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Diet Table number 4 for bowel disease

Alas, such “incidents” in the human body as intestinal diseases occur almost with every other inhabitant of our planet.

For intestinal diseases, no medication will help better the specialized diet. Table number 4, designed to stabilize the work of the human digestive system. Diet table number 9 is prescribed for diabetes mellitus of varying degrees, so do not confuse the menu.

Diet Table number 4 for bowel disease

With intestinal diseases it is very important to “protect” its walls from heavy food, therefore, It is necessary to “cross out” the following products from your menu:

  • fatty broths
  • fried eggs
  • flour baking
  • milk products
  • raw vegetables.

Valid menu Table number 4 includes the following list:

  • lean meat and fish
  • cut bread
  • boiled vegetables
  • porridge
  • fruit puree
  • black and green tea.

With chronic gastritis

With a disease such as chronic gastritis, it is extremely important to follow a strict diet, eliminating from the diet fatty, salty and spicy foods.

Since these products damage the small intestinal walls, their prolonged use will contribute to the “progress” of the disease to the last stage. And then no diet will help you. Be carefull.

So that you can now begin to comply with the correct medical nutrition system, we provide The list of forbidden food when dieting Table number 4:

  • raw vegetables and fruits
  • very cold and hot
  • flavoring seasonings.

With intestinal infection

With a disease such as intestinal infection, diet Table number 4 implies the observance of a standard diet, including the following:

  • dairy products
  • porridge
  • thermally processed fruits and vegetables

So that intestinal diseases do not have their logical continuation, Table number 4 categorically prohibits the use of:

  • sweet
  • flour products
  • fat meat
  • carbonated drinks
  • broths.


With intestinal diseases such as pancreatitis, diet Table number 4 involves standard menu with the following dishes:

  • lean meat
  • white fish
  • eggs
  • milk products
  • boiled fruits, vegetables
  • unleavened bran bread.

Exclude from the diet is necessary

  • fatty meat and fish
  • fatty dairy products
  • high-calorie sweets
  • carbonated drinks.

For constipation

With intestinal diseases such as constipation, recommended Standard diet menu table number 4, including:

  • vegetable soups
  • rye flour products
  • porridges boiled in water
  • baked fruit
  • savory jam.

Exclude urgently is necessary:

  • fat meat
  • spicy, smoked and fried foods
  • mushrooms
  • sauces

Menu for the week

Diet Table number 4 for bowel disease – menu for the week:


  • Breakfast: oatmeal without sugar and a cup of coffee
  • Lunch: mashed potatoes in combination with steam chicken cutlets, fruit compote
  • Dinner: cottage cheese 1%, 2 baked apples.


  • buckwheat porridge, chamomile tea
  • Pumpkin soup, a slice of unleavened bread
  • Vegetable stew (zucchini, tomatoes, red onions, potatoes).


  • toast with apple jam and a glass of apple compote
  • fish patties, squash puree and tea without sugar
  • natural yoghurt and 2 baked apples.


  • barley porridge with cottage cheese, green tea
  • onion soup with beef meatballs, chamomile broth
  • green beans, a glass of kefir.


  • omelette with tomatoes and herbs
  • mashed potatoes in combination with fish cutlets, black tea without sugar
  • Vegetable stew (carrots, onions, beets, tomatoes).


  • black tea with lemon and toast with apple jam
  • buckwheat milk soup and green tea
  • baked pumpkin, cottage cheese.


  • a mixture of oatmeal and cottage cheese with honey, fruit tea
  • beetroot soup, 2 turkey steam cutlets
  • protein steam omelette, kefir 1%.

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