seconds. Spectacular. ..After this is very tasty !!

Background music does not overload the ear, so we could calmly talk and hear each other. In the evening a pianist came, who played very well and pleased us with his skill.

Summary: I hope my review will be useful for those who want a good, tasty and relaxed time in a restaurant.

We drove by in the afternoon, we stopped by accident. Were pleasantly surprised by the good interior, atmosphere and prices.

We decided to try Business lunch, the quality of the products, the speed of service and, of course, the variety of menus pleasantly pleased. Turkey salad, broccoli soup and pork langet with french fries – cost me only 600 rubles. . Fully dined excellent dishes for the money!

Positive emotions over the edge! Great place – sooo tasty and cozy.

Have you seen this place for a long time? We live nearby, but for the first time we came in quite recently due to a coupon. Service, atmosphere, cuisine – all on an excellent restaurant level.

I declare with confidence that now this place will become one of our favorites. I recommend to everyone!

And the administration council – more advertising, they simply do not know about you!

Oh, how we all liked it. We had a great day yesterday.

Let’s go with family and children 4 and 9 years old on Sunday to the restaurant La Mancha! Hit the Branch !!

For us it was the first experience, I mean the Sunday Brunch. It turns out every Sunday from 12: 00-16: 00 arrange such kind of family dinners.

Good buffet + we ordered dishes from the menu, drinks. The cost is quite democratic – 1200 rubles. per adult, and for the child paid for one-600 rubles., because Children under 4 years old are free. Everything was very tasty and dignified.

Everything else in the hall was attended by an animator, a nice girl who worked with children on creativity. MUST we go more!

A huge C P A C I B O you and the entire team of La Mancha for organizing a meeting of the New Year in your restaurant! Everyone was happy, especially mom 🙂 We advertise your restaurant everywhere and to everyone 🙂 We hope to come soon with the baby for the weekend events.

I was invited by my young man on a date. Said that La Mancha is a romantic restaurant and an ideal place for a quiet conversation, for this I chose one of the VIP rooms.

This turned out to be a reality!) The musicians played in the big hall, and the music came to us just enough to not interfere with the conversation. From the food, we chose the Duck breast with cherry sauce (class !! still drooling.), A rack of lamb, a pair of salads, and a delicious creme brulee. At the same time they drank Spanish wine !!

I liked everything very much! The atmosphere is friendly, the waiters are unobtrusive.

Be sure to come again !!

I would like to thank the restaurant for the New Year corporate party. You are very comfortable!

Really warm and you can relax both in body and soul. Special thanks to the chef, it was all so tasty that you could hold your fingers. Especially fajitos.

Mmmm … class! The waiters are polite, kind and attentive. The musicians lit their show program!

Santa Claus is a prankster. Be sure to come to you again.

I would like to thank the restaurant for the New Year corporate party. You are very comfortable! Really warm and you can relax both in body and soul.

Special thanks to the chef, it was all so tasty that you could hold your fingers. Especially fajitos. Mmmm … class!

The waiters are polite, kind and attentive. The musicians lit their show program!

Santa Claus is a prankster. Be sure to come to you again.

Read the above review .. weird. we had it all different. we celebrated the Anniversary, invited 60 people to La Mancha – the service was just great! Previously, they were there only once, but the place was incredibly pleasant, and I still remember how this feeling, when you are so well served, with a smile and very kindly. All the guests were full, satisfied, there was enough alcohol.

Nobody had to ask for anything. The staff is helpful and attentive.

The musicians worked for the glory! So we advise everyone !! Bottom line: The atmosphere is very pleasant in this restaurant, the administrator, almost all evening was in the hall and showed his skills.!

Everything’s OK! We were satisfied with the service and the kitchen and the price !!))

celebrated the wedding in La Mancha in the summer of 2011. attracted the interior of the hall in the European style, perhaps the only attraction of the tavern. dominated by the Spanish theme. However, please note that the hall with the letter D is extremely inconvenient, as it turned out, for banquets. plus in the center is a powerful column. guests do not see each other. some of the guests were out of sight of the stage and could not see any performances of artists, competitions, congratulations of the toastmaster, or the first dance. The service is still embarrassing in front of the guests! parts of the imported products have traditionally been missing. Only 3 of 3 types of salads were served! 2 others, like red caviar, at the end of the feast, when the guests ate other snacks! shrimp in caesar all unpeeled! The brought alcohol was refused to be put on the table, the guests simply begged for a small glass the whole evening! many left sober, because the waiters completely ignored the requests of the guests. khachapuri cheese served cold, saying that they have nowhere to warm up. hot filed after the cake. The result: half-starved guests, a bunch of food in the garbage can! to a score of more than 210,000, they attributed another 35,000, allegedly for bread and sauces! if time allows, I sincerely recommend to look for a more worthy institution.

Personally, I didn’t like it, it’s not cozy, as if in a pretentious and expensive canteen. Also, we’ll not go again. As there is a piece in the throat, it doesn’t climb, a place that has a cafe on it. The staff is relaxed, it is clear that they want to go home faster and everything is all right.

The restaurant itself is cozy, the food is delicious, quality, but no service! Watching TV in a place with the main despite the fact that the guest in the hall.

Horror! I will not come again!

Responsible events are not worth it. Air conditioners break down three days before the event, the responsible Igor does not warn you about this, he does not try to correct the situation (call the master, provide fans, open the windows).

There is no single team in the restaurant, there is no interest in visitors, especially after payment.

Hello! Loved your decor, cozy! The cuisine is excellent, wide selection and very tasty.

The service is professional, the waiters are constantly smiling, sociable, there is absolutely no discomfort, as if at home! Be sure to come again!

Quite an unpleasant place. It is uncomfortable and the service staff is rude and muddy. As a result, they cheated them without particularly concealing. We won’t go there anymore.

Hello. Was in your restaurant in the fall. I liked everything: kitchen, service. the only negative was that tiramisu was not ready. But considering that we were the very first morning guests, and then also the amount of food eaten and drunk, then perhaps this is not so bad (theoretically, simply the dessert would not fit).

Keep a brand.

Looks like you didn’t catch the point of my comment. You asked for a menu at the rate of 2,000 rubles per person, not 1,500 (by the way, about libel and slander, the offer is still kept for you) and after your guests ate and drank, what you ordered they asked for the menu and asked not warn you about this.

You wanted to hold an event in one budget, and your classmates were in another, or I had to tell all your friends that you forbade me to sell them. Regarding your financial viability, I didn’t rate it and I don’t intend to, we welcome any guests the restaurant. No need to distort from the situation that has developed in our restaurant for how and with whom you spend time in other places or all of your classmates are in the aforementioned club.

I will no longer comment on our restaurant because you are passing on to a person and are trying to insult me. You can always contact me by email or phone listed on our website.

Dmitriy. just do not need to talk about what we underestimated there. I had a very clear agreement with you. And I spoke about this many times during preliminary negotiations. This was the main condition. And there was no slander and slander on my part. One was bare, actual facts. And they paid you in full. Well smiled and said goodbye to everything politely simply because people were decent and nobody wanted to swear. No matter what. I haven’t seen each other for 20 years and nothing could darken the joy of meeting. Even a trivial money divorce. This has caused a lot of emotion in me.

Until now, people are uncomfortable. Can you intelligibly answer why they didn’t come up and did not warn in advance? They didn’t want to breed? Well, well, suppose I believe. And what then? Just forgot? But it was said about this more than once. Or Was everyone with calculators sitting and counting each glass?

Hello, Alexey Bychkov. I, Dmitriy – La Mancha Tavern Manager, who worked on 04/25/2008. Your comment caused me a lot of emotions, and I found it necessary to respond to your insults and slander.

I can not say that in our restaurant there are no controversial issues, we are not perfect. But I can say with confidence that our team is doing everything to make any guest feel comfortable in our restaurant and the guests come back to us.

I could describe every minute the whole evening spent by your company in our restaurant a year and a half ago. But I will not do this, I will not make excuses.

I will say that all of the above, you are not true, the truth is that all the guests received what they ordered in full and of excellent quality. Everyone paid off, including 10% service charge and leaving, smiling, wishing prosperity and not closing during the crisis period, with promises to return. You underestimated the financial viability of your classmates.

I think no one doubts that we should not refuse our guests to receive additional services that they are willing to pay for themselves. You can always contact us by e-mail or phone number listed on our website.

We spent there a year ago a meeting of classmates. Before that, we went around all the restaurants in the district, choosing the most suitable one in terms of price, quality. The main condition was to keep within one and a half thousand per person. Because everyone has different opportunities. And although with the manager there was a completely clear agreement that they should meet the aforementioned amount .. and a firm promise was made that if we did not fit in, we would be approached and told .. and the promise was given already three times. The cafe behaved completely according to SCOTCH.

Quietly and despicably silent until the last. When I nevertheless approached and asked whether everything was in order and still fit in the agreed amount, I was impudently told that the bill was already three thousand per person. And the evening is not over yet.

For THIS money it was possible to rent a place much cozier than this dining room. The impression about the cafe and the staff remained the poorest. It is still a shame to look into the classmates’ eyes, because for many the final score became a very unpleasant surprise. Just Skoty. Do not go there.

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