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Bertsa Garsing – Berkut, Matrix, Wind and others

The first berets appeared in the forties of the last century as uniform shoes in the American army. Later, this type of military shoes began to be used in some European countries.

Subsequently, these boots began to be used by geologists and tourists for hiking. Especially in mountainous and rugged terrain. And only at the beginning of the XXI century, the army men of the post-Soviet countries estimated the convenience of the Bertsy.

One of the producers of berets was the famous Belarusian company Garsing. The company began its existence in 1998. It is a direct manufacturer and at the same time, a large wholesale base for the sale of specialty shoes.

The Garsing boots are used in uniforms of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, internal troops, and all military units. Recommended for use in the equipment of customs officers, security organizations, engineering and technical services of various industries, for workers in the oil industry.

Unique technology brand Garsing

  1. Technology Goodyear 360 °. The uniqueness of this welt-glue method of fastening the sole consists in the fact that at first they simultaneously attach the upper part and the main, rigid insole in a circle (360 °) to the welt. At the same time, no threads are visible from the outside. Next, the sole is glued. This method of fastening the sole ensures the durability and reliability of the shoes with the most rigid method of operation.
  2. The method of attaching the sole “direct tide”. The peculiarity of the method is that the connection of the upper and lower parts occurs at the time of the molding (pouring) of the sole. This method of connection ensures complete protection against moisture ingress into the shoes. And eliminates the possibility of separation of the sole.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive and negative reviews about the quality of the Garsing berts are directly dependent on the ratio “price – quality”. And also on the correctness of the target use of shoes. It is unlikely that long lightweight walking boots during a hike over rough terrain in frost or slush will reliably protect their feet for a long time.


  1. Virtually all models of berets require prior wear. It’s risky to go on a long hike in brand new shoes. Faded and corns are inevitable.

The relatively cheap models:

  1. The insole is crushed, crawls and quickly loses its original qualities.
  2. The laces are quickly torn due to the poor quality of the lacing holes.
  3. A lot of time is taken by the lacing process, which makes it impossible to take off shoes on a halt.
  4. Debris on the top of the boot, which rubbed the feet. You have to use shoes a size larger to pry thickened socks. What creates discomfort when walking.
  5. The sole is rather quickly abraded, when used in extreme conditions.


  1. High-quality fastening of a sole on the Goodyear 360 ° technology and method of direct inflow.
  2. Goodyear technology provides heavy-duty mounting, and the direct tide provides reliable protection against moisture penetration.
  3. Self-cleaning protector. Thanks to the design of the sole, water is drained along special grooves, which saves the sole from sticking to the dirt.
  4. Leather cover of good quality. At occurrence of through cuts does not stratify and does not break further. In many models impregnated with water-repellent agents.
  5. Moisture resistant threads are used for firmware.
  6. Breathable materials are used as the lining material in the berets. This helps to remove the natural moisture that occurs during the process of wearing shoes. In case of moisture ingress through the top or in case of leaks.

Depending on the target application, the berets differ in covering and lining material. The properties of rubber and polyurethane of which the sole is made and the method of fastening the sole.

How to choose?

Buying berets should not be guided only by the external attractiveness of shoes. It is important to focus on how the shoe wraps around the leg. Too tight – blood circulation is broken. Too free – with further wear, leather berets spread and will hang out even more. A new shoe should tightly wrap the leg, but not push.

Special attention should be paid to the valve. He must be deaf. This will protect against ingress of water. Semi-deaf, if the shoes will be operated in a dry and hot area.

Assess the quality of the mounting soles, accessories (blocks, loops). The quality of the outer coating (leather or fabric materials). The resistance of the lining to abrasion, “breathing” properties of the material.

Check out the sole for flexibility.


  1. Stitches flat, double, reinforced in places of greatest stress, taped on the bottom of the shoe.
  2. Insole:

  • made of a three-layer material Veldona Drusole comfort +
  • abrasion and tear resistant filter layer
  • polyamide, supporting the shape of the insole, taking the load from the foot, orthopedic layer
  • polyester, moisture retaining layer
  • Uvula. In tactical models used in extreme conditions, it is represented by a blind valve that protects against ingress of water, dirt, debris. In other models – with a semi-deaf valve (the tongue is not attached to the end).
  • Sole:

    • Italian molded rubber with self-cleaning tread and anti-slip effect
    • rubber – polyurethane foam
  • Mounting sole:

    • rantovoy-glue (circular firmware)
    • glue
    • top / bottom junction
  • High rubber welt. It serves to protect socks of shoes and toes from strikes on sharp stones, ice, snags. Extends the life of the front of the boot.
  • Water resistant. In models designed for extreme sports, moisture resistance is achieved by fixing the sole by direct tide, the presence of a blind valve, and sizing the lower seams.
  • Weight. Depends on the purpose of the boot design. The antiprokolny insoles, reinforced toe caps, the material from which the sole and the upper part of the shoe are made, significantly increase the weight of the berets.
  • Anatomical shape pads. Ideal for the structure of the foot. Provides comfort when walking. Warns the appearance of pain and fatigue in the area of ​​the fingers that occurs when wearing shoes with an inappropriate, tapered shoe.
  • The main models of berets Garsing


    1. The upper part of the finely fleece skin (nubuck).
    2. The interior is textile imitating animal fur.
    3. Soles rubber, Italian production, with a large tread.


    1. The upper part is a natural material (chrome-plated leather).
    2. The inner part is fur (natural).
    3. Soles made of Italian rubber, formed in the form of a large tread, with anti-slip properties.
    4. Mount the plantar part – with glue and firmware.
    5. Backdrops, toe caps, reinforced from thermoplastic.
    6. Valve – semi-deaf.
    7. Furnishing design – speed loop, blochki.
    8. The distance to the top of the tibia of the boot is 175 mm.

    1. The upper part is combined from natural material (leather) with water-repellent impregnation, leather “MATRIX” with protection from scratches.
    2. The inner part of the material POLARTEC (dry heat).
    3. Soles of thermoplastic elastomer.
    4. Mount soles – glue.
    5. Backdrops, reinforced toe caps, from thermoplastic.
    6. Semi-deaf valve.
    7. The distance to the top of the tibia of the boot is 170 mm.

    1. Analogue of the Berter Matterhorn.
    2. The upper part is made of genuine chrome leather.
    3. The interior of the modern material with the effect of climate control and moisture drain.
    4. Soles from the made foam polyurethane and rubber.
    5. Fastening of soles – according to the Goodyear 360 ° technology (rantovo / glue method).
    6. Backdrops, toe caps, reinforced with thermoplastic.
    7. Furniture design – high-speed loops, blocks.
    8. The distance to the top of the tibia of the shoe is 255 mm.


    1. The upper part is a combination of materials (natural chrome, velor).
    2. The interior is a textile material.
    3. The soles of Italian rubber formed in the form of a large tread.
    4. Mount soles – glue.
    5. Backdrops and tops of thermoplastic, reinforced.
    6. The distance to the top of the tibia of the boot is 190 mm.

    1. The upper part is a fabric material Cordura Du Pont, leather (split), “MATRIX”.
    2. Soles – rubber, formed in the form of a large tread.
    3. Mount soles – glue.
    4. Toe caps, reinforced backs made of thermoplastic.
    5. The valve is deaf.
    6. Furnishing design – speed loop.

    1. The upper part – a combination of natural velor and fabric material Cordura Du Pont Desert.
    2. Soles – thermoplastic elastomer.
    3. Fixing the soles with glue and firmware.
    4. Toe caps and backdrops of thermoplastic.
    5. Furnishings – speed loop, block.
    6. The distance to the top of the tibia of the boot is 240 mm.

    1. The upper part is made from natural material (leather split) and Cordura Du Pont fabric.
    2. The interior is made of textiles.
    3. Soles – rubber, formed in the form of a large tread.
    4. Fastening the soles of technology Goodyear (rantovo / adhesive method).
    5. The strengthened subsocks and backs from thermoplastic.
    6. Furnishing design – speed loop, blochki.
    7. The distance to the top of the tibia of the boot is 240 mm.

    1. The upper part is a combination of natural material (leather split) and fabric.
    2. The interior is made of textiles.
    3. Soles – rubber, Italian production, formed in the form of a large tread.
    4. Mount soles – glue.
    5. The toes and backs are reinforced, made of thermoplastic.
    6. Valve deaf.
    7. Furnishings – blocks.
    8. The distance to the top of the tibia of the boot is 200 mm.


    1. The top and the inside of the boot are made of textiles (linen).
    2. Soles – rubber, with a large tread “Tactics”.
    3. Mount soles – glue.
    4. Toe caps and backdrops of thermoplastic.
    5. The distance to the top of the tibia of the boot is 185 mm.

    Garsing – is a versatile, practical and comfortable shoes. They are irreplaceable both in extreme conditions, and in walking on city streets. With the right choice of model, legs will always be in conditions of maximum comfort.

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