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Women’s sneakers New Balance 574

New Balance sports shoes won the first admirers in the post-Soviet space in the early 80s. That’s when we have this brand has become a dream along with the famous Levis jeans. What is the reason for the popularity? How did the company manage not only to win the market, but also to maintain its leading position in the global market for a whole century?

The beginning of the company’s history is the year 1906, when a young Englishman, William Rally in Belmont, USA, establishes a laboratory called the New Balance Arch Company, where corrective orthopedic shoes were developed and produced.

According to historians, the impetus for the development of a chicken paw was the impetus for the development of a new generation of sports shoes with a new support system. Footwear with a unique instep support, which had three points of support in the heel, was a revolutionary breakthrough and received high praise and recognition.

Gradually, the company pays more and more attention to sports shoes. The main criterion in the development of models is convenience, comfort and safety. First, the company produces shoes for a local sports team that participates in competitions. But since 1940, not only runners, but also representatives of other sports have been playing in New Balance sports shoes.

In 1954, the head of the company becomes Paul Kidd, who continues the work begun. The United States in the 60s is experiencing the peak of the popularity of running sports. This has raised on the crest of a wave the popularity of a company that has been developing and producing comfortable sports shoes for half a century.

From 1962 to 1999, the company is developing dynamically, new models are being developed, and modern technologies are being introduced. Released in 1962, the model for runners Trackster had serious innovations, at that time simply unique, in the form of a wavy tread of the sole and was considered the most comfortable sports shoes.

The appearance in 1976 of a new development of the company, a model of sneakers called the New Balance M320, was noticeable. She had several characteristic differences – a high heel for good fixation of the foot and a nylon tongue, replacing the leather.

Since 1972, the company is owned by American Jim Davis. During his leadership and to this day, the company occupies a leading place in popularity among world brands in the production of sports shoes.

Why choose New Balance 574?

Sneakers New Balance 574 is chosen not only by world-famous stars or professionals. They are bought by ordinary people who live an active life and appreciate comfort.

New Balance 574 sports shoes are valued for their quality and have many advantages:

  1. Due to the high quality of the material, the wearing time of the shoes is guaranteed.
  2. Special outsole has a good springing effect, absorbs shock, provides stability to the legs.
  3. Orthopedic support of the entire surface of the foot prevents its deformation and injury.
  4. Comfortable mesh size allows you to choose the most comfortable shoes for sports and everyday wear.
  5. Corrugated tread sole ensures good adhesion to any surface.
  6. A huge range of female and male models.

Model Description

Of all the models of this famous brand, this is one of the most beloved and recognizable.

It comes in several versions, but they all have common characteristics:

  1. Classic look running shoes.
  2. External material – suede with textile inserts (model version M574 TKB is made with a mesh top).
  3. The sole ENCAP provides special comfort for the foot.
  4. A wide selection of colors.

The New Balance 574 model comes from a high-quality material that guarantees long and comfortable use of shoes:

  1. Top material – suede.
  2. Material inside – nylon textiles.
  3. Insole – nylon textiles.
  4. Sole – rubber, created by a unique technology.

Breathable mesh

For better air circulation and greater comfort, the company has developed versions of models with a breathable breathable mesh. The model range of the New Balance 574 version M754 TKB is made with a mesh upper, which provides fresh air to the foot.

Due to this, the formation of moisture and unpleasant smell inside the shoe is eliminated. Feet dry and comfortable, even after a long stay in the shoes.

Sneakers New Balance 574 have a rubber sole, made by a unique technology ENCAP. It consists of polyurethane, filled in the middle with a soft EVA – filler. Such a system makes every movement of the feet in sneakers particularly comfortable, springy.

Benefits soles:

  1. Providing maximum comfort when walking.
  2. The structure of the sole provides a good springing effect for the legs.
  3. Soften shock and vibration when walking fast and running.
  4. The wavy tread protects the sole from slipping on any surface, even slippery grass.


Sneakers New Balance 574 are made in classic style. The base, sock and heel part are made of suede and are complemented with textile inserts. The back tightly fixes the foot, protecting it from injury. The side is decorated with the famous brand sign in the form of the letter “N”.

Women’s New Balance sneakers are so diverse in color that they can be worn not only for sports with a workout suit. They are great for any jeans during a walk, a picnic and just in everyday life.

New Balance 574 – comfort in every movement

New Balance has never spent a lot of money on big advertising. Her product is recognizable and loved all over the world through practical use. After all, in the process of wearing lovers of this brand note the incredible comfort and convenience, which are provided through the introduction of unique innovations and technologies.

It has long been known that about 15% of people suffer from pain in their legs. Scientists have proven that this can be avoided if you choose comfortable shoes in the right size.

New Balance 574 provides the ease of each movement in the company’s sneakers due to the fact that this shoe is chosen not only depending on the length of the foot, but also on its fullness.

In the sneakers of this company, professional athletes win medals, they are preferred by ordinary people for sports and for everyday wear. Quality, comfort, style make this shoe incredibly popular for a whole century.

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