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Garlic turns yellow in spring – what to do, what to process and feed

Often gardeners face such a problem – garlic turns yellow in spring. What to do in such cases, how to save the plants. It’s a shame when you grow, you take care, and then in a flash the whole crop dies. To protect the garlic plantings from yellowing and return a healthy look, you first need to find out the reasons, only then begin to eliminate them.

Find out the reasons why the pen turns yellow

Let’s see what is the true reason for the yellowing of garlic, because only this way it will be possible to take actions to eliminate it. Experienced agronomists emit several sources why the tips turn yellow:

  • too early landing before winter. Plant should be no earlier than October 15, so that winter garlic does not have time to hatch
  • with the onset of spring days, including May, frosts are not excluded. Therefore, the yellowness could easily leave a small frost
  • lack of nutrients can cause yellow staining
  • putrid diseases accompanied by yellowing of foliage
  • the onion fly may also be the culprit, causing great damage to the crop.

How to determine exactly what caused yellowing? If you are not sure what the matter is in the frosts, the decision will be to pull one diseased plant from the garden to inspect it. Putrid diseases can be noticed immediately by the presence of brown spots, darkening, even a small mold.

If the onion fly starts up and the larvae are laid, go to the garden bed, move your hand over the feathers. The insects will immediately spin. When pests are not detected, there is no disease, it remains to think that there is a lack of nutrients. Indeed, as it happens, with the melting of snow, many nutrients are washed out, most go deep into the soil, where the roots do not get them.

In addition, at low temperatures, the ability of the plant to absorb the necessary food from the ground slows down dramatically. Therefore, when there is a cold spring, many gardeners observe a yellow picture in the garden beds.

Yellowing garlic, how to save – folk methods and not only

Depending on the factors identified, yellowing will be eliminated. In early spring, as soon as green feathers appeared, cover the garden bed with film, spunbond or other material. Be sure to water growth-promoting drugs (Fitosporin, Epin-Extra and others). When the threat of frost passes, remove the protective cover, you will see the vegetable is green and feels great. Now you can feed.

In the case when the feathers are quite grown up, have a yellow color, apply fertilizer. Feeding garlic in spring and summer is carried out in accordance with the schedule and condition of the plants. Now at this stage it is necessary to take urgent measures and do the following:

  • it is necessary to feed the culture with urea. Dry fertilizer can be distributed in the grooves between the rows, after closing the ground, it is good to shed, so that all the granules are dissolved. But it is better to prepare a solution of urea (25-30 g / 10l)
  • after frosting, spray plantings from yellowed leaves with Zircon (1 ml / 10l). The drug is a powerful antidepressant for cultures, which will help to recover faster and begin to actively grow. Spray should be every 5-7 days, until the feathers are restored to green
  • if the vegetable is green and the appearance is quite satisfactory to the owners, in order to avoid yellowing, it is recommended to conduct foliar spraying with potassium sulfate (1 tsp / 1l) in dry, windless weather in the evening. This fertilizer can be replaced by any complex, the main thing – to breed according to the instructions on the package.

The onion fly badly dislikes carrots planted nearby, the smell scares away. If you do not know how to grow large garlic in the garden, the first rule – observe crop rotation, plant a number of rescue plants.

Of the cardinal measures, some gardeners and gardeners use salt against onion flies. Make a solution (200 g / 10 l) and spill a bed, then be sure to water with plain clean water. Salt water does not like onion flies, its larvae. One procedure will be enough for the season.

In June, ash, tobacco dust will come to the rescue. Just sprinkle aisle with a mixture of ash and tobacco dust, soon notice how the pest will disappear from the beds. Ammonia will scare the onion fly and will be nitrogen fertilizer, you only need to breed properly (55-60ml / 10l). In addition, watering onions with ammonia will save and planting.

If you find rotten specks on the onions, then you need to take care of healthy planting material, do not forget to disinfect the soil by spilling a bed of pink solution of potassium permanganate. Immediately before planting, the teeth must be disinfected using the same manganese or brine, the preparation Maxim. Now, dear readers, you know what to do when the garlic on the garden turns yellow.

Diseases and pests of garlic. Garlic turns yellow – video

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