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Women’s Reebok Classic Sneakers – Leather, Nylon and other models

Sneakers brand Reebok Classic has long received the respect of consumers, as well as gained a large number of fans who prefer sports-style clothing. Since its introduction into the market, they have gained popularity not only among sports and active sports enthusiasts, but also among stylish people.

The history of the legendary brand of sports shoes Reebok began back in 1895. The emergence of this brand was promoted by a clear desire to have comfortable shoes for jogging and other sports. It was just such a shoe that was lacking to Joseph Foster, who joined the running club. At the time, sports shoes were not as such.

Foster was a shoemaker by profession, so it was easy for him to create comfortable shoes for himself. Then, to improve the grip of the sole and the surface of the earth, Joseph attached a pair of studs to the shoe. The history of the legendary brand began with this pair.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Forster was already setting up industrial production of sports shoes. The shoes invented by Joseph instantly gained popularity, in part due to his membership in a racing club.

Promoting shoes and increasing its popularity was also due to the fact that Foster invented a size scale, which made it possible to produce comfortable shoes without preliminary fittings. In addition, Joseph Foster invented new models of shoes, each of which had its own properties and was suitable for sports in certain conditions.

However, the truly popular shoes produced by the company Forter, became after the Olympics in 1924, when the winners of the races admitted that the shoes helped them to run.

Variety of models

Reebok Classic – Nylon

Refers to one of the very first models of shoes of this brand. During its existence, it has already managed to go into the category of classic. The upper part of these sneakers has a special breathable mesh, which ensures excellent air circulation, with the result that the foot breathes and does not perspire, which is very important for active sports.

The sock and the heel of this shoe are equipped with special inserts made of very durable, wear-resistant artificial suede, due to which the wear resistance of the sneakers is increased.

It is the shoe for the production of which used Italian leather, characterized by high quality. The range of this model includes classic sneakers Classic Leather and sneakers Reebok City Classic Leather. Reebok Classic Leather sneakers are made from a cut.

This model is black and white. Classic Leather White Sneakers are striped in the colors of the British flag. Black sneakers are completely plain. Women’s sneakers models Reebok City Classic Leather, which were developed and put into production specifically for the anniversary date of the company.

The model was created with the participation of masters of graffiti, which brought to the design a style characteristic of such cities as New York.

Reebok Classic aerobics

It is one of the most demanded among the consumers of the company model of sneakers. The design of these sneakers has not changed since the launch of the very first batch. For the manufacture of this sports shoes are used only the most high-tech materials, and the parameters of the structural elements are close to ideal.

From the outside, this pair of Reebok Classic Leather clean Ultralit sneakers is somewhat similar to Classic aerobics, but the manufacturing techniques are similar to their predecessor, but the manufacturing techniques for the inside of the shoes are significantly different from the previous sneakers.

3D Ultralite outsole is created using injection molding technology from special foamed plastic. This makes the outsole supple and resistant to mechanical stress and wear, and also gives lightness, which is very important for sports shoes.

As a result of all this, the Leather Clean Ultralite sneakers are noticeably lighter than the previous model. Designers involved in the development of the model, focused on young girls, so the sneakers of this model are available in a fairly wide range of colors, where there are very bright colors.

Reebok Classic Vice Versa

It is distinguished by an increased fixation density of the boat, which ensures a greater level of security during active movements characteristic of sports.

In addition, the sneakers of this model are distinguished by a more expressive relief of the sole, which, in turn, provides a more reliable grip on the shoe and the surface, as a result of which slippage is not allowed.

Production of the Classic Crepe model is another step taken by the company, from everyday life and sports style. A distinctive feature of this shoe is a rubber sole, not rubberized.

The upper part of this shoe is made of embossed suede, artificial origin, which looks beautiful, but needs special care. Sneakers of this model are available in two colors: universal black and unusual sand.

What models of women’s Reebok Classic sneakers is better to choose?

Such sports as Reebok Classic Nylon and Reebok Classic Vice Versa are perfect for sports. The first model is ideal for jogging.

Sneakers are equipped with the necessary for extinguishing the impact that occurs when touching the foot and the surface, shock absorbers, have a strong relief sole, providing excellent adhesion to the surface (no matter the soil, concrete or asphalt).

Reebok Classic Vice is distinguished by enhanced ankle fixation and a more pronounced sole than in the case of Reebok Classic Nylon, relief, which reduces the load on the legs that occurs during exercise, which helps extend the workout time.

Crepe shoes are even more distant from the classic sport style. The top is made of beautiful, but not very practical for playing sports suede, and the sole is made of rubber.

Criteria for choosing the best model

When choosing sneakers you need to pay attention to convenience. The foot should not be trapped in the shoe, as this can interfere with the natural blood flow, which may well lead to serious health consequences.

It is also not necessary to buy sneakers, tight-fitting legs, since the foot tends to swell during sports, however, if you do not plan to actively move in sneakers, this rule can be neglected.

The materials used in the manufacture must be of high quality. The sole should be moderately elastic, and the top should be made of durable leather or thick textile, high strength.

Fixing shoes on the foot is also important because it ensures the safety of sports and in many respects determines the convenience of using sneakers. Sneakers should be firmly fixed on the foot, and not to hang out.

All stitches should be the same size. If this is not the case, it means that these are handicraft shoes.

What is worth wearing?

Designers involved in the development of shoes brand Reebok, provided that these shoes will be used not only for serious occupations in various sports, but also in everyday life.

Therefore, such shoes can be fully combined not only with sports pants, but also with jeans (not only with classics, but also, for example, with a skinny model), shorts, pants, and sometimes even very strictly classic cut, and even skirts.

Such shoes are ideal for those who prefer comfort and convenience in clothes and shoes, but at the same time they don’t want to forget about aesthetics.

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