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Wedding shoes for the bride – signs, style, style and fashion trends

Cute wedding shoes – a beautiful component of the magical image of the bride. When selecting shoes it is very important to achieve harmony in combination with the bridal outfit.

Cleverly chosen shoes will not only guarantee comfort, but also provide a stylish addition to a charming outfit. It is necessary to clarify a few basic things that can help a sweet bride to become a happy owner of wedding shoes.

According to one of the old signs, the toe and heel of wedding shoes must be necessarily closed. Otherwise, according to belief, the wealth of the family will “leak” through them.

To listen or not to accept is the choice of the newlyweds, especially since young people are often addicted to the cute design of fashionable shoes and refute traditions and signs. In addition, for the wedding in the summer months, certainly more suitable open shoes or elegant sandals.

What should be considered when choosing?

Wedding shoes are designed to complement the image of the bride in an original and original way, making it charming and complete.

Here are a few helpful tips that can help you make your choice unmistakably:

  1. Color selection – modern fashion outfits for such a happy holiday allows you to wear shoes with many colors. In addition to the traditional white shoes, it is often possible to observe ayvori – ivory color, shoes of all kinds of pastel colors, champagne. The most daring girls use and bright colors. The most basic rule – the color of shoes should be combined with the tone of the wedding dress. Such harmony can be achieved with accessories that complement the outfit (flowers, handbag, embroidery, ribbons, bows).
  2. Shoe Decorations, the material from which they are made must also match the side of the bride. For example, if the dress is decorated with decorative elements, then wedding shoes should be chosen in a more modest style so that the image, in general, looks luxurious and tasteful.
  3. Heel height can vary greatly, but it should be borne in mind that the wedding event will take place mainly on the feet and the newlywed should spend the day not tired, but in a happy and cheerful mood.
  4. Heel determines the length of the dress.
  5. If in the usual life the future bride is used to wearing a low heel, and on the wedding day I wanted to wear heels, in this case you can buy shoes “every day” in advance with a similar size heel in order to work out the walk in a calm atmosphere.
  6. Particular attention should be paid to the impeccable quality of wedding shoes. You must carefully inspect them in the cabin when buying, in order to eliminate any kind of flaws and possible flaws in their appearance: protruding threads, scuffs.

Apply one shoe to another with the sole to confirm that the pair is exactly the same. It is also important to pay attention to the identity of the size of the “open noses” in cute sandals. From the festive footwear should not come the smell of glue.

You can try to bend the sole – if the shoes are made with high quality, then the sole will be slightly bent in the place where the foot is bent. Then you can put on your new alleged shoes and walk a bit, checking the comfort of the feeling of wearing them.

The wedding celebration, as a rule, begins in the early morning and ends closer to the night. If funds allow, you can purchase several pairs of shoes designed for the most varied moments of this happy day.

For example, elegant wedding shoes with high heels will look harmoniously at wedding registration, and for festive festivities it is better to choose comfortable and cute shoes “boats”. As for the solemn banquet and the first dance of the newlyweds, an example of a pleasant choice will be elegant shoes with an average heel.

Buying several pairs of wedding shoes is of great importance when holding a festive ceremony in winter. For a happy walk of lovers, nice warm half boots are better suited to look harmoniously with the bride’s wedding coat. While at the time of registration and a festive banquet, this type of shoe can be easily replaced with classic shoes.

For the bride “in position” the best option would be to choose shoes with no heels or “ballet flats”.

It is very important to choose shoes with regard to the style of the dress. Studded shoes with an elegant short bridal outfit. For a dress in the Greek style “Empire” is well suited to open shoes on a small heel or the original performance sandals.

Absolutely any shoes will harmonize with the chic “magic” outfit in the “Princess” style, but the beautiful shoes with heels or wedges look more pleasant, she complements the image of the bride in a way that allows her to look taller and slimmer.

The dress with a straight silhouette is advantageously combined with the classic “boats”, and the original modern version of the wedding dress – the pantsuit will look cute in a set with cute ankle boots.

Fashion directions

Offers of modern fashion trends are pleasantly interesting and delight lovely ladies who prefer high heels. And also those of the fair sex who are interested in buying festive shoes with low soles.

The latest novelties of modern fashion trends will be pleasantly pleased with the eye:

  1. Strap – in the fashion of wedding events shoes with all kinds of straps. As with thin ribbons, repeating the straps on the dress, and with a wide, similar in its execution cute trouser belt. It is assumed that these will be low-heeled shoes with a rounded toe, reminiscent of children’s sandals. And also shoes with a stylish square heel.
  2. Shoes “on the platform” this year goes out of fashion. The exceptions are wedding shoes on the platform with the original distinctive finish and an unusual combination of colors.
  3. Graceful Heel very important for the appearance of wedding shoes.

Where and when is it better to buy wedding shoes?

Charming gaze shoes for the wedding day can be purchased in numerous salons for special occasions.

Here are some of them:

  1. Wedding salon “CHARLINE” – affordable luxury for pretty women.
  2. “House of Vesta” – A lot of fitting rooms and highly qualified free consultation of a wedding stylist.

A small but very significant addition – all the salons of bridal shoes, like, for example, the White Swan (with a pretty collection of festive shoes and accessories) are best visited in the afternoon when the future bride’s leg has gone off a little.

What styles are there?

Talented designers selflessly invent new and new original decorations for festive shoes. This rhinestones, and embroidery, and bows of ribbons. Such luxurious shoes will be the perfect decoration for the newlywed.

In the trend of shoes, in the performance of which there is not only leather, but also velvet, satin, fur, lace.

The only important thing is that jewelry on beautiful shoes does not look massive and fancy. They should not distract attention from the general charming image of a nice lady.

Is it worth experimenting with colors?

As a rule, the shoes repeat the color of the wedding dress or are matched two shades darker. In addition to the classic white color, they often stop their choice on cream color, delicate pastel colors and champagne. In the bridal salon is better to take a small piece of fabric wedding dress for greater visibility combinations.

Useful rules when choosing

In conclusion, you can identify some more useful recommendations that can help avoid undesirable moments when choosing wedding shoes:

  1. Try on shoes better on stockings or tights (of the same density).
  2. On the quality of wedding shoes is better not to save. It is advisable to opt for shoes made of genuine leather that can give a pleasant and comfortable feeling throughout the holiday.
  3. Purchased new shoes must be distributed two weeks before the celebration. For a nice lady it is enough to walk around her house for 10-15 minutes a day.

When choosing elegant holiday shoes, it is very important to remember that the feeling of comfort is an extremely important moment on the day of a happy and solemn wedding!

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