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The furuncle is a pustular skin disease characterized by the development of acute purulent-necrotic inflammation of the hair follicle (follicle) and surrounding tissues. There are single boils and multiple (furunculosis).

Symptoms and course. The furuncle can develop on any part of the skin, except for the palms and palms of the fingers, the sole of the foot. However, most often they are located on the skin of the face, neck, forearm, rear of the hands, lower back, thigh.

First, a dense bright red inflammatory infiltrate develops around the hair follicle, which is cone-shaped above the skin. Gradually, the infiltrate increases, becomes painful, and the surrounding tissues swell. For 3-4 days in the center of the boil the tissues soften and a purulent-necrotic core forms.

The cause of boils is coccal infection. Under the skin, microbes make their way from unwashed hands, dirty towels. The degree of risk increases with a tendency to inflammatory processes on the face.

In children, such formations on the face occur due to a general lack of vitamins and microelements. They may appear in lovers to squeeze acne on the face.

This problem on the face is aggravated by the fact that blood from the face enters the skull. Simply put, if microbes get into a pimple on the face, they will quickly reach the brain through the vessels. In addition, there is a possibility that when the boil is ripe, its contents will not come to the surface of the skin, but inside. At the same time, the skin area swells up and causes pain.

What to do in case of occurrence of this disease?
Go to the doctor. This type of disease is dangerous complications.
At the location of the boil in the nose, tampons containing various antimicrobial ointments are injected into it. The patient is recommended to reduce the activity of the facial muscles, to speak less, to eat foods that do not require long chewing. If the stage of the disease allows, it is opened. Until the wound heals itself, it is left open. Cover with a damp cloth moistened with saline. The napkin must be periodically moistened – it should not be allowed to dry. Such care will allow the wound to cleanse itself.

It is with the location of boils on the face, besides the local treatment, the patient necessarily takes antibiotics inside, sometimes the course is stretched for a long time and requires repetition.

The furuncle is a rather deep inflammatory process of both the hair follicle itself and the surrounding fiber. Plus, a clear sign of the follicle is also purulent discharge, which begin to stand out approximately two to three days after the formation of a boil. Simply put, it is a very dense pustule, which causes the patient a lot of pain. In most cases, this phenomenon at the very beginning is about the size of a pea. Day after day, its size increases, and the color becomes purple-red.

Two or three days later, when an autopsy occurs, pus begins to flow. As soon as all the pus is drained, an ulcer appears at the site of the disease, which also causes pain. No matter how many such phenomena appeared on the human body, in any case, his condition will be called furunculosis. This disease can disturb a person for years, and can occur only once in a lifetime. How often will occur manifestations of this disease depends on the lifestyle that leads people. Therefore, one of the ways to prevent such phenomena can be considered a healthy lifestyle.

Predisposing factors to the development of the disease quite a lot. This is a weak immune system, and the presence of diseases such as diabetes or anemia, frequent hypothermia, excessive fatigue and so on.

Boils can appear in any place where there is hair. Also, they do not choose the age of their “victim”. In most cases, the existing disease becomes the cause of the development of edema of a part of the body that is near it. This disease can be very dangerous. It all depends on which area he appeared.

Small scratches and abrasions, cold water, metabolic problems, lack of vitamins in the body contribute to its appearance.
The process begins with the fact that pathogenic microbes enter the hair follicles.

The first signs of a boil in the ear are a powerful, throbbing pain that extends to the jaw, temporal region, sometimes the whole head hurts. More acutely felt when moving the lower jaw, if you pull the ear. There is a buzz in a sick ear and hearing impairment. This happens due to the fact that the auditory canal is blocked by a boil. The general condition worsens.

For treatment, antibiotics are used in injections. Tampons with warming, anesthetic compositions are injected into the ears.
After plugging from the ear, remove all organic debris, sprinkled with loose antibiotics. Inside take painkillers.

Good effect have a warming, the use of ultraviolet radiation. In some cases, when the procedures are carried out in a timely manner, the boil can take place without a boil. Usually, immediately after the expiration of pus, the condition improves. For surgical intervention in this type of disease are treated infrequently. Usually, in the absence of complications, the patient recovers within seven days.

Traditional medicine in the event of boils in the ears advises soar head in pairs of pharmacy chamomile. The duration of the procedure should not exceed a quarter of an hour. You can make warm wraps of baked leek, green leaves do not use. Wrap the leek in gauze, create a warm layer on top. Keep this tool should be to cool it completely.

Furunculosis occurs when an infection gets into the hair follicle. Favorable conditions for the occurrence of this disease are created when non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, scuffing, mechanical damage, beriberi. The usual places of occurrence of this disease are head, arms, back.

If you incorrectly handle the appeared boil, it can “multiply” and this disease is already called furunculosis.

It should be specially noted that picking out, cutting or any similar actions lead to very serious consequences. You can not even bathing. According to the prescription of a physician, only therapeutic baths with potassium permanganate are permitted. From the menu, exclude pasta, bakery, pastry, spicy seasonings, chili pepper. Include in the diet more fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits.

To get rid of this disease as soon as possible, lotions of ground figs, mixed with honey, ground wheat grapes, grapes, mustard, help. It is useful to apply a thin layer of birch or pine bark to the affected area, scald the bark before use and fix it with a bandage. Green parts of Kirkazon, 50 grams, boil in 250 ml. water five to seven minutes. Make lotions for a few hours.

For the general strengthening of the body with boils, an infusion of burdock is useful. Take thrice daily before meals. Burdock soaked in boiling milk is good to use as a compress. Baked onions are also used. Compress bow is set for four hours. It is very effective in saving Chitosan.

The following ointment is prepared for the treatment of this disease: chop 20 grams of green mass of the plantain, mix with olive oil or peach kernel oil.

Be sure to start with a visit to the doctor. It is necessary to find out the cause of furunculosis, only after that effective treatment is possible. In addition, treatment is determined by the degree of development of the process.

To rid the patient of this disease in the initial stage more often used external means.
The affected area is smeared with ichthyol ointment, various alcohol solutions, antibiotics are injected around the boil, they are heated, they are exposed to UHF. Of the drugs should be noted ointment with antibiotics. External therapy is combined with antimicrobial drugs.

If the process spreads to nearby tissues, it can be treated mainly with the help of a surgical procedure. An incision is made in the skin, the affected tissue is removed. The wound is not sutured to exudate. It is closed with a bandage and treated with special formulations.

In the event that you periodically suffer from this disease, you need to improve the body as a whole. May have weakened his defenses. Excessive consumption of sweet contributes to the appearance of boils. All sweets should be temporarily excluded from the diet.

How to prevent the appearance of boils?
To start, keep your own body in the proper order. Dirt is a source of germs. Any, even the slightest abrasions and scratches handle iodine or brilliant green solution. Treat your chronic diseases, they deplete the body and disrupt the immune system.
It is worth recalling that late appeals to doctors and attempts at self-treatment often result in the appearance of very unpleasant complications.

With the arrival of autumn and winter, a significant number of people are faced with the appearance of small inflammations on the skin. In some cases, they are quite extensive. What kind of processes are we dealing with? What to do with these unpleasant phenomena?

Inflammatory processes on the skin surface are caused by microorganisms entering the human sweat glands. The furuncle is a very unpleasant phenomenon, but sometimes it is aggravated by the location, for example, in the ear.

What contributes to the appearance of this disease?
Poor skin care, minor scratches, punctures, severe sweating, endocrine diseases, puberty, long-standing non-treated diseases, decrease in the body’s defenses.

How does the disease begin? Burning sensation, discomfort. Day – two and the skin slightly swells. There is an internal abscess. In some cases, the radius of the painful area can be up to fifteen millimeters. After some time, a dead skin area appears in the middle. In the normal course of ten days everything goes away. In memory of the boil remains a small bright scar.
In the event that two or three hair bulbs become inflamed, all discomfort and swelling increase. This is a carbuncle. The general condition of the patient is bad, possible loss of consciousness, nausea.

In no case do not try to mechanically affect the furuncle, pick it open. This can cause infection. Particularly serious are the consequences of squeezing boils on the head due to the proximity of the brain. Never massage the skin near the disease, do not rub it. Consult a doctor. First, it is necessary, of course, to establish the true cause of the disease.

Warm months are a favorite time for babies. Walk yourself from morning to evening. Play catch-up, sculpt kulichiki, run barefoot, swim in lakes and rivers. After all these wonderful activities baby needs to be thoroughly washed. Active movement contributes to the appearance of minor injuries and violations of the integrity of the skin. An infection causing various unpleasant ailments can get through the smallest puncture. It is in summer that there is a seasonal outbreak of such diseases in children. Boils are quite common and very unpleasant, so we will focus on them in more detail.

The skin for our body is a kind of wall that prevents unwanted microorganisms, chemicals, etc. from getting inside. It is like a lightning rod with a large number of ailments.

Children’s skin is many times thinner than in adults. This is due to the fact that the child grows and the skin should increase accordingly, therefore all metabolic processes occur very quickly in children’s skin.

On the surface of the skin there are many pores inhabited by microorganisms. In normal circumstances, they play an important and useful role in the body. But sometimes the circumstances are such that germs multiply too actively and begin to harm. Such circumstances may be poor washing, wounds on the surface of the skin. Kids often have problems of this nature.

Of the total number of dermatological diseases, boils are distinguished by the fact that they occur exclusively in the hair follicles and sebaceous ducts.

The general condition of the baby with the appearance of a boil deteriorates greatly. The main recommendation – do not fuss, do not try to treat the child with grandmother’s methods. Go to the experts, the well-being of baby is the most important thing in the life of parents.

There are cases in which you should not try to handle boils on your own. If the place of the disease is very painful, it is located in places with a very dense skin, if a child is sick, an old man or a person with chronic diseases, then go to the clinic. In case of diabetes, complications are possible. If you are relatively healthy, strong and no frightening symptoms are not observed, you can try to cure the disease with “kitchen remedies”.

American scientists advised to begin the fight against boils with the use of lotions. Heat speeds up the boiling process. The sooner it breaks through and clears, the easier it will be for you. It is enough for the first days to apply a wet, not very hot cloth for half an hour. You can do the procedure every five to six hours. Compress should not cool, watch out for it. A few days and the boil will ripen and pus flow out. After that, for at least three days, apply lotions, this contributes to a better wound cleansing. Do not apply a bandage, do it only if you are afraid to wipe the laundry.

American physicians suggest using lotions with the following unusual ingredients for treatment: a warm slice of raw tomato, a circle of onions, chopped garlic, cabbage leaves, and black tea.

American doctors advise to pierce the boil with a needle and squeeze its contents. They refer to the fact that surgeons in hospitals do just that. According to them, when piercing, the risk of infection of nearby tissues occurs infrequently. Treat disinfectants sites of diseases is not recommended, from this there will be no harm or benefit.

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