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Men’s Reebok sneakers – leather, winter and high – photos of the best models

The global brand Reebok has always been distinguished by the manufacture of quality products, for which he has been loved at all times. The company has made many discoveries in the manufacture of sneakers by applying innovative technologies to them. Each model is distinguished by its uniqueness.

Sport sneakers have different models, which are made taking into account the peculiarities of the type of sport, the surface on which they will be used.

The foundation history of the brand Reebok

The company was founded in England in 1895 by amateur runner J. Foster. His first inventions were related to running sport. After his death, the company was inherited by his sons, who gave her the world name Reebok.

Having presented their products at the exhibition, the company became interested in American representatives. As a result, the European company passed into the possession of the Americans, who were able to see its full potential.

At the beginning of their journey they specialized only in the production of sports shoes, but over the years they expanded their range and began to produce clothing and accessories.

In 2006, the company was bought by the world-famous Adidas, which sought to enter the American market.

Reebok – a subsidiary of the corporation Adidas?

In 2006, in order to break into the American market, Adidas made a lucrative deal and acquired its American competitor Reebok. The amount of the transaction, according to some analysts, exceeded three billion dollars. After the takeover of Reebok, Adidas increased its share in the American market to 20% for the sale of sports shoes.

A diverse range of brand Reebok

After the company gained recognition and its sports shoes were appreciated, it decided to expand its range. The company took up the manufacture of sportswear, accessories, and, of course, shoes ranked first:

  • Sportswear made absolutely diverse from the tops and ending with jackets. All things are of high quality, their design is discreet, they do not differ in special originality. The color range is varied, but there is a strict one – black, blue and iridescent, including bright colors. For the manufacture of sportswear used high-quality synthetics, usually polyester or nylon.
  • Accessories These are high-quality hats, gloves, bags and other trifles that complement a person’s sporty style. Nothing special things are no different, they are made in a fairly simple design.
  • Sport shoes This is the main fad of the company. It is different comfort, convenience. For its manufacture apply innovative technology. Shoes are produced for all sports, it is convenient to run and jump. Shoes are very durable and durable.

Target focus of the brand Reebok

The company mainly focuses on the manufacture of sports shoes and equipment. But also provides a variety of models of clothing and footwear, suitable for everyday wear.

  1. For sports. The company produces shoes for almost all sports. For each individual type, there are different models of sneakers, which are made taking into account the different exercises and also where competitions take place (open country, gym).
  2. For everyday wear Usually models are made on the basis of standard, classic models of sneakers. They are brighter, more stylish.
  3. As a cult attribute. Reebok brand sneakers are so well known that they are loved by almost all world-class athletes. And after they began to produce models in street style, they are worn in order to emphasize their taste for quality things.

Modern technology brand Reebok

The company has always strived for excellence and was distinguished by the fact that its products were of the highest quality. To do this, they are constantly engaged in the invention of innovative technologies that have been successfully used in the manufacture of sports shoes.

The most popular technologies of the company:

  1. Easytone This technology is used to train muscles without playing sports. On the sole of the shoe there are special pads filled with air in the nose and on the heel. A leg in such shoes feels unstable and therefore constantly in tension, due to which the muscles of the legs are trained. Sneakers with Iziton technology have become a hit among the female half of the population.
  2. ZigTech. The technology allowed to manufacture sneakers that reduce the load on the legs. Many athletes have appreciated such a novelty. With intense workouts in such shoes, legs do not feel additional overload.
  3. RealFlex. Sneakers designed specifically for running. The shoes give the feeling that the legs are barefoot and running is barefoot. Shoes suitable for long and short distances.
  4. Sublite. The technology is applied to the sole, which is an intermediate of foam material. He goes double density. For the lower part is applied more dense, and for the toe part is soft. Thus, the shoes become more comfortable while playing sports.
  5. Hexalite This technology allowed the use of material for the manufacture of sneakers, which absorbs shock. This material resembles a honeycomb and is located in the heel area.
  6. Pump a special system that provides varying support for the ankle. The upper part of the shoe is equipped with air chambers. A latex ball is inserted into the tongue; if pressed, air gets into the air chambers. Sneakers with this system are suitable for playing basketball.
  7. Ventilator This is a special development, when inserts from mesh rigid material are added to the sides of the sneakers. It helps to improve the shape of the shoe, and also supports the stabilization of the foot.
  8. Midsol Flex Wave rigid insert, which is located in the middle of the sole. It serves to ensure the lateral stability of the foot.
  9. Separate backdrop. Reebok was the first to come up with this technology; it is to ensure better fixation of the Achilles tendons.
  10. Removable liner under the foot Used for running shoes that are designed for jogging. It gives comfort in the area of ​​the foot. It is often used by professional runners.
  11. Sveibar special insert of dense material, which improves the stabilization of the foot when running.

What caused the popularity of Reebok sneakers for men?

The popularity of Reebok sneakers is growing among many men who love jogging, walking, and various games. After all, this company has created many different models using all sorts of innovative technologies.

The main advantages of men’s Reebok sneakers:

  1. High quality material. To create sneakers using the highest quality materials – this is primarily natural leather, suede, artificial leather, synthetic materials that are not inferior to natural.
  2. Good grip. Thanks to all the same technologies, each of the models of sneakers has a special sole, which provides the athlete with excellent adhesion to any surface, be it asphalt, soil, or wooden floor.
  3. Maximum depreciation and flexibility. The sole of the sneaker is made mostly of rubber material or foam. This allows the shoe to be light. Also thanks to these materials, depreciation is improved.
  4. Seamless top sneaker improves ventilation. Through the use of seamless materials, the air is absorbed inside the sneaker, due to which there is ventilation and cooling of the legs. Athletes can wear such shoes even without a sock.
  5. Removable footbed in the shape of the foot. Replacement insoles are often used by professional athletes. It takes the form of the foot and all the anatomical features.
  6. Double sole thickness. Intermediate sole, which is made of a material having a double density. Due to the fact that different density is used in different parts, the comfort of the shoe improves.
  7. Water repellent material. For the manufacture of sneakers used various materials that have a water-repellent effect. It can be polyester or nylon.
  8. Stylish design and comfort. All models of sneakers are made in a stylish design. This applies to both sports sneakers and casual wear. Thanks to high-quality manufacturing of shoes, they are very comfortable. They are comfortable to play sports or stroll.

The most popular men’s models of sneakers Reebok


Suede sneakers with anatomical insole. Sole intermediate from EVA. This model of sneakers is designed for hiking.


Made of breathable mesh material. Reinforced with rubber inserts that provide a girth of the foot. Have a very bright design.


Running shoes. Made of high quality artificial material with the addition of mesh textiles. They provide good air exchange, have excellent shock absorption and stability.


Stylish cross-country running shoes. Have a bright print. Thanks to a rubber edging, good adhesion on uneven surfaces is ensured. Made sneakers from artificial leather with a mesh surface.


Running shoes, made of seamless material that provides a good fit legs. Steady on different sharp turns. This innovative model is made with pump technology, when the shoe frame is filled with air and it takes the shape of a foot. Very stylish and bright.


Stylish sneakers designed for everyday wear. The top is made of suede with nylon inserts.


Fashionable sneakers, street style. They are made of artificial leather with the addition of a mesh material.

Reebok GL 3000

Stylish casual sneakers. Made of velor, mesh inserts are also available. The sole and insole are made of textiles.


High, insulated sneakers. They are made of soft genuine leather. Have a heat-insulating lining. Good adhesion to any surface, as well as depreciation properties due to the EVA base.

Reebok EX-O-FIT HI

High sneakers, made of genuine and artificial leather. Textile lining, the sole is quite dense. There is a lacing and clasp – velcro on the ankle.

All male models of Reebok sneakers are distinguished by high quality, innovative technologies, design, comfort and other advantages. Therefore, it is not surprising why many men give their preference to this famous brand.

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