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The most natural for the human body level of humidity ranges from 40 to 60%. With the lowest percentage of atmospheric humidity, even an absolutely healthy person feels alien discomfort, such as a headache or difficulty breathing. This is not strange – since a person is 80% water and is involved in the natural water cycle. Therefore, to improve the tone and increase the atmospheric humidity in the room install an air purifier. This climatic device only cleans the atmospheric air and moisturizes it, but if you use a complex method that combines several stages of air purification and humidification, the result is more noticeable.

Reducing the percentage of humidity in the room is carried out for a number of reasons, including due to the use of various devices – TV, gas stove, monitors and many other household appliances used in the house. But the most influential of these is air conditioning. Water that evaporates from the rooms creates condensate and, therefore, a humidifier becomes necessary to create a moisture-air balance in the room. Its presence will positively affect not only the person, but also on indoor plants, will help to preserve the natural properties of the parquet, musical instruments.

The role of the humidifier in the cold season:
In the cold season, the heating of the premises begins, with the help of electrical appliances, gas heaters, etc., and the percentage of humidity decreases. In such rooms in the atmosphere contains from 20 to 35% humidity. Breathing becomes more difficult, especially for babies. Humidification also helps to solve such fluctuations in humidity, both in the cold and in the hot season.

Medical studies have shown that the normal humidity of the air, which a person must breathe, ranges from forty to sixty percent. As soon as the humidity of the air inhaled by a person falls below the norm, the human body begins to lose moisture. As a result, quite healthy representatives of humanity begin to feel not very good. They appear inattention, fatigue increases, the level of work capacity decreases, and the efficiency of the immune system decreases. Dry air also affects the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, which is why people have a runny nose and pain in the throat. If we talk about the bronchi, they are no longer able to clean themselves with the same force due to exposure to such air. As a result, a person can no longer withstand all viral infections, the general condition of asthmatics and allergy sufferers deteriorates significantly. People wearing contact lenses, a feeling of “sand” in the eyes. When the air in the room is dry, the person freezes much faster, as the moisture that comes from the body cools it.

Why are humidifiers needed?
With their help, a person can quite easily maintain the desired level of humidity in the room. This helps to prevent all those negative effects on the human body that were previously given. To date, the list of humidifiers is huge. You can buy them at any time. Along with these devices, to maintain their health, a person should also pay attention to special dietary supplements. Today, Pharmacy Tiens has a huge amount of dietary supplements, with which you can prevent the development of many diseases. These supplements include Spirulina, Digest natural, Biozinc, Biocalcium and many others.

Children are most sensitive to climatic conditions, so it is necessary for them to create and maintain a certain microclimate in the room. This primarily applies to newborns and infants.

The child during its intrauterine formation is in a humid environment, where it breathes and is fed through the umbilical cord. His birth into the world is in itself a huge stress, that’s why parents need to create all the conditions for a painless and easy passage of the “acclimatization” stage.

One of the important aspects of the normal growth and development of the baby is good humidity, which should not be below 50%.

Indoors, the level of relative humidity depends on the season, weather conditions, working household appliances and a number of other reasons. In particular, this is characteristic of the winter period, when central heating is working and the moisture content in the air does not always exceed 20-25%. Such dry air resembles the climate of the Sahara desert, where the humidity is about 25%.

The experiments carried out proved that the low level of air humidity especially negatively affects young children. Too dry air in the room overdries the skin, thereby reducing the protective properties, and creating discomfort for the baby.

The mucous membranes of the nasopharynx are most often hit. The child lays the nose, breathing becomes difficult, and the baby starts constantly waking up in the middle of the night.

Also, at low humidity even in healthy children, changes in the daily regime of renal health and the development of dysbiosis are likely.

In order to avoid these problems, special devices have been developed – air humidifiers that can maintain the required level of humidity in the room.

Clean air is very necessary in order to be healthy. Man is 70% water. In the process of metabolic processes, the skin loses about half a liter of moisture per day, and in winter – up to a liter. As a result, a problem appears that is most relevant for women – dry skin. A variety of creams, lotions and masks designed to maintain youthful skin are designed to fight only with effect, and not with the cause itself. Although to reduce moisture loss is enough to increase the humidity in the room.

Suitable air humidity for a person is from 40 to 60%. Dry air (humidity below 40%) contributes to the deterioration of general well-being and even in completely healthy people causes drowsiness, dry skin and mucous membranes, and also increases the possibility of diseases with acute respiratory infections.

People who have chronic diseases and who suffer from past illnesses because of a general deterioration of their immunity feel even worse. The presence in the air of significant amounts of dust and various allergens leads to an allergic reaction, such as respiratory failure, runny nose, nose and throat irritation, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Dry air is a popular problem all year round. In the summer, air conditioning is widely used to create favorable conditions. But at the same time creating a pleasant coolness, they partially dry the air in the room. This is especially pronounced in areas where there are double-glazed windows.

In winter, central and electric heating heats the house, but at the same time dries the air. Even the open window can not create the necessary flow of fresh air. As a result, the humidity level in the room drops to 20-25%.

To combat the dryness of the air and to create climatic conditions optimal for human health, special devices were created – humidifiers that work equally well in the office, apartment, and in the children’s room.

Usually air humidity is not paid special attention. But, if the air in the room is excessively dry or too humid, it causes discomfort. In summer, too high a humidity level causes stuffiness. And, if we talk about the air dried in the rooms, then, in addition to discomfort, in this case there is a greater threat to health.

The overdried air complicates the penetration of oxygen into the body and its participation in the respiratory process. The result is a deterioration of health, fatigue appears, and concentration decreases. An even more serious consequence is the appearance of an addiction to infectious and respiratory diseases. As a result, the protective properties of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract deteriorate.

Overdrying of interior air also affects the rest of the body. For example, on the skin there is a so-called dehydration eczema, manifested in the keratinization of the upper layer of the skin, which tends to become inflamed. In addition, the aging process of the skin is accelerated, it loses its usual elasticity and elasticity.

The eye mucosa likewise loses its protective functions, opening the door to bacteriological infection. Studies have shown that the relative humidity of the air, which is in the range of 40 to 60%, is optimal. Many doctors sometimes reduce this interval to 45-55%. Thus, without technical intervention, that is, without a humidifier, it is impossible to maintain favorable climatic conditions.

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