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Green tomatoes with mustard for the winter, photo recipe

Deliciously tasty green tomatoes for the winter with mustard will not leave anyone indifferent! Green tomatoes for this recipe are very tasty. Due to the optimal combination of ingredients, tomatoes have a pronounced sweet-sour taste, with a slight bitterness, and they also remain firm, but very juicy. The recipe for green tomatoes for the winter is very simple to prepare. Try to do it yourself, and you will see that this is true!

    Ingredients (calculated on 1 liter of brine):
    Green tomatoes – how much will go into the jar
    120 ml of vinegar 9%
    2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt (iodized is not recommended)
    5 tbsp. spoons of cane sugar
    1 teaspoon mustard (seeds)
    10 pieces of sweet peppers
    One bay leaf

Preparation time: 0.5 hour
Cooking green tomatoes for the winter: 30 minutes

one. Pick good green tomatoes, rinse thoroughly and let dry a little

2 Next, the already washed and dried tomatoes must be cut into two or more parts, depending on the size of the tomatoes used.

3 Put clean mustard seeds, sweet peas and one bay leaf into clean sterilized jars on the bottom.

four. Prepared green tomatoes should be packed tightly in a jar.

five. Next, put a pot of water on the fire, wait for the water to boil in it and add the specified amount of salt, sugar, then pour in vinegar

6 The solution is brought to a boil and boiling, pour it into jars with tomatoes. Let it brew for 10-15 minutes, then pour it back into the pan

7 As soon as the brine begins to boil again, pour the tomatoes in the banks with a boiling solution so that the liquid completely covers the tomatoes, and roll it up

eight. Corked cans should be turned upside down. Wrap well, so that the heat does not go away, and wait until the preservation is completely cooled. Such banks with tomatoes can be stored both in the cellar and in the conditions of a city apartment. The main thing – that the place was dark.

Green tomatoes for the winter will be a great addition not only to sandwiches and hamburgers, but also perfectly combined with boiled potatoes and steaks from the grill. Enjoy your meal!

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