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Caring for leather shoes at home – rules and means

Leather shoes, unlike any other, require special treatment. It can not be on arrival home just put in a corner, like sneakers, without careful care, it will lose its shine in a couple of weeks. There are some simple, but very effective recommendations for the care of leather shoes.

During the day, shoes can become very dirty, and cleaners may simply not be available. Therefore, almost all procedures for cleaning leather shoes occur at home.

These are the following actions:

  1. Upon returning home from the street, you must immediately clean the shoes from the accumulated dust. Cleaning before leaving the house will not bring any result.
  2. Cleaning should be done with a sponge. (it is allowed to use soft fabric). Hard coatings can lead to the appearance of microcracks on the skin, which is fraught with a deterioration in the appearance of the shoe, and even bringing it into complete disrepair.
  3. It is forbidden to wash such shoes with water. It is recommended to wipe it with a damp sponge, but no more. If we are talking about shoes made of genuine leather, it should be remembered that it instantly absorbs any moisture, and in the future it must be dried for a long time.
  4. As soon as the shoe or shoe cleaning is over, they must be dried.
  5. If the shoes are dry, You will need to apply a special cream on it, which you will have to rub into the skin in the future. It is recommended to apply the cream on leather shoes in the evening, so that during the night the cream has time to be absorbed properly, otherwise there is no sense in it. The skin treated with the cream becomes softer, it is necessary to avoid the appearance of cracks.

Care for leather shoes

Despite the fact that shoes made of genuine leather need to be cleaned every day upon returning home, this is not enough.

Weekly shoes must undergo more serious procedures, with the help of which it is possible to preserve its integrity and maintain the outer gloss for a long time. All the useful properties of “fellow travelers” can be saved only with the help of meticulous care.

Cleaning and washing

Shoes should be washed only with a damp cloth or sponge, at the same time, the material used should not be wet through, otherwise there is a high probability of the destruction of shoes or shoes in the shortest possible time.

It is recommended to use shoe shampoo for cleaning and washing, which can be purchased in the respective stores.

The shampoo can be replaced with a scouring foam; it is somewhat cheaper, but it has almost the same qualities. It is necessary to clean shoes as carefully as possible, since even minimal damage can play a fatal role in the future.

If you want to keep leather shoes in their original form, you must wait until it dries itself. You can not dry shoes and shoes made of leather on the battery, as well as using various electrical appliances. This is dangerous because the skin dries, cracks, loses its original shape, as well as all existing beneficial qualities.

In addition, you can not dry your leather shoes in the sun.

However, there are several recommendations that can be used to speed up the process:

  1. It is allowed to put a newspaper in the shoes, it will absorb all the available moisture and odor.
  2. You can also put in shoes or shoes shoes made of wood, which absorb moisture more slowly than newspapers.
  3. In shoe stores you can buy small bags or pillows with gel or tablets, which not only absorb moisture, but also help get rid of the unpleasant smell.

To store shoes, you must first clean it of dust and dirt, and for this it is important to use the most suitable means for this. After the shoes or shoes have been cleaned, you will need to wipe them with a damp cloth and then let them dry.

Storing shoes is carried out according to standard rules. If we are talking about winter shoes, it is necessary to pull out the insoles and dry them separately.

Care of the membrane layer

Most of the shoes of genuine leather has a membrane layer. By this is meant a microporous material that absorbs sweat and moisture, and they evaporate as follows: 50% outside the shoes using the outer layer, and 50% inside the shoe after the wearer removes it.

The layer does not need additional care, however, it is not recommended to process shoes with it with shoe polish on the basis of shoe polish. Shoes with a membrane layer should be cleaned and dried daily; in addition, it is important to ensure that the soil repellent and water repellent impregnations are not disturbed during use.

Leather Shoe Care Products

For long-term leather shoes to please the eye, it is necessary to use special tools. Quality creams can be quite expensive, but the goal in this case justifies the means.

Leather shoes are also worth a lot, and will be much cheaper to keep them in good condition than to update their wardrobe every season.

Organic Solvents Creams

Creams that have been created using organic solvents are preferably used in the off season (spring and autumn). These tools help protect shoes from moisture and dirt, it is recommended to apply them with tampons, since ordinary sponges and rags can damage shoes.

Emulsion creams

Such means to protect shoes much better clean it from dirt and softer effect on the upper part of shoes and shoes. Emulsion creams form a porous film, provoking intense evaporation of moisture and sweat.

That is why they are recommended to use in the warm season. After applying the cream on the shoes, you need to let it dry, after which the shoes should be polished.

Shiny creams

Under the brilliant creams often refers to polishing agents, which form a relatively small film of gloss. The use of such a tool gives the shoe an elegant look, protects it, masks all the existing pollution, and also strengthens the water-repellent protection of the shoes.

Aerosols are usually used in cases where leather products need to be painted so that all the flaws of the shoes are not visible.

These products are suitable for shoes and shoes made of leatherette or from smooth varieties of natural leather, they help the aged material to gain its original appearance. Apply aerosols in the restoration of leather shoes or repairs.

Necessary equipment for care

To care for leather shoes, it is important to have a relatively small stock of tools in your arsenal, namely:

  • sponge (or cloth)
  • newspapers (wooden pads or special packages are allowed)
  • cream with a high content of wax (for the winter period)
  • shoe shampoo (foam)
  • organic and emulsion creams
  • creams to give shine
  • aerosols (if necessary, to restore shoes or repair)

Choosing a manufacturer of shoe cosmetics

What are the means to buy shoes? It is impossible to find a single answer to this question, since for each pair of shoes or shoes, a whole dozen of care products can fit.

Today, among the most popular brands are Salamander, Salton, Saphirus, these manufacturers offer the widest range of high-quality shoe care products, while their cost is quite democratic.

When choosing a manufacturer of creams, you must take into account the features of leather shoes or shoes, for which care products are purchased.

It is much easier to immediately take care of new shoes than to select the necessary creams and aerosols in the future, based on the state in which your favorite shoes or shoes turned out.

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