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Blurred vision

  • Blurred vision The eye is the organ that every person uses constantly throughout his life. Many are aware of that.
  • Blurred vision A number of cardiovascular pathologies are accompanied by deterioration of vision to one degree or another.

The eye is the organ that every person uses constantly throughout his life. Many people know that it is through the organ of vision that we receive about 80% of the information about the world around us. However, often the deterioration of vision does not cause a person of great concern. It is believed that this is due to age-related changes.

But visual impairment is almost always a symptom of a disease. It can be:
• diseases of the eyes themselves: retina, lens, cornea
• common diseases that, for example, lead to damage to the nervous system or vessels of the eyeball
• disorders of the tissues surrounding the eye: the eye muscles, adipose tissue that surrounds the eyeball.

Visual impairment may have a different nature:
• Violation of visual acuity is mainly associated with pathologies of the retina – the back of the eyeball, in which there are photosensitive cells. Under visual acuity understand the ability of the eye to distinguish two separate points at a minimum distance. This ability is expressed in arbitrary units, for a normal eye, visual acuity is 1.0.
• Often, visual impairment can be caused by obstructions in the path of light to the retina. With changes on the part of the lens and the cornea, a kind of blurring occurs before the eyes, the appearance of various spots. If the lens of the eye has an irregular shape, then it incorrectly positions the image on the retina.
• The eyes of a person are specially located very close to each other, so that we can perceive the picture of the world as deeply as possible, in volume. But for this, the eyeballs must be precisely positioned in the eye sockets. If their location and axes are disturbed (which may be caused by disorders of the eye muscles, the growth of the fatty tissue of the eye), then double vision and visual impairment is noted.
• As soon as the retina perceives light, it is immediately transformed into nerve impulses and enters the optic nerves to the brain. When disorders of the nervous system vision is also impaired, and, often, these disorders are quite specific.

Consider the main diseases that can act as causes of visual impairment.

Temporary visual impairment with fatigue
Visual impairment is not always associated with diseases. Sometimes factors such as:
• severe constant fatigue
• chronic sleep deprivation
• constant stress
• prolonged eyestrain, such as working at a computer.

Often, in order to eliminate visual impairment in this situation, it is enough just to get some rest, to do eye exercises. But it is better to visit an ophthalmologist and undergo an examination in order not to miss the disease.

A number of cardiovascular pathologies are accompanied by deterioration of vision to one degree or another.

Hypertonic disease
Hypertension, or arterial hypertension – a disease that is accompanied by a systematic increase in blood pressure. It can be increased constantly or increase during stress, psychoemotional and physical exertion.

Blood pressure is elevated, which rises above 140 and 90 mm. Hg Art.

As such, visual impairment in the early stages of hypertension is not observed. Patients may be disturbed by symptoms such as dizziness, “flies before the eyes,” darkening of the eyes, for example, with a sharp rise. The reason for the deterioration of vision in this case is an increase in blood pressure and impaired normal blood flow in the vessels of the orbit.

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