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Men’s sneakers Adidas Porsche Design – S3, P5000 and other models

The German company Adidas was founded after the end of World War II, the Dassler family. Their first workshop was located in the laundry room, and the whole family worked on the creation of shoes: the father of the family, two sons (Adolf and Rudolf), a daughter and a wife.

The first product that made the family Dassler, were slippers. They were made from military uniforms, and the pattern of the soles was carried out from car tires.

The first official company was established in 1924 and was called the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. About 12 employees worked here, and 50 pairs of shoes were produced per day.

The first spiked sports shoes were developed here by Adolf Dassler. This was the first appearance of studded shoes in the world. Thanks to this innovation, the company began to grow rapidly and in 10 years it produced about 1,000 pairs in one day. After losing to Germany in World War II, the Dassler factory, during the year, made shoes for the American consumer as a contribution.

After the death of the father, the sons divided the company, resulting in two concerns: Adidas (Adi Dassler association) and Rima. Since 1949, the company Adolf creates the first sneakers with removable rubber spikes.

It is worth noting that the German football team for the first time became a world champion in the Adidas shoes. It was after this incident that Adolf Dassler was the first to decide to use stadiums and sports fields in promoting goods.

Today Porsche Design – is a market leader in the production of luxury accessories. Her collaboration with the Adidas brand began in 2006. Thanks to the collaboration, the Porsche Design Adidas collection was created. These are everyday things of unique design, at the same time modern and sophisticated style.

The main features of sneakers

The footwear of the Porsche Design Adidas collection is produced using a special technology. It is created using high-strength polymeric materials, and the design is characterized by simple lines and smooth contours, lightness is ensured by a minimum amount of material, and the finish is of high quality.

The shoes of this collection have significant differences when compared with other analogues:

  1. High quality material. For the manufacture of Adidas Porsche Design using only the best Italian leather in combination with light, breathing synthetic fabrics.
  2. The presence of metal springs. The heel zone uses the Mega Bounce 3rd Generation technology, which is aimed at eliminating additional loads. This system of metal springs, which gives strength with each new movement. It is due to the effect of the spring, the amount of energy consumption of the body to push off from the ground is significantly reduced.
  3. Excellent depreciation is provided by adiPRENE technology. It is presented in the form of wear-resistant foam material, which significantly reduces the load on the legs during movement and, accordingly, increases the body’s endurance. The adiPRENE technology also distributes the shock loads that fall on the foot.
  4. Proper fixation of the foot is carried out thanks to the FitFoam technology. This is a soft material of foam structure that takes the form of a foot, respectively, provides not only complete fixation, but also softness when walking. The fixation of the foot is carried out with the help of a metal clamp and makes the leg more stable.
  5. Comfortable classic lacing, thanks to which the shoe keeps perfectly on foot, while it does not overtighten it and maintains comfort while moving.
  6. Outsole with good grip. The Adidas team, to create the Adidas Porsche Design sneakers, has developed a unique technology for the sole. It is made of rubber with the addition of synthetic mass. It is this composition that makes it stable in all weather conditions, and the presence of perforated plates prevent the feet from slipping.

Modern technology used in creating shoes Adidas Porsche Design:

  1. Mega Bounce 3rd Generation. Such a system is used in the heel area and looks like a car suspension. The technology used perfectly compensates for the load on the foot when moving.
  2. For the design of the model, a special polymer film was used. It covers the top of the sneaker, and due to its structure, protects the shoes from mechanical damage, as well as weather conditions.

Adidas Porsche Design Collections

Adidas Porsche Design Drive Athletic

This is an example of exquisite design shoes that are made in a classic racing style. Top sneaker made of aniline leather that have high elasticity. Foot ventilation is provided with ergonomic inserts.

The sole is made from durable and elastic rubber. The foot is fixed using the FitFoam technology system. The use of the technology of depreciation gives ease of movement.

Adidas Porsche Design 356

The shoes are made of genuine leather, which is additionally covered by the Exoskeleton system. The shoe has a low profile sole that is made from wear-resistant rubber.

In this model, depreciation is provided by the adiPRENE system. The shoe has a deep neckline that emphasizes its elegant design. Sneakers are designed for the period spring / autumn.

Adidas Porsche Design S3

This demi-season model is created from high quality materials. The top of the shoe is made of genuine leather, under which there is a fabric lining. The sneaker is covered with a polymer film, which not only improves the design, but additionally fixes the foot.

Instead of standard lacing, elastic is used, which is much more convenient and does not require additional efforts during fixation. The sole is made of durable rubber, which is resistant to temperature changes and weather changes. Ventilation of the foot occurs through the top floor. The relief punched plates in a zone of a heel and a sock, interfere with sliding during the movement.

Adidas Porsche Design Bounce P5000 S4

This model is made by unique technology and has won many fans around the world. The top of the shoe is made of mesh with embossed lines that resemble the aerodynamics of a car.

Shoe depreciation has been significantly improved, the heel part of the shoe has also been improved. The presence of the rear caliper reduces the load on the leg and ankle. The sole is made of durable rubber. Foot fixation is also provided by the standard lacing system. Such sneakers are great for people who are constantly in motion.

Adidas Porsche Design Bounce P5000 S6

Belong to running models. This is a relatively new product of cooperation between the two companies. The surface of the shoe is genuine leather, completely covered with the Exoskeleto system, which provides the best protection and fixation of the foot.

Due to the peculiarities of the upper covering, the Air Mesh mesh, foot ventilation is taking place. As a fastener, technologists offer lacing. The sole is made of high-strength rubber, which, thanks to the plate system, provides high traction with the ground.

Sneakers for Russian winter

Given the weather conditions, the requirement for winter shoes are quite high. It should provide a comfortable and safe movement, while keeping your feet dry and not to freeze.

Adidas Porsche Design winter sneakers provide maximum grip through studded soles.

It is made of wear-resistant and rubber, which is distinguished by its flexibility and perfectly tolerates low temperatures. In difficult weather conditions, an important role is played by the sole protector, which also improves the adhesion of the shoe to the ground.

Foot fixation is ensured by the stiffness of the backdrop and FitFoam technology. The upper part of the Adidas Porsche Design sneaker is made from nubuck, suede, leather inserts are also possible.

Where and how to purchase?

Like any product, Adidas Porsche Design sneakers are also very often copied by unscrupulous manufacturers. Unfortunately, very often such a purchase will be of poor quality.

At best, purchased shoes will last for several months, and at worst, they can cause foot deformation, and also will not protect feet when running on difficult tracks.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to buy Adidas Porsche Design sneakers only from the official representative offices of the brand. It can be both specialized sports shops, and trading platforms on the Internet.

Such items have a certificate for selling shoes, and also provide a guarantee on it.

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