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Adidas Superstar Sneakers – Female and Male Originals and Others

The global trend of Adidas has been pleasing for many years with its quality and variety of sportswear and footwear. Many great athletes give preference to this particular brand, as they have made sure of its quality, reliability and comfort.

Due to the quarrel between the two brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler in 1948, the family-owned sports shoe manufacturer Dassler was destroyed. Dividing the company in half, Rudolph founded the well-known Puma.

Adolphe, joining the first letters of his name with Dassler, received the world name Adidas. After the death of the founder, the company was inherited by his wife, and then his son. Nowadays, Adidas has ceased to exist as a family business, it has become a joint-stock company.

Although Adidas Superstar were at the peak of popularity in the 60s, but only now they have become famous and in demand. They are worn everywhere and combined with any style of clothing. Fans of sneakers may well acquire “superstars”, which conquered both street clubs and the podium. After all, the most daring fashionistas can combine such shoes, even with office style.

The original purpose of the Adidas Superstar sneaker was purely athletic, they were loved by basketball players. But over time, they went through many transformations and became not only a sports attribute, but also everyday shoes. Sneakers are made in different colors and in a diverse style.

Main characteristics

Adidas Superstar sneakers won their popularity due to their quality, which both athletes and regular users could see:

  1. High level of comfort It is created regardless of their use, whether it is a sports destination or everyday. In any of the situations they create a comfortable fit.
  2. Classic design The leather upper draws attention from the beginning of their existence to this day.
  3. Having an extra insole allows sneakers to be more comfortable and reliable.
  4. Mandatory presence of a rubber sock – this item was appreciated by basketball players when they tried to play in these sneakers. The rubber sock makes it possible to avoid finger injuries, which is very important when playing basketball.
  5. Wide laces make it possible to properly and comfortably lace up them, and at the same time the sneaker comfortably sits on the foot.
  6. Air permeability helps the leg to feel comfortable and not to feel a sense of moisture.
  7. Minimum weight and excellent flexibility Sneakers are created thanks to the sole, which makes them very light and flexible, which is convenient in gaming situations, as well as in everyday wear.

How to distinguish real shoes Adidas Superstar from a fake?

At all times, unscrupulous manufacturers tried to make a fake on well-known brands. This fate befell the Adidas Superstar. But still, anyone who truly understands this quality will not be deceived.

What you should pay attention to when choosing Adidas Superstar sneakers:

  1. Appearance, quality of material – this is the first thing to pay attention to. Real “superstars” always have a leather inset, if it is not on sneakers or it is made of artificial leather, then you have a fake.
  2. Triangular cut distinguishes all models of these Adidas, this also applies to Superstar. The insert should not have any other cut – oval, square, only in the shape of a triangle.
  3. Perforated stamping with the logo is characteristic only for the original Adidas Superstar sneakers, it seems to be squeezed out and has pronounced features, in any other case the logo is simply pasted.
  4. Rubber sock texture on the present superstar sneaker is made clearly and has a cross-shaped similarity of the grid. A fake is distinguished by a blurred texture and incomprehensible forms that are in no way similar to crosses.
  5. Do not have rivets on the laces. Perhaps the most important characteristic when the original is different from a fake is the absence of rivets on the laces in these sneakers.
  6. Branded strips on adidas they are characterized by notches that look strictly downwards; on fakes, they are either chaotic or tilted upwards.
  7. High outsole present on the original Adidas Superstar, also in the eye catches the same logo, which should be extruded, not pasted.
  8. The presence of cotton inside also distinguishes the original from the fake. Since synthetic materials are used for artificial sneakers, and not cotton, as in the original.

Popular models for the whole family

After the Adidas Superstar sneakers began to transform, manufacturers began to invent various models for the whole family.

Their variety is simply enormous, some of the most popular:

Adidas Originals Superstar 2

The first model of sneakers, which appeared in the late 60s and was used by basketball players. Nowadays, Adidas Originals Superstar 2 is also in demand, only they changed their merge, but all the main characteristics remained unchanged.

Adidas Originals Superstar 2 DW

Complied with all technologies. These are men’s sneakers that are designed for everyday life. For their manufacture of leather used for inserts and suede.

Adidas Originals Superstar 2 CF I

Children’s model sneakers. They are very light and comfortable, suitable for wearing for every day. For their manufacture using breathable materials and naturally natural skin. They have a good shock absorbing sole. Suitable for both active games and just walking.

Adidas Originals SUPERSTAR 80s

Made in retro style. Complied with all standards. All details are taken into account: lacing, sole light, three stripes, etc.


Made in the form of sneakers with rubber socks. This is a male model of sneakers. Mesh material with leather inserts is used for the outer part of the shoe.


A very fun model of sneakers. In appearance, these are ordinary classic sneakers, but they have some elements that make the eyes laugh. The tongue is made collar, and inside on the insole there is an image of a peeping frog. Sneakers are made in green-swamp color, adhering to all the technology of “superstars”.


A new series of models of sneakers, which inspire its name – “From a clean slate”. Sneakers are made in white colors. For their manufacture using natural materials – soft suede, nubuck and natural pig leather.


Sneakers from this series are represented by a variety of models and all kinds of materials. They are presented in suede, leather, with lacquered inserts. Sneakers adidas extra butter is a male model that is more used in everyday life than for a sporty look.


A series of sneakers designed for the whole family. They also have their own rubber sock, but their design is very funny. He imitates the well-known Mickey Mouse. On the sides there are inserts of the hero himself, and handles stick out from the middle strip. Such sneakers are very popular among kids.

ADIDAS Zaha Hadid Supershell Superstar

They are based on standard superstars, only with innovation. Namely, thanks to the Japanese artist there was a new collection, where the rubber socks are painted.

They are made in the form of anime, various muzzles and so on. Sneakers are available in two colors – white and black. An interesting fact is that the images on each of the pairs have some differences. Sneakers from this collection are available in limited editions.

ADIDAS Superstar Pharrell Supershell

Also, their particular feature is the drawing on the rubber insert on the toe. They are black and look very original on the leg.

ADIDAS Todd James Supershell Superstar

On the rubber inserts on the sneakers, not multi-colored drawings were made, but extruded various figures, graphic drawings. Also, when creating them, they adhere to absolutely all technologies. The only innovation is the creation of a rubber sock, which is bright, unique and inimitable.

Comparison of the cheapest and most expensive sneakers

Adidas is renowned for its quality and thanks to this, it maintains its reputation for many years. Not a few years have passed since the launch of the release of their legendary “superstars”, they have been reworked a hundred times, improved, but their manufacturing technology has not changed.

The experts identified the most expensive and cheapest Adidas Superstar and what is the difference between them:

Adidas Originals Superstar

These are original sneakers, which are known to everyone from 69 years of the last century. They became the prototype of all subsequent superstars. But despite this, they are considered the cheapest.

For their manufacture using white genuine leather. They are equipped with all Adidas attributes – laces, stripes, a logo and of course its famous rubber shell on the toe. They have nothing superfluous in their design, but at the same time they remain the most recognizable model to this day.

Adidas Consortium 10th Anniversary Superstar

They are considered the most expensive model because they were released in honor of the 35th anniversary of the creation of the first “superstars”. For the creation of this collection were invited longtime partners who had to work with the brand Adidas.

The model of these sneakers was dedicated to the memory of Adidas founder Adolf Dassler. Sneakers are made of black soft leather. The white heel is designed to complement the shoe. And the chip of this model is an image in black and white on the back of Adi Dassler’s sneaker. All other parts are made using standard technology.

The global brand Adidas never ceases to delight its fans. Having created the first sports model of the Adidas Superstar sneaker, the company could not even imagine how in many years this particular model would be in demand.

Adidas Superstar made by special technology. Their special difference is the presence of a rubber shell on the toe, which over the years has improved. Real Adidas Superstar sneakers can never be confused with a fake.

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