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A hedge, a fast-growing perennial evergreen – shrubs and trees photo

An excellent decorative element in the country can be a hedge fast-growing perennial evergreen, which will have an aesthetic, function and practical. What plants to plant, stunted shrubs or trees, to get a prickly and beautiful wall, and maybe an impassable tall fence, you can only choose. Such cultures as eosklet, privet, barberry, thuja, fir, spruce, yew, cotoneaster, hawthorn, hornbeam and others are well suited. What to do to make your hedge the best?


How to make the right choice and not make a mistake

The living fence will allow to protect the perimeter, to divide the sector into zones and zones, to arrange the curbs. Succulent green plants perfectly protect from road dust and strangers will be pleasing to the eye. But, it will require special attention and care. Therefore, the final choice in the direction of a particular plant should be made based on the following criteria:

  • Favorable conditions for growth and development – type of soil on the site, climate, light, size of precipitation
  • the amount of time for quality care – different varieties of trees, bushes require different efforts. If you do not have enough time, you should give preference to simpler options that do not require significant maintenance
  • the decorative component is an important aspect in the choice and depends on which plants for hedges each owner sees in them – high or low, with flowers or not. So, western thuja, varieties of which are varied, can decorate not only the site, but turn out to be a strong impassable green wall

The range of cultures is very large, so it is easy to find the most suitable option. Here, the most important thing is to carefully read a large amount of various information.

The main groups of plants for hedge

Much depends on the individual preferences and financial capabilities of the landlord. A good option is a group of coniferous plants, which are particularly popular due to the fact that they are able to remain green at all times. For the fence fit only decorative varieties of such plants. It is necessary to pay close attention to the peculiarities of growing certain species. It is worth considering that these green fences do not like clay soil and groundwater, close to the surface.

An example of a hedgehog from a thuja – on a photo

During the entire growth of the hedge it is necessary:

  • pay attention to the formation of the crown, since such plantations can develop differently
  • If climbing plants are used, care should be taken that they do not cause problems to neighbors, trees and beds.
  • prickly bushes can be used for the fence, which will provide additional protection from strangers

Fruitful trees or shrubs will look very beautiful on the site. But regardless of the choice made, one should take into account how well the selected plants will get along.

List of suitable shrubs and trees

If you do not know what to make a hedge from, then you should pay attention to suitable fast-growing species with a brief description of the most popular ones.

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