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Women’s shoes of large sizes in the wide leg

When choosing women’s shoes, you must be guided not only by its beauty, but also convenience. This is especially true of the wide foot.

The fact is that squeezing not only makes walking in an overly narrow shoe painful, but can also cause the development of foot deformities, as well as disrupt the blood flow, which again can cause disturbances. So she should be comfortable for her master.

Many people choose it foreign-made, as well as purchase through an online store. It is difficult to understand in the store whether it will be convenient to walk there for a long time, and when purchasing through an online store, it is generally impossible to try on updates.

So, besides the designation of size, it is necessary to pay attention to the designation of completeness.

There are several basic notation for completeness: English, German-Austrian and American.

Completeness systems


The American system designation of fullness is divided into female and male.

Women’s American system is as follows:

  1. For a very thin leg, you should purchase, labeled 4A = superslim, SS.
  2. For thin legs you can buy 3A = slim, S.
  3. For narrow feet, designated 2A = narrow, N.
  4. Middle legs fit designated B = medium, M.
  5. For feet a little wider than the average completeness, you need to choose C = wide, W.
  6. Wide legs fit D = doublewide, WW.
  7. Very wide legs will feel comfortable in shoes designated E = triplewide, www.

Men’s American Fat Designation System:

  1. For very thin legs, purchase 3A (AAA).
  2. Very narrow legs fit designated 2A (AA).
  3. Narrow feet will feel comfortable in shoes A.
  4. For men’s feet, slightly smaller than the normal width, designated designated B (N-Narrow) and C (N-Narrow).
  5. For legs of normal width is suitable marked D (M-Medium).
  6. For very wide legs, E (W-Wide) is suitable.
  7. Holders of very wide feet should choose 2E (EE, 2W, 3W), 3E (EEE) and 4E (EEEE), it all depends on the width.


The English notation of completeness includes the following letter designations:

  1. For normal legs, it is indicated by the letter “F”.
  2. Suitable for strong legs, have the designation “G”.
  3. For full feet, indicated by the letter “H”.
  4. A very full leg is suitable with the designation “H 1/2”.

In that case, if the completeness is not specified, then this is for a normal leg.


The German-Austrian notation of completeness is as follows:

  1. For a narrow foot is suitable, marked with the letter “F”.
  2. Legs of normal width will be comfortable with the designation “G”.
  3. For wide legs, marked “H”.
  4. Holders of wide feet should choose it, denoted “K”.

What features do models have on a big foot?

Women’s boots and shoes that are suitable for owners of a wide foot should not have sharp noses, since this form visually lengthens the foot, as a result of which the foot becomes much larger.

Square noses are also unacceptable with a large foot width, since they tend to make it visually even wider.

If it has lacing, then it is best if it is narrow lacing, especially for those models that are designed for owners of full calves, since it not only does not give the leg extra fullness, but also visually narrows it.

Large jewelery, for example, large buckles, should also not be designed for a wide leg, since they also pay attention to their fullness.

Women’s shoes and sandals that are suitable for owners of a full foot should also have a rounded nose.

Sharp and obtuse models can increase the foot. There should be no buckles and straps that adorn the ankle in the case of a wide foot and full shin, as they only focus on the fullness of the legs and do not add any grace.

Features of the choice of non-standard shoes in the online store

Today, many people who are active Internet users, prefer to buy shoes through the online store. Buying goods via the Internet saves money and time, especially when it comes to brand shoes, the price of which increases severalfold after transportation across the border.

To purchase high-quality footwear, you need to find a proven online store that has been around for a long time and has already established itself. You can find such a store through social networks, as well as through forums where users have already used the services of such resources.

However, these shops have one very significant disadvantage – the inability to try on the thing you like.. This is very important, because in addition to how the new thing looks on your foot, you should know how comfortable the foot is in it.

Which manufacturers prefer?

Previously, people who had a wide foot, high rise or full shin, and sometimes all together, had to search for a suitable pair for a long time or contact a shoemaker. Today this issue is much easier to solve, since there are companies on the market that specialize in the production of non-standard footwear.

The most famous brands for wide legs are: Rieker, Caprice, Jana, Gabor, Ara, Jenny by Ara. These brands can be purchased in stores that specialize in non-standard shoes, as well as in online stores.

The models of these brands are made of high-quality materials using the most modern technologies, so that the products are of the highest level of quality, but at the same time, its value makes it affordable to a large number of people.

Abandon heels or not?

She can add centimeters of height necessary for her owner or holder, as well as visually reduce the foot. The height of the wedge or platform must be selected on the basis of convenience.

Is it worth buying bright and catchy shoes?

Those with a wide foot, a high rise or a full leg, or even all of this together, need to follow the rule – the simpler the better. Shoes, as mentioned above, should not have overly large and bright accessories, such as buckles, rhinestones, etc.

Also, it is not necessary to acquire its unusual form. It is better to give preference to classic models with a rounded nose, as they make the foot more accurate.

If we talk about color, then in the case of summer sandals you can buy a bright model, for example, with a floral print. The fact is that it is designed in such a way as to hide the excessive fullness of the foot.

Best of all, if sandals are on the wedge or on a small platform that will lift the heel, making such a leg visually smaller.

Opt for genuine leather

Holders of wide legs is best to buy shoes made only from natural materials. Natural materials have several advantages.

Genuine leather is very soft and tends to stretch, with the result that, after a short period, the toes of the shoes take the shape of a foot, as a result of which, the wearer feels comfortable.

In addition, this material is more resistant to wear than artificial leather.

In addition to leather for the production of footwear, textiles can be used for the summer version. Textiles made from natural fibers are pleasant to the skin and also, like the skin, can stretch and take the shape of the foot. Textiles are more varied in the color and pattern of the board, but it is more difficult to care for it than for the skin.

Also, shoes made from natural materials create more comfortable conditions for the foot, as it allows it to breathe, with the result that the foot does not sweat. It is sweating that causes numerous inconveniences and the development of certain skin diseases.

Shoes made of natural materials, especially leather, have only one drawback – price. Quality shoes made of genuine leather are much more expensive than the exact same model of a pair of shoes, but made from synthetic materials.

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