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Green pest soap – instructions on how to prepare a solution, fertilizer, dosage photo

Green soap from pests enjoys particular popularity among summer residents – the instruction on which contains a lot of useful information, including the correct dosage, how to prepare a solution, as well as how to use the preparation from spider mites, aphids, ants, etc.

The composition of the green soap and the principle of action

Experienced gardeners who take care of their personal plots are well aware of such remedies as Green Soap – this is one of the most effective means of coping with parasites that damage garden plants. Its main advantage is absolute security for humans and domestic animals, which is not the case with many other drugs. In addition, the Green Pest Soap, the instructions for use of which are given below, does not adversely affect the environment. The composition of this tool includes such active ingredients as:

  • Several types of vegetable oils
  • Animal fat
  • Potassium Salts
  • Water

You can use soap as an independent pest control tool, and add it to pesticides. In addition to safety for the environment and the environment, Green Soap has other important advantages:

  • Getting into the soil, the product disintegrates completely, thereby not polluting not only the soil, but also the water bodies.
  • Can be used to process most garden and indoor plants.
  • It contributes to increasing the resistance of plants to negative environmental factors – precipitation, temperature drops, etc.

Getting into the reservoir, the soap does not harm its inhabitants – aquatic plants, fish and insects, so its use is allowed next to ponds, rivers, etc.

Drug efficacy

As a rule, Green Soap from spider mites, whitefly and other insect parasites is used to combat the problem of plants such as powdery mildew, etc.

After processing, the stems and branches of the plant are covered with a film that blocks access to oxygen for insects, the pests die, their larvae and eggs are killed along with them. The principle of the drug is due to the peculiarities of its composition, namely:

  • Getting on parasites, the soap solution completely clogs their bodies, not allowing them to breathe
  • A stronger effect of the drug will be, if used in conjunction with insecticides, in this case, the soap solution will become more sticky, firmly enveloping and protecting the plants. The resulting film is quite durable and does not wash off during watering or precipitation.

All these properties indicate a high efficacy of the drug for the long term.

Green soap from pests – the use and dosage

Not everyone knows how to prepare a soap solution from aphids or other insects that are harmful to garden plants. First of all, a bottle of soap should be shaken well. To make the solution as efficient as possible, it is better to use soft water, which does not include, for example, lime. The concentration of the solution will depend directly on what tasks will be assigned to the product, what pests and infections it will have to cope with.

Attention: In one season, treatment with green soap can be carried out no more than three times!

To cope with aphids and spider mites, the solution is prepared in the following proportions – 400 ml of green soap is diluted in a bucket of warm water, in this case, spraying should be carried out during the growing season or in the second half of November.

For the destruction of individual groups of parasites Green soap can be mixed with various additives – so to destroy the mole or shield, in the soap solution you should add tobacco dust, 1 kg of which dissolves in a bucket of water and infused for a day. Then 25 ml of soap is added to it.

Green soap for cabbage is effective in combination with wood ash – one and a half kilograms of ash and 30 ml of soap will be needed for a bucket of water, this mixture is also optimal for cucumbers and vegetables of the nightshade family.

Using Green Soap for pests, the instructions for use of which on the packaging contain only the standard dosage, effectively mix it with copper sulfate, in particular, the solution helps well to cope with fungal infections. Preparing such a solution according to the scheme:

  1. A glass of soap dissolves in a bucket of clean water.
  2. 25 grams of copper sulfate is dissolved in a separate container in 2 liters of water
  3. The compounds are combined and well mixed.

Plants are processed with the resulting composition three times per season, 10 treatments must elapse between treatments. Use the drug optimally in dry, calm weather, preferably in the morning or evening. Last time it is recommended to process plants a week before harvesting begins.

For processing the root system Green soap is absolutely ineffective. Vegetables should be handled with soapy water most efficiently during the germination period. So they will be reliably protected from infections peculiar to the species.

The experts recommend spraying the fruit and berry plants at the site before the buds appear, and the plant will bloom. Flowering ornamental plants are processed after detecting signs of infection or parasites. Spraying them during flowering is not recommended.

Used green soap for indoor plants – for processing flowers on the windowsill, the drug is diluted in a ratio of 1 tablespoon per liter of water. After spraying to increase efficiency, the plant is covered with a film or a regular plastic bag. Flush spraying is not necessary.

Safety engineering

Despite the fact that soap is practically no threat to humans and animals, it belongs to the drugs of the 4th class of danger and all work with the tool is recommended to be carried out in protective gloves. Do not spray means near open flame, cigarettes, etc.

Green soap from pests according to the instructions should be prepared in a glass container. If splashes get into the eyes, immediate thorough rinsing with water and treatment with eye drops is required. From the skin, the product is washed off under running water.

If the agent is in the stomach, it is necessary to provoke vomiting, then take a dose of activated charcoal. If necessary, call an ambulance.

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