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Gout Diet – Weekly Menu

Gout is a disease caused by a metabolic disorder, and therefore losses (salts of uric acid) are deposited in the joints, often the legs and arms. As a rule, the cause of the development of gout is a poor diet (the predominance in the diet of fatty, fried foods, meat, baked pastries), as well as excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. One of the most important aspects in the treatment of this disease is the diet, which is also called Table No. 6, designed to ensure good health and prevent periods of exacerbations.

Gout diet

The main factors provoking the development of gout are: obesity, alcohol and meat abuse, stress, sedentary lifestyle, hypothermia. Also, the disease can develop against the background of another disease, such as diabetes, or medication.

Diet for gout is aimed at normalizing the exchange of purines, reducing the formation of uric acid salts and alkalinization of urine. In most cases, a patient with gout should follow the indicated therapeutic diet throughout their lives. The diet menu is made up of a table of products, based on the indicators of the content of purine in various dishes.

For prolonged remission, it is also necessary to reduce weight. Slimming with gout should be gradual, no more than 3-5 kg ​​per month. The daily caloric intake for weight loss in the diet should be, on average, 2500-2700 Kcal.

6 nutritional guidelines

Therapeutic diet Table number 6 recommendations for nutrition for gout:

  • Fractional power. Eat gout should be 4-5 times a day in small portions. Overeating, as well as starvation, which can provoke a relapse are unacceptable. People suffering from overweight with gout should lose weight gradually, without sharp fluctuations in weight.
  • Medical diet table 6 provides for the observance of water balance. Every day you should drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid, and in the period of attacks up to 3 liters (in the absence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver). It is recommended to drink purified water without gas, jelly, fruit juice, tea (you can with lemon and milk), herbal teas and tinctures of herbs, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, weak coffee.
  • During the period of exacerbation of the disease, fasting days are shown on kefir, vegetables, and fruits.
  • There are restrictions on dieting salt intake, the amount of which in the diet should be kept to a minimum.
  • Diet for gout involves the exclusion from the diet of foods high in purines and oxalic acid.
  • Reducing fat and protein intake, and in obesity and carbohydrates.
  • In the diet menu for gout complex carbohydrates should prevail (cereals, vegetables, fruits, greens).
  • Low-fat varieties of meat, poultry and fish are allowed to use during the diet for gout no more than 3 times a week. The volume of one serving should not exceed 150-170 grams. Only 1 egg per day is allowed (in preferred culinary processing).
  • Diet for gout involves the use of cooked and steamed dishes, steamed. Meat should be boiled, and then cook from it various dishes (meatballs, meatballs). Vegetables can be used both raw and thermally processed.

Product table

Diet for gout foods table:

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