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Footwear for running on asphalt – which one is better and how to choose? Photo and video instructions

Sports today is the most affordable and effective way to keep fit and improve health. One of the most accessible sports is running. You can run in the northern climate from spring to autumn, some even do it in the winter, except perhaps not in the most severe frosts and dressing warmly.

Regular jogging helps to increase stamina, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and helps to get rid of extra pounds. In addition, while running, the body produces a hormone of joy, endorphin, which for a long time provides the runner with a great mood.

Running on asphalt: how not to hurt yourself

Running in the fresh air does not require special equipment, such as strength training, as well as complex equipment. The only thing that an amateur runner needs to take care of is the right shoes. It should be borne in mind that running on different surfaces has a different effect on the body.

In urban conditions, jogging has to take place on asphalt pavement, which happens in the park, or on tiles or concrete, which often cover the embankment. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose shoes based on this.

If we talk about running on asphalt pavements, then this is a fairly hard coating, contact with which may well have a negative impact on the state of the body. To avoid this, you must have the right sneakers.

The fact is that in the absence of depreciation, that is, extinguishing the impact arising from the contact of the foot and the cover, the body receives a load six times its weight. As a result, in just one run, the spine carries about two tons of cargo on itself, which can adversely affect the body after just a few sessions. To prevent this from happening, you need to wear running shoes with a cushioning around the heel while running.

Sneakers, which are designed for jogging, have significant external and structural differences from those that, for example, are designed for walking, not for sports, or suitable for aerobics. They have a thicker base, it has a pronounced relief, often the edges of the relief are painted in a different color, and they better fit the leg.


What should be sneakers for running on asphalt?

It is worth noting that sneakers, which are designed for practicing jogging on asphalt pavement, are sold only in a store that sells sporting goods, it is pointless to look for them in a regular shoe. In addition, only in a specialized store you can find out which model is the most optimal for you.

In good stores sellers know all the features of the products sold. You can also purchase sports shoes for training on asphalt in a specialized online store. A good store selling goods via the Internet provides potential buyers not only with photos of the model of sneakers, but also with a detailed description of the product and its technical characteristics. Of course, trying on sneakers in the online store will not work, but it will be cheaper to buy shoes for sports there.


Depreciation ability is the main criterion of running shoes for running on asphalt

When purchasing sneakers for running, you need not only to know on what kind of coverage they will take classes. The most important thing to pay attention to when buying a shock absorber. Without it, sneakers on asphalt will differ little from normal, comfortable footwear.

The shock absorber may be a spring, which is located inside the sole, shocks, sometimes it is just an air bubble or an air chamber, which again are inside the sole, and reduce the force of the shock that occurs when the leg and the surface of the asphalt are in sharp contact.

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It is worth noting that sneakers with a shock absorber are more expensive than usual. The shock absorber is located in the area of ​​the heel and toe, since the main force of the blow and the run falls on this place of the foot. This is part of the design of sneakers dampens the resulting shock. Some models of sneakers are equipped with two shock absorbers, some have only one, near the heel.

Basic rules for choosing sneakers for running on asphalt

While running, sneakers experience high loads, so a layer of glue that holds the sole to the upper part of the shoe. The adhesive layer must be elastic and durable. The quality of the adhesive layer is indicated by the accuracy with which it is applied.

The layer of glue should not have torn edges, which indicate its improper application and poor quality. Such sneakers may soon become unusable. If for extra fastening the sole was sewn to the top of the sneakers, then the stitches should also be neat and be the same size.

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The sole must have a relief, ribbed surface, which improves the grip of the sole and the asphalt surface. A sole that has no relief may slip, which is fraught with injury. The shape of the sole must completely repeat the shape of the foot, which ensures better fixation of the shoes on the foot. In addition, it is worth noting the flexibility of the sole, the sole must be elastic, so that the foot can move freely during the run.

The elasticity of the sole is checked by bending it, which should be easy to do, after which it should also easily restore its shape.

When choosing sneakers is best to give preference to a model made from a combination of leather and textiles. It is best if the skin is natural because it is more durable and tends to stretch, taking the shape of the foot. Leather is better than textiles keeps its shape, which is very important for sports shoes. Textiles allow the skin of the foot to breathe freely, with the result that the foot does not sweat while running, and the runner does not feel any discomfort.

It is worth noting that it is best if the sneakers are laced and not sticky. The fact is that the laces allow you to more reliably fix the shoes on the foot. In addition, Velcro tend to peel off during exercise, which may well lead to injury. You also need to pay attention to the material of the sole. The sole of running shoes should not leave marks on the floor during a sharp contact, otherwise it will quickly wear out and quickly lose relief.

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When buying sneakers, you must purchase shoes one size larger, in no case less or much larger. If you buy shoes of smaller size, and even your own, you can disrupt the circulation of the foot, which adversely affect the condition of the legs. In addition, sometimes during jogging, the legs tend to swell, as a result of which shoes begin to press and there is a disturbance in blood circulation. In the case of the purchase of shoes, a larger foot size will be loosely fixed, as a result of which you may be injured during jogging.

In addition to all the above, you need to pay attention to the weight of the sneakers when buying. You do not need to buy heavy shoes for jogging, because during training your legs already experience heavy loads, which you should not increase, otherwise the athlete will quickly tire.

What footwear for running on asphalt is better to choose

  1. Sneakers, which have shock absorbers in the heel and toe area, are indicated by marking Gel, Air, Wave, Grid, etc. Marking is located directly at the location of the shock absorber.
  2. However, some people are clubbing, so specially for them were developed sneakers, which have shock absorbers located on the sides of the foot. These sports shoes are marked Neutral.
  3. For those people, which, while running, throw out the leg, as in ballet, are released sneakers, designated Stability. Such sneakers have a greater degree of protection of their feet from possible injuries, since people running in a “ballet run” often turn their feet.

Major manufacturers specializing in asphalt running shoes

The collection of running shoes designed for jogging on an asphalt surface is produced by all manufacturers of sporting goods, footwear and clothing, among them Asics, Nike, Reebok, etc. Sneakers of each of them meet the latest standards and are available in a wide range of colors. In addition, each of the manufacturers produces footwear designed for a certain type of foot, so that everyone who wants to go jogging can find something for themselves.

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