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Honeysuckle – how to increase the yield with the help of fertilizing

To achieve good yields from honeysuckle, you need to fertilize the plant in a timely manner. Every year, humus, compost or peat should be applied under the honeysuckle bushes. You can also pour soil substrates that are sold in stores. The soil in the stalk zone is kept clean of weeds, periodically loosened with rake to improve air and water permeability.

To honeysuckle grew well and did not hurt, you need to take care of the access of air to the roots, as well as to avoid stagnation of water in tree trunks, otherwise the root system will simply suffocate, begin to rot and ache. In the absence of rain in the warm season, honeysuckle should be irrigated once a week.

Top dressing of honeysuckle begins in spring, when new foliage begins to grow and warmer in the street, the plant can be given any nitrogenous fertilizer (according to the instructions). Then, when the honeysuckle will bloom, feed it with a solution of ash (1 liter of ash per bucket of water). The same dressing hold and the beginning of fruiting.

In general, honeysuckle is unpretentious enough to care, rarely sick. All that a summer resident needs to do is not to forget about organic dressing and watering.

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