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Sneakers Mizuno – volleyball and running, top of the best male and female models

Every person who values ​​his health, regardless of whether he is a professional athlete or an ordinary man in the street leading an active lifestyle, must have a pair of good sneakers in his wardrobe.

The Japanese company Mizuno, which is engaged in the production of a variety of goods for the sport using the most high-tech industries. For centuries, this brand has been trusted by both professional athletes and people who care about their health.

Feature of Mizuno Sneakers

At production the most advanced manufacturing techniques and the most modern materials are used. Japanese sneakers brand Mizuno exist on the market for sporting goods for about a hundred years. This shoe has a number of features. Among them is a high ankle element, which contributes to reliable protection of the joints of the foot and reduces the number of injuries.

  • AP + technology is a modern material that is used in the manufacture of soles, providing good cushioning of the sole, reducing wear.
  • The material for the manufacture of the sole is VS-1, which takes the main shock load and protects the locomotor system from damage.
  • The main technology in Wave sneakers is an elastic insert located in the sole, which makes it possible to evenly distribute the load in all occupations of professional sports.
  • The next secret of the sneakers is the smart active setting system DynaMotionFit, which reliably fixes the foot and allows you to move in a wide range without restrictions. The foot is securely fixed.
  • The next feature of sneakers is anatomical interchangeable insoles, a modern diverting system – Intercool, technology using “magic” inserts that connect Wave insertion, flexible and elastic, with soil, together they create stability and grip – the so-called technology of action of the sensory point.
  • In the manufacture of innovative uses of innovative design and manufacture of sneakers. The manufacturer provides consumers with not only the highest sports result, but also the necessary ones: safety and comfort of movement.

What sports are Mizuno sneakers designed for?

Mizuno sneakers are widely used: for jogging, volleyball, football and other various sports. The developers of the company are trying not only to increase the range of products, but also to attract as many people as possible to do sports.

Multifunctional models of Mizuno Wave sneakers:

Mizuno Wave has a new sole with a thicker profile and SR inserts that soften the shock load. Grooves in the tread are deeper, contribute to a smooth transition from heel to cape when jogging. Such models can also be used by heavyweight athletes. The whole series can be described as light and breathable, durable and stable. This model of sneakers has the following varieties:

Mizuno lightning

It was originally conceived as lightweight volleyball shoes. Recently, it has undergone a number of improvements, including weight reduction and the creation of a seamless design that ensures maximum comfortable fit of shoes and ankle protection from injuries. This line is used by professional athletes involved in handball and volleyball.

Mizuno Wave Lightning

Mizuno rider

This line is a business card Mizuno. This model is very popular among runners. A good transition from contact with the ground to repulsion makes it easier to push off, while spending less power. Such sneakers are focused on tempo training, light runs and even competitions.

Mizuno Wave Rider

Mizuno crusader

Cheaper and versatile model. These are sneakers of initial level which possess good depreciation and reasonable price, suitable for morning runs and Sunday walks, durable and comfortable.

Mizuno Wave Crusader 7

Mizuno prophecy

Have a very comfortable fit. The top of the sneakers is made of a lightweight, flexible stretch mesh that stretches well and is ventilated. Top sneakers strengthen synthetic inserts that securely fix the foot and protect the foot. The tongue of the sneaker is limited to two inserts that go inside the sneaker and form a high-tech system DynomotionFit, which provides a perfect fit for any movement. Also in sneakers there is a comfortable anti-bacterial insole Ortholite. Sneakers are designed for long workouts.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Mizuno Wave Inspire

Professional shoes Mizuno Morelia

This classic football shoes. The Mizuno Morelia boots have a stylish design, high quality and wearing comfort. Top boots are made from light natural leather. This material evenly adheres to the foot and contributes to the excellent protection and support of the feet.

Stitching lines run along the foot contour, fix it and give the ball an optimum feel. The shape of the boots is long preserved thanks to the unique Neo firmware. The lacing located in the center promotes excellent comfortable and tight fixation on the leg.

Inside there is a removable insole, made of material EVA, which provides a uniform redistribution of the load and the optimum shock absorption of the foot for a blow. The back of the boot firmly fixes the heel and makes it more stable. The base part of the sole is represented by a graduated plate made of flexible, lightweight and durable material Pebax.

The number of molded spikes is thirteen, they have different lengths, are made of polyurethane and are optimally located on the sole, provide the highest degree of stable adhesion to the ground. Weight boots about 170 grams. New technologies can reduce the load on the spine during the game. Boots are the best in the world market.

Advantages of Mizuno Sneakers

The advantage of sneakers brand Mizuno is the use of new developments and durable materials. All products, before getting to the counter, passes a long test. The main advantages of both volleyball and running shoes Mizuno:

  • foot support (running becomes more comfortable)
  • optimal depreciation (the sole is well springy, the load on the joints is minimal)
  • low weight (the lighter the shoes, the more comfortable the run)
  • sole construction (affects speed).

Volleyball shoes brand Mizuno

High-tech shoes, equipped with ventilation of the inside of the sneakers on the sole side. Thanks to the construction of the top, made without seams, an excellent fit and sense of court is achieved. Parallel Wave plate and highly abrasive EVA in the heel area together give good cushioning. The innovative material of which the sole is made, PoWnCe facilitates sneakers, without affecting depreciation.

Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2

Mizuno Brand Running Shoes

The optimal choice for runners, always allow you to keep yourself in good shape and provide a good physical shape and mood. These are sneakers for asphalt, racetracks. Fit tightly on the leg, well ventilated, have optimum damping. Running in them is a pleasure. In the first week of use, there may be a slight discomfort, sneakers take the form of legs, let’s say “take root”, and then become “like relatives”. These sneakers are designed for light runs and active running. The design of the shoe reliably protects against shock and reduces the load on the athlete’s feet, which makes the runner more durable during sports.

Mizuno brand sneakers are diverse, high-quality models that have enjoyed the trust and love of millions of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts for over a century. Considering all the listed advantages and advantages of Mizuno sneakers, as well as a wide selection of fashionable men’s, women’s and children’s sports shoes, we can confidently say that Mizuno Sneakers are the perfect choice for the whole family!

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