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Rubber shoes for women

Rubber boots should take pride of place in the wardrobe of every girl. In wet weather, they are an excellent means for the feet from getting wet and penetrating moisture. If the feet are wet, this can lead to a fraught consequence. This kind of boots must be used by residents of the countryside, but for urban girls, rubber shoes are not prohibited and are recommended to be worn in bad weather.

The first mention of rubber shoes

While Columbus failed to discover America, Europe did not know that there was a material called rubber. According to Christopher, when he visited the island of Haiti for the second time, he watched the people playing ball. For the manufacture of sports equipment required dried juice of an unknown plant. The sap of the rubber tree was used by the inhabitants to process shoes. Thus, the first definition of rubber footwear appeared.

Later, everyone learned that rubber is considered dried sap, which is obtained from American wood. So there was a rubber material and galoshes are considered the first shoes. The first product was inconvenient and poor quality, but over time, various substances were added to it and the model became more popular. Today, rubber boots can be found not only in the villages, but also in large metropolitan areas.

Women’s rubber boots: types and purpose

Previously, rubber shoes were used for warmth and comfort, which was created for the feet during the period of wet and slushy weather. The manufacturers did not think about the unusual design and brightness. The color of rubber boots was exclusively black. Once there was a breakthrough when designers became interested in the fact that rubber shoes were not only light and comfortable, but also fashionable.

Currently, there are several types of women’s rubber boots. Among them you can find models with a lining, without lining, frost-resistant, with the presence of a laid-on heel and without it, short, high, monochromatic color and color.

Advantages of modern boots for women

  1. Durability – the main quality which is responsible for good wear resistance. In order to have such a quality, the material of the shoe must contain high consumer properties and not form defects over a long period.
  2. Versatility – is to use shoes in different weather, the hostess of the boots should not worry about the penetration of moisture during rain, snow, or that it gets dirt, pebbles.
  3. High quality workmanship – depends on the content in it of substances that make the boots resistant and strong. Such qualities are characteristic of PVC shoes, modern rubber, and silicone. A product made of such material does not crack when the temperature drops.
  4. Huge color range – allows you to wear boots with jeans, dresses, skirts and trousers of different colors. The manufacturers took care of the customer’s needs and produced goods with a huge color range, taking into account the age category of women.
  5. A variety of decorative items makes shoes versatile and suitable for any clothes. Decorative elements, such as diamonds, butterflies, flowers, will lighten the mood in bad weather, and paint the inner world with bright colors. Such shoes will make the owner bright and unique, no matter what the weather is outside.
  6. Convenience and comfort depends on the material from which the boots are made. To create comfort, manufacturers have developed a knitted base. The internal convenience of the goods should not depend on the external beauty and aesthetics. The presence of additional insulation inside the shoe does not allow the legs of the fair sex to freeze in cold autumn or during the first frost.

How to choose a rubber shoe for a woman?

Over the years, women have become accustomed to using such an amazing thing as rubber boots. In modern boots, which have become fashionable and pretty models, you can see proud young ladies of different age categories, walking along the streets.

The choice of waterproof shoes must be considered carefully, observing several rules:

  1. The sole of the boot should be with a convex embossed pattern., which is designed to keep a person from falling.
  2. The tops and tires should not contain cracks, swelling, roughness or scratches.
  3. Shoes must be stitched with quality, and the seams are neat and even.
  4. If you have decorative elements, check how firmly they are glued..
  5. It is necessary to pay attention to the material., from which the boot is made. It is characterized by natural fabric, such as felt or fur.
  6. The top of the rubber boot and the sole should not contain cracks or creases when joined.
  7. It is recommended to pay attention to the boots, in which the tab is removed, since then it will be possible to put on shoes with a toe and best of all, that it be woolen.
  8. After purchasing the product, it must be checked for moisture ingress. To do this, use a basin of water and hold your shoes in it for ten minutes. It is best if there is a newspaper in the boots, if it becomes wet, then the goods should be brought back to the store.

Rubber shoes must be worn in spring or autumn, when there are puddles on the street, it is raining, there is dirt on the roads. These boots are made specifically so that the moisture does not penetrate and does not bring trouble to the female tender legs. But to abuse the wearing of boots made of rubber, rubber or silicone is impossible.

For wearing rubber products provided no more than three hours. With prolonged wear, the skin of the legs stops breathing, as there is no ventilation in the shoes. When the temperature is below zero, rubber shoes are not recommended to be worn, even if it contains a warm lining.

Natural gasket inner lining

When buying a product such as rubber boots, you must carefully consider the inner lining. It should be made of natural fabric so that the legs while wearing do not provoke the formation of fungus. Natural fabric for a rubber boot is considered to be felt or wool. The presence of such a pad has a positive effect on the health of the feet.

The surface of rubber shoes without damage and punctures

The presence of defects is necessary to pay attention at the time of purchase of the goods. It should not have such formations as damage or punctures. Shoes with damage will begin to leak moisture and you can get sick in an instant.

The inner surface of the shoe without irregularities and folds

There should not be any wrinkles or irregularities inside the boot to avoid injury to the foot. In the presence of such defects, the shoe is considered unsuitable for wearing and made with non-compliance with all rules and regulations.

When choosing insulated boots, check the backing layer

New and good quality boots are not sold without a durable lining layer and a well-fixed one. It is recommended to lightly rub the lining and check for the presence of dyed material in order to avoid the transition of paint to the toe or tights.

The main producers of women’s rubber shoes

Excellent boots with high strength.

Large assortment and selection of products.

New brand of boots that goes well with any outfit.

The best shoes are not found.

The product will last for many years.

An excellent collection for women and girls.

Boots that are hard to give up.

The best and beautiful shoes only here.

Differs in an acceptable cost.

A wide range of colors will allow you to choose the best model.

Choosing a rubber model, you must remember and take into account all the requirements. It should not be small or cramped for legs. It is recommended to try on a model with a sock, and it is also undesirable to wear it on bare feet. Rubber boots are not only walks in bad weather, but also to work in the garden, garden or in the country, and you can also use shoes during a hike in the woods after the rain.

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