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Children’s sneakers New Balance for boys and girls

“New Balance” – a well-known American company whose shoes, items and accessories are among the most sought-after products on the trading market. For more than 100 years, manufacturers have delighted their customers by experimenting with design and quality, but at the same time leaving the most important thing is convenience.

Who would have thought that an ordinary chicken would leave such a mark in the history of shoe products? Of course, the nameless hen did not achieve such a success herself, but with the help of Riley William, an ordinary emigrant from Great Britain.

Once, being near the hen, Riley decided to watch her, and as a result – the emergence of the world of comfortable and useful shoes. But the thing is that, while conducting the observation process, he noted for himself that the bird’s paw is so stable only due to three points of support.

Without thinking twice, Riley decides to develop a special instep support and repeat something similar on an ordinary pair of shoes, so that she has an excellent balance during walking and excellent stability. The company that began to create such shoes was named “New Balance Arch Company”.

Until 1938, Riley and his team only produced their shoes for the police, but once the local sports club ordered similar training shoes for their athletes. As it turned out, the shoes were useful to them not only for training, but also for competitions, which they eventually won.

Beginning in 1940, Riley and NBAC began a white line: the company began to manufacture shoes for athletes of various sports. A pair of comfortable and durable shoes dreamed of getting not only athletes, but also boxers, basketball players, tennis players and many others. New shoes have been released on a completely new technology.

Before finally assigning the name “New Balance” to the brand, the company led by the new owner Poll Kidd after 1954 still existed as “New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.”.

For the past few years, the sneakers produced by New Balance have more emphasis on everyday use. Such shoes fit almost every style, which is also good in its own way.

The current products are more intended for a youth audience. Athletes, in turn, at the moment are no longer so often using the services of this company, but the owners do not even think about stopping to please people with really useful, comfortable and high-quality shoes.

Distinctive feature of the sneakers “New Balance”

The most amazing thing is that New Balance products are manufactured not only in Asian countries, but also in the Americas, as well as in the United Kingdom. At the present time it looks a bit crazy and people estimate this decision strangely, but the owners of the company are sure that in this way they significantly improve the quality of the producing goods.

New Balance sneakers have always been distinguished by their exquisite quality, their lightness, practicality and level of comfort. Perhaps one of the main features of this shoe is its design, which prevents excessive bending in the ankle and reduces the force of the impact of the foot with a hard surface.

Time is running fast, and the company’s products are not going to stand on the spot, therefore, it only sets itself a goal to develop.

Top models

New Balance 373

Model “373” probably never cease to be popular. The top of the shoe is covered with soft suede and mesh for breathability, and the sole is made of flexible rubber, which provides not only good durability, but also an excellent level of comfort.

New Balance 410

This model is one of the lightest versions in its series. In hot weather, microfiber and mesh cover provide excellent ventilation of the shoe.

New Balance 420

“New Balance 420” model recognized as one of the best in the category of cross-country. A comfortable three-layered sole with a rigid polyurethane rim ensures the shoe a long life, and the mesh upper with suede overlays makes the model quite stylish, which is perfect for everyday life.

New Balance 574

In warm weather, it is better to wear this particular pair of shoes. The top of these sneakers consists of suede and mesh elements, and the tongue, insole and the inner part are covered with a paisley ornament.

New Balance 576

Excellent cushioning and the solid rubber sole of this model help overcome leg fatigue. Shoes made of genuine leather. Sneakers due to its strength will last more than one year. Ideal for people who spend most of their time on their feet.

Model “576” – This is the perfect combination of style and sport. Shoes made of excellent materials. Elements of canvas and suede suggest thoughts of retro style. Perfect for a casual look.

New Balance 996

“NB 996” suitable for any modern guy. The designers of this model have done an excellent job on the “packaging”, which here consists of high-quality suede. For good cushioning meets the sole of excellent rubber. Shoes perfectly complements the style, even in combination with jeans of any color.

Sneakers of this type are intended both for the strengthened playing sports, and for usual socks.

New Balance 999

“New Balance 999” created with an emphasis on sporty style. Excellent quality suede, nubuck, nylon and mesh fabric give the shoes a delightful look.

Flexible and durable rubber soles are responsible for the cushioning qualities of sneakers.

This model – this is what people with injured legs need, or people inclined to excessive fatigue.

New Balance 1500

Sneakers model “New Balance 1500” are among the most elegant. Mesh overlays in combination with pig suede make shoes stylish and modern.

Shoes made by new technologies, and in the creation were used only high-quality materials. This model is suitable for jogging, but it was created specifically for the daily street style.

Main categories to whom New Balance is directed

Female sneakers

The girls do not stop dreaming about the presence of a comfortable, beautiful and high-quality pair of shoes on the shelf of their wardrobe, so “New Balance” on the legs of the female half is a common thing for a long time. Such shoes will be an excellent find for athletes, as well as perfectly complement the casual look of fashionable girls.

Men’s shoes

If not every second, then every third guy now wears New Balance shoes, and this, of course, is wonderful. Some of the men’s sneakers company created on the basis of orthopedic shoes, which previously produced this brand.

Most of the released sneakers greatly facilitate walking and remove the load as much as possible. Such shoes will be useful even on a regular walk, which can not fail to please the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Children’s sneakers

“New Balance” also delight children with their products. The shoes of the New Balance Kids series try to adhere to the same standards and slats as the New Balance products for adults.

The company is of the opinion that children especially need good quality shoes. In this regard, New Balance Kids provides its young customers with lightweight, and most importantly, comfortable shoes.

How to choose a child?

It does not matter at all whether the child is engaged in sports or not – he will spend most of his time in running. The main criterion, of course, when choosing shoes is comfort. In sneakers, the child should feel the freedom and desire to move, and if this is not observed, it means you need to change something.

Do not forget that the products of “New Balance” – this is not the shoes of that category, when the size is suitable, but to walk, and even more so it is impossible to run. Choosing the exact size you can be sure – the child will not experience any discomfort.

If a child has flat feet, then you need to move your attention to models that have a dense, raised insole and a special sole, which will help to level the load along the entire foot.

Design, and then I mean the colors, the presence of laces or velcro, you need to choose based on the tastes of the child. Dark-colored sneakers are more suitable for use in everyday life, and Velcro shoes are ideal for sports.

How to distinguish “New Balance” from a fake?

Before you make a cherished purchase, consider whether you really trust this or that store. There will be no situations with detection of a fake if the goods will be placed in a store with a good reputation.

But if the situation requires it, then you should stick to some tips that will help you go home with original sneakers:

  1. Looking at the product, pay great attention to the quality of the material. Many New Balance models have suede elements that will smell of leather on the original pair of shoes and not have a synthetic smell.
  2. Label, located on the inside of the tongue, with ultraviolet light will show the logo “NB”.
  3. Do not forget to pay attention to the appearance. Crooked attached labels and crooked seams should not inspire confidence.
  4. Original products Certain models can be recognized by the presence of a brand identifier on the sole.

A good place to buy will also be the official website of the company, where you can buy shoes for both preschoolers and students. It is worth noting that the prices for products in US stores are much lower than in Eastern European countries.

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