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Women’s sneakers Jordan Air from Nike

Sneakers from the world famous name brand Air Jordan, which was developed by the American company Nike, gained immense popularity from the very first appearance. They have become a favorite of sports shoes and athletes and ordinary people.

Consumers appreciated the efforts of the company’s employees, which allowed to create high-quality and stylish shoes. Jordan was not only able to occupy a worthy place among the products of famous manufacturers of sports shoes, but also completely changed the market.

The successful advertising move of the brand, associated with basketball star Michael Jordan, and the latest technologies used in creating models, made it possible to gain recognition, and made Air Jordan sneakers the best-selling and sought-after product.

How was the Air Jordan brand created?

The company Nike, offering the world excellent running shoes, tried to win the trust of representatives of other sports. Innovative models became classics in various sports, and the first recognition among basketball players was obtained by the company in 1972, thanks to the release of the successful Blazer model.

But the Air Force l basketball sneakers, in which Air technology was used, made a real revolution. The model was represented by players who did not reach huge heights in basketball.

This allowed competitors creating advertisements for their sneakers with world basketball stars to lead the market for such shoes.

Realizing that for huge fees get a small result, company managers were looking for a solution that could bring Nike to a new level. It was decided to focus on one rising basketball star, and as it develops, promote its brand.

Attention was drawn to the junior from North Carolina Michael Jordon. True, to convince a young player to represent the Nike company had to put a lot of effort. Jordan preferred to wear Converse and Adidas, but these companies failed to appreciate its potential.

Having offered a huge fee, the Nike company still entered into a contract with Jordan.

The 1984/85 season, Michael played in Nike sneakers, which caused a lot of noise in the press. The NBA Commissioner issued a decree on Jordan’s violation of the NBA Code, since his red and black sneakers did not match the traditional white shoes of the Bulls team, of which he was a player.

The company saw in the ban the possibility of excellent advertising and paid for the fines of the Bulls, imposed for violating the ruling, insisting that Mike play in these sneakers. In April 1985, the first Air Jordan sneakers on sale were instantly sold out. The same thing happened with the subsequent models of this brand.


The Nike company, being quite young in comparison with such leaders of sports shoes as Adidas and Converse, set as its goal to create the best basketball sneakers.

Thanks to the hard work of the staff, she succeeded. Sneakers brand Air Jordan have become a real legend.

There are several factors that make them so popular:

  1. Narrow specialization. The shoes are designed specifically for basketball players and each element of the shoe is designed to make the game as easy as possible.
  2. Convenience. Sewing sneakers allows you not to rub the skin and move freely, instantly changing the trajectory.
  3. Ease. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the developers managed to minimize the weight of basketball shoes without losing reliability. This protects the ankle from excessive loads.
  4. Reliability fixing. Thanks to the reflecting tongue and the fixing cord holder, the problems of sneakers on the foot or unhooked laces were completely eliminated.

To improve the quality, the specialists used the best technologies in its production:

  1. Flight Web – low profile sole, which gives basketball players “volatility”, while not pushing the player.
  2. Nike zoom – airbags are inserted into the heel area to significantly increase the cushioning of the sole, without weighing down the shoes.
  3. Jordan flight plate – a system by which the load on the foot is absorbed, and is redirected to the outside. This innovation makes running and jumping easy.
  4. Dynamic fit – responsible for the balance of the ankle. Dynamic support to increase the stability of the whole body.
  5. Carbon fiber – the newest material used in the manufacture of soles of sneakers, which allows for good ventilation, which gives athletes the opportunity to train for a long time without experiencing discomfort due to sweating.

A new fixation system was also developed to minimize the risk of injury and damage, and the development of a single-cut shoe has greatly improved ventilation and fit to the foot.

For 30 years, basketball shoes have delighted their fans, delighting them with high quality and unsurpassed style. A huge number of sneakers Jordan for every taste!

And the company did not disappoint them.

From 1984 to today, more than 20 collections have been launched, and each has met the most significant requirements:

  • convenience
  • quality
  • endurance and reliability
  • great style

Since Michael Jordan personally participated in the development of new models since 1988, he could point out the flaws allowed in the release of previous models.

This allowed the Air Jordon brand to attract an increasing number of consumers. But even with a huge variety of collections presented, the company repeatedly re-released the most successful of them.

This made it possible to satisfy the main consumer preferences:

  1. Fans of innovation could please themselves with new beautiful models of sneakers.
  2. Fans of the classics had the opportunity to plunge into the former glory of the brand.

The first mention of the female Jordan

For many years, Air Jordan sneakers were made only for male basketball players. In 2001, the first women’s collection of the Air Jordans 11 was released. It was presented in limited quantities and was met with great enthusiasm.

By combining unsurpassed style and excellent quality, manufacturers have managed to win the confidence of women. The model was so successful that the men expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of such a male model.

All subsequent women’s collections of the Air Jordan brand caused no less popularity, and rightfully occupied the leading place in sales.

What should I look for when choosing a female model?

Among a large number of models it is quite difficult to choose the one that will best meet individual requirements.

There are several rules following which every woman will be able to purchase this magnificent sports shoes:

    You need to choose a game style:

  • High – they are best suited for massive women: a large sole will provide excellent cushioning, and fixing the foot will avoid injuries
  • Universal – it is better to buy such shoes for women who occupy the positions of light forwards or attacking defenders: a lower weight of the shoes will allow you to move quickly with a sharp change in the trajectory
  • Low – the lowest possible weight of the sneakers allows you to choose them to the players of the first and second number, for whom speed, the possibility of sudden jerks and instant stops are important
  • Material. All shoes of the Air Jordan brand are made from the highest quality materials and the choice must be guided by personal preferences:
    • Leather will give good stability
    • The combination of leather and synthetic materials provide reliability, flexibility and ventilation of the foot
    • Shoes with synthetic upper provides excellent ventilation and will save a little
  • Decide on which venues you will play:

    • For playing on asphalt it is better to choose them with a hard sole that is less prone to damage
    • Play on the floor better in shoes with soft soles, hard can be uncomfortable on such sites
  • It is also worth remembering that a large area of ​​the sole contributes to a better grip.

    How and where is best to buy?

    Female Jordan has already managed to occupy a worthy place in the markets of the whole world. They can be purchased at branded stores. You should not buy such shoes on the market; there you will most likely get a cheap fake.

    You need to measure in the afternoon or after exercise. It should carefully choose the appropriate size. Sneakers should not dangle on the foot or compress it. It should be free, but at the same time it is good to fix the foot.

    If you still could not find the right model, you can use the services of online stores, where the choice is often much more.

    To guess with the size and avoid returning the goods, it is worthwhile to study the table of sizes of sports shoes. You can find out the desired size in the sporting goods store, try on several models and use the data to order shoes via the Internet.

    Jordan – the perfect choice for sports and for everyday life.

    The models of the Air Jordan brand were made for basketball players, but over time they gained popularity as casual shoes.

    The stars of show business and celebrity accompanied this, which in 2009 increasingly began to appear at parties and discos in Jordan. More and more photos appeared in the press with famous singers in such shoes. Fans did not disregard this fact and immediately began to buy them.

    Not only female models, but also male models for small or even children’s sizes enjoyed popularity among the fair sex.

    Since they combined such important qualities as reliability, comfort and style, they became a favorite shoe not only of basketball players, but also of ordinary people who can appreciate good style and excellent quality.

    Having made a real revolution in the market of sporting goods, Air Jordon invariably lead on it to this day. Nike’s successful move has provided athletes and ordinary consumers with excellent sports shoes.

    They will be able to please any user, if they are chosen strictly according to size and taking into account the peculiarities of use. You also need to carefully consider the choice of style, because the shoes should not only please the quality, but also correspond to the state of your soul.

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