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Top Running Sneakers – Asics, Nike and others, rating

Youth. Fastfood eaters and lazy dogs. But they remained in modern society and those who want to make the world better and think about the future of mankind. These are whole teams and communities leading a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles consists in proper nutrition, giving up bad habits and, most importantly, physical activity. And in this regard, many like running.

Often, volunteers and activists arrange mass races, which can be found on social networks, to participate in them you do not have to be an athlete, you just need to decide and run.

The only thing you need is equipment. Tracksuit and the most important part – sneakers. But unusual, but racing. In this article we will look at several types of perfect running shoes. Wrong sneakers – a direct risk of injury, fatigue in the first few minutes, and running will not bring pleasure and euphoria.

Running sneakers are divided into two groups:

  1. Trail, so-called “SUVs”. Trailranning involves running through natural terrain and arrays. These sneakers have a durable, durable top with a special sheath to protect against moisture. Their sole is equipped with a hard tread, providing its soft grip with an uneven surface. Such sneakers will suit “marathon runners” who prefer classes in the forest, the field, in the meadow. It is forbidden to run on asphalt in them, as well as on a section that is not properly trampled.
  2. Asphalt. These sneakers, which of the name, suitable for running on the highway. They are aimed at mitigating the impact in contact with the rough road, but also ideal for a treadmill. But at this time a powerful pressure falls upon the leg with a weight many times greater than your own. The sole of this shoe is equipped with shock absorbers (necessary for fulfilling the goal), which are thicker in size than in trails. The dampers of each company are unique and have their own unique design. There are models of sneakers with one and two shock-absorbing elements. To choose between them, it is enough to remember on what part of the foot you land. If the heel (which is typical for beginners), then you need only one, and if on the toe – you need two elements.

Adidas Adizero Feather, 2900 rub.

Rules for choosing running shoes

If you run on the track for 15-20 minutes to warm up, then you should not spend money on specialized shoes. But if your passion is serious enough, you should rely on the amount planned for the costs, because there are no recommendations for choice and the better the sneakers, the more comfortable it is for you.

Consider the most popular models of well-known sports firms from the rankings of top magazines:

“Two of the casket” by the Japanese company Asics


Lightweight, durable, they provide an elegant fit of the foot and are suitable for daily runs. Models for both men and bright women. Depreciation part – heel.

Asics Gel-Kayano 22

Having a special mesh, stretching in different directions to maintain the foot and fast movements, they reproduce the ideal trajectory of pressure on the foot, increasing the speed and efficiency of running.

The best running shoes Adidas

Adidas springblade

Thin sole, weight just over 100 grams – the embodiment of lightness and natural running. Providing protection against ingress of stones and dust inside and comfortable velcro will bring you only pleasure!

Adidas adistar boost

It seems that they are made of foam as a souvenir. Boost – repulsion, support. Innovative outsole gives you the opportunity to run faster. With each movement you will feel the return of the spent energy and activity.

And what did Steve Jobs’s favorite company, Reebok, introduce?

Reebok Realflex Run, 3190 rub.

Air and soft are them. Get the euphoria of running, pushing off the ground easily and naturally! In any weather conditions!

Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0, 3800 rub.

Walking Their owners note that walking in them, perhaps without a break for several days, due to the comfortable fit of the foot and enough space for the toes.

Nike Top Running Shoes

Nike Free 4.0

A minimalist model that follows the outlines of the legs, also called “second skin”, and a flexible articular sole helps in jolts. And the most important is design. Great.

Nike Free TR Fit 5.0, 4300 rub.

Ideal for fitness. Cardio: not only running, but dancing, aerobics – nothing. A single word needs to be said about the appearance, and female and male models look gorgeous and attract attention.

The above list of running shoes from Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Asics is subjective though, but it’s really difficult to find the disadvantages of the listed shoes. Here you have to choose, go to the store, view or select on your personal trust to any company.

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