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Women’s Nike Air Max Sneakers

Do you play sports? Are you traveling? Prefer comfort? It is worth looking at a wide variety of women’s sneakers Nike Air Max.

The first pair of sneakers was made back in 1987, thanks to the work of aviation engineer Frank Rudy, who invented using large air bubbles as a shock absorber in sneakers, which are hard to miss on modern models. “If we literally cut out a part of the material in the middle part of the sole and put on display the air layer, then people will be able to understand the concept of our shoes,” says the words of Air Max designer.

Since then, Nike Air Max does not leave the store shelves, it is, indeed, a popularly chosen shoe model that has truly revolutionized the world of sports and is improving every year. Issued more than 40 models, among which everyone can find the right one.

Popular models

5th place. Nike Air Max 93 (1993 release)

By releasing sneakers with a large visible part of the air gap, manufacturers have forever rejected the opinion that the layer may burst. The continuation of the series was the next model.

4th place. Nike Air Max 90 VT

Suede sneakers are produced with the aim of attaching to the wear not only athletes, but also ordinary people who could use them in everyday life.

3rd place. Nike air skyline

The model of women’s sneakers Skyline is interesting because the manufacturers have inserted a system of air bubbles so that it can be seen by a 180 degree view.

2nd place. Nike Air Max 90 (1990 release)

Classic style. The most modern model. Every year it “develops” and is becoming more widespread. Overview of all male and female Nike Air Max 90.

1 place. Legendary Nike Air Max 87 (1987 release)

The first generation of female Nike Air Max 87 is still being made. Classic style. Undoubtedly, they are no longer the same as they were in the distant 1987, but the production technology has not changed, improvement has occurred only in terms of new colors. Sales of this model were incredibly high, some batches, produced in a limited number of pairs, bought up in the first hours.

How to choose and what to wear?

Choosing between so many sneakers is very difficult. First of all, it is worth relying on the colors of your wardrobe, a priority on the colors of sports things. At this time, such models are gaining more popularity:

Air Max 90 HyperFuse

Such juicy colors will attract the attention of others and look good enough with many things.

And with what to wear them? Clothing, suitable for Nike Air Max:

  • Sports suit. The classic option.
  • Jeans, tight pants, shorts, breeches, complete with shirts and T-shirts. For everyday wear.
  • And even skirts and dresses! Yes, yes, they are. The main thing is that the image is designed in the same style.

These women’s sneakers are universal, combined with most of the wardrobe of an average girl or woman.

Nike Air Max – stylish, fashionable, comfortable, youth. Have a nice shopping!

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