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Athletic spikes for sprints and more

Athletes who are engaged in athletics should have very comfortable shoes. Since in this sport the main load falls on his feet. Also, many have in their arsenal several types of shoes, since for each sport there are different models of spikes.

In athletics combined a lot of sports. This includes jumping, running, throwing, etc. So shoes play an important role. Thanks to high-quality shoes, athletes achieve successful results. Often the choice tends to spikes, which are used not only in athletics, but also in other sports.

What is the peculiarity of spikes for track and field athletics?

High-quality spikes meet all requirements, they are light, well fixed on the leg, comfortable, provide cushioning. For lovers stand out from the crowd, there are many different colors.

Features spikes:

  1. Upper shoe provides foot support, so that the leg is protected from any external influences. Also, the foot feels comfortable and stable. For the manufacture of spikes are used as natural materials, and synthetic. The color scheme can be varied.
  2. Sole spikes – This is the main element of the shoe, which should pay attention to the athlete. It should be suitable for every sport. For example, for jumps, spikes are chosen with a hard protector, for running, on the contrary with a soft one. The main purpose of the sole is to control the movement of the foot and absorb shocks.
  3. Shoe sole designed for proper adhesion to the surface of the sneaker. It is located in the bottom of the shoe and protects the sole from rapid wear. The durability of shoes ensures the use of several types of material in its manufacture. It also ensures the stability of shoes on any foot.
  4. Inner insole designed to improve shock absorption, comfort and provides good foot support.
  5. Heel or heel made of plastic. Stability of the leg is ensured by the fact that this part surrounds the heel.

Main selection criteria

In order to avoid various injuries, shoes should be lightweight, comfortable and that is important, correctly laced.

What you need to pay attention when choosing spines for athletics:

  1. Shoe cushioning It should be good, but at the same time it should not affect the acceleration while running.
  2. Foot fixation and the protection of the ankle joint from various injuries is probably the most important thing when choosing spines. After all, sports shoes should provide a result that depends on the correct fixation on the foot so that the feet and joints are protected from various injuries.
  3. Excellent grip depends on the availability of spikes. The effectiveness of the adhesion of the sole with respect to the floor, the ground, and the asphalt depends on them.
  4. Convenience and comfort provided by the material from which the studs are made. Also, the finest details on the sneakers influence comfort; they should be made to the highest standards.
  5. Lightweight shoes.

Consider the surface of the soil

Before you buy sports shoes, you should know on what surface they will be used:

  1. For asphalt pavement Studs with hard tread and good shock absorption are suitable. In the manufacture of sneakers designed for asphalt pavement, a special design is used, which stabilizes and supports the feet. It helps to use shoes for long distances.
  2. For training in the gym are used more flexible models. The chance of injury is reduced, so protecting the joints and muscles is not so important. These shoes should not be used outside.

A variety of spikes for running

For different types of sport, a different spike model is also used.

This should be considered when choosing them:

  1. For the sprint should choose spikes without depreciation system. The sole should be hard, especially under the fingers. This helps when running, when athletes do the load when running on socks. The spikes must be metal, which effectively affects the adhesion to the ground.
  2. For running at different distances suitable sneakers with good grip in relation to the surface. Comfortable and comfortable to sit on your foot. Depending on what the distance will be, a certain model is selected. For short distances, it is better to choose lightweight shoes with good cushioning with its hard soles. For long distances, studs are suitable for heavier weights and with improved shock absorption.
  3. For the cross, you need to choose a special spike. Depreciation in such shoes is on the heel and it is because of this that the force of impact against the surface decreases, which protects the foot from various injuries.
  4. For winter running shoes should be chosen with an elastic sole and a well-defined tread. To ensure normal grip on slippery surfaces, there must be special spikes. Sneakers should be equipped with insulating material, waterproof membrane, as well as the obligatory presence of high soles to prevent snow from getting inside the shoe.

Jumping Hips

There are different types of jumps and, accordingly, not every spike is suitable for a particular type.

Before you buy sneakers, you need to know which of the types of jumps will be connected with the activity of an athlete:

  1. If the athlete is engaged in long jump, then he will fit the studs with a hard tread, which will be responsible for the smooth landing. Having a good shock absorber ensures that you avoid injuries while jumping. It is taken into account when choosing such shoes its lightness and plastic sole.
  2. For high jump should be preferred to heavier models of sneakers. A good repulsive effect inherent in this type of jump is provided by ribbed tread and reinforced heel. Additional replaceable thorns serve for the improved coupling with a running surface.
  3. For triple high jumps It is necessary to choose spikes with a cast heel. It should be noted that for such shoes is not necessary depreciation, because it can become an obstacle to the normal repulsion at the start.

Orientation Spikes

For each sport, you must choose a specific model of sports shoes. This also applies to orienteering.

After all, distances and terrain are different:

  1. For orienteering at short distances suitable spikes with low and hard soles. This is necessary for the convenience of walking on mountain surfaces.
  2. For rough terrain spikes fit with good grip and strong enough soles. After all, this orientation is associated with walking on hilly surfaces and in order to avoid shocks and various injuries, such models are suitable.
  3. For long distances It is better to choose shoes that will support the ankle well. Also on the foot spines should sit comfortably and comfortably so that the legs do not gape during long walking.

Top 10 popular manufacturers

Professional athletes usually choose models of sneakers from popular manufacturing companies, because this is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Most Popular:


Engaged in the release of studs designed for various sports, including athletics. For their manufacture using high quality material.

Asics Spikes

Presented by a large selection of different models for different sports. They are bright, light, comfortable. When choosing this company should take into account the purpose of each model.

The quality of this shoe is time-tested, since it has been in the market for more than 100 years. Their main quality is the release of super comfortable, comfortable sneakers for athletics. Many athletes give preference to this particular firm.

For the manufacture of shoes using a lot of different technologies that allow you to sit comfortably studs on the foot. They are great for runners, providing maximum foot support.

Undoubtedly is the leader among manufacturers of sports shoes. Everyone knows this company, and therefore their shoes ranks first among most athletes. Spikes are available for any sport that is associated with athletics.


Also offers a large selection of high-quality running shoes. They are not as expensive as the aforementioned studs, but also occupy a leading place among athletes.

Engaged in the release of various models of spikes, which are suitable for any kind of running, jumping. Because of its uniqueness, the production of handmade sneakers occupies an honorable place among not only athletes, but also ordinary customers.

This company does not need additional advertising, since it has been on the market for a long time and its quality for sports equipment is unmatched. Spikes are produced a variety.

Not so popular, but still finds its buyer. Beginner non-professional athletes love this company. Its prices are available, and the quality is no different from the popular brand spikes.

The company is engaged in the release of various models. Also popular with many athletes.

So, for effective results, in athletics should carefully choose shoes. Indeed, thanks to her, sport will bring only benefit.

When choosing spikes should be considered:

  1. What specific sport will you play?
  2. On which surface will the competitions be held?
  3. What time of year will sports be held?
  4. Comfort and convenience of sports shoes.
  5. Key features such as depreciation, clutch necessarily taken into account.
  6. Buying spikes, you should give preference to well-known companies. Thus, poor quality shoes can be avoided.

Athletics – this is the path to health and excellence. To avoid unexpected troubles associated with injuries, you should give preference to quality shoes.

Spikes should be light and comfortable, so that the foot does not feel discomfort. The laces should be properly and firmly tied so that the shoes are well fixed on the foot. Thus, it will be possible to avoid injuries of the foot, muscle stretch.

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