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Matching shoe sizes in the USA and Russia – table of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes

Who had no difficulty buying shoes? It happens, it seems to measure its size, and the foot does not fit, or vice versa, it is buried in a huge shoe.

It is very difficult to choose shoes for a child, because the foot is constantly growing, which means that the size may change just a few days ago. And who did not happen that seeing the number 5 on the size, mentally trying to translate it to our usual size, and how much it was forgotten.

But when you buy shoes in a store, boutique or just the market, you can always try on. But what if we liked the model in the online store, how to determine the exact size for the order? Let’s try to figure it out.

Shoe sizes are usually specified in one or more of the 4 systems.

Dimension systems:

  1. Russian.
  2. American
  3. European.
  4. Metric.

To determine the size of any of the systems, you need to know exactly the length of the foot and insoles.

How to determine the length of the insole? Measure the insole from one heel edge to the very edge of the toe.

How to determine the length of the foot? There are such special devices, gauges, but with a little bit of wit and imagination, it can be measured independently by means that is always at hand.

So, what to do:

  1. We find 2 boxes, they will be stops.
  2. We put the first box so that it touches the heel.
  3. The second is arranged to touch the sock.
  4. We measure the distance with millimeter precision from one stop box to another to the maximum – this will be the required size of the foot.

The insole is longer than the foot, so you should remember that this is not the same thing. It is also impossible to measure the foot by footprint, because the footprint will be shorter. It is necessary to measure the size on each leg separately – it is no secret that the feet may differ in size.

Sizing of men’s shoes

The US system is based on the measurement of the foot, but only calculations do not in cm, but in inches. An inch is two and a half cm. Determining the size of this system is a little difficult, but we will try to figure it out.

Zero in the American system consider the size of the leg of the newborn, the size of the baby’s foot is considered to be 3.67 inches (inch).

To calculate the size, do the following:

  1. Determine the length of the foot.
  2. From the resulting length subtract 3.67.
  3. The result is increased 3 times and rounded to 0.5.
  4. We receive from the received 13.

You can read everything manually, but it is easier to use an already existing table:

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