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Yellow watermelon – find out what a miracle photo

Attention experienced and novice gardeners invited yellow watermelon, who managed in a short time to find the sympathy of most lovers of pumpkin culture. At first glance, the so-called “yellow” subspecies of this berry is no different from the usual melon fruits, but it is only necessary to open the outer skin and the essence of the difference – on the face …

Features yellow watermelon and red contrast

The most pronounced difference of this variety is the yellowness inside the watermelon, which is absolutely not characteristic of the habitual fruit of this culture. The color of the pulp does not impersonate itself, hiding behind the absolutely identical skin of the melon. Saturated yellow flesh, at first glance inspires its attractiveness and taste, which you will not complain if you try. The fruit is really very juicy and sweet, just melts in your mouth.

Imagine a yellow watermelon with an incredible taste, and now attention, is absolutely devoid of seeds, which still strive to get caught on a tooth. Indeed, some varieties of gourds provide such a feature that is very nice. It is attractive and convenient to consume, which betrays melon and gourd fruits even more immaculately. Since the watermelon inside is yellow, the fact of the presence of a large number of dark seeds is emphasized by the effect of black on light contrast.

As for the differences at the stages of the growing season of a watermelon bush, only the fact of early ripening should be noted, otherwise the bush develops in the same manner and practically under the same conditions. But to really grow tasty fruits, you need to know how to grow watermelon. The creeping bush of a yellow variety is mounted on a deeply sprouted root system, which itself is very strong under the ground, but requires careful handling on the outer layer of the earth. The leaf is hairy, all the same green.

In essence, yellow watermelon is a hybrid produced by foreign breeders. The first crop of this species was selected in Thailand and the Mediterranean, and now the cultivation of such varieties has migrated to our open spaces. The erroneous opinion on the unsuitability of the climate of the middle zone (the Urals and Siberia) quickly dispelled in practice and presented the local gardeners with generous fruits. Consequently, despite its territorial affiliation, varieties of yellow watermelon can be safely launched into the market turn.

Most of the gardeners probably have a question, with what is the yellow watermelon crossed? Fortunately, breeders have managed to cross without GMOs and chemical interventions, creating a hybrid of wild and domesticated melons. Due to the yellow color of the pulp, characteristic of wild watermelon, it turned out something in the form of saturated yellow, which inspires appetite.

The price of yellow watermelon is still a bit overpriced, but the effect is worth it. While the subspecies has not reached the peak of its recognition, it can well afford it, because more recently, to see such a fruit was exotic. Seeds of exotic watermelon can be found both in the market and in the online store.

The hybrid has an impeccable presentation and excellent taste, but only the consumer can tell the truth. Reviews of yellow watermelon inspire confidence and, according to the opinion of farmers, the idea is very profitable and worth its price, therefore it is recommended for cultivation in the country.

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