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Concor Tablets – analogues and synonyms (indications, instructions for use, prices, patient reviews and doctors’ recommendations)

Concor Cor tablets (bisoprolol 2.5 mg): indications, instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

The difference between drugs Concor and Concor Cor

Preparations Concor and Concor Cor are full analogues, since the active substance of both drugs is selective betablocker bisoprolol .

The difference lies in the dosage of the active substance: if Concor is available in dosage forms containing 5 and 10 mg of bisoprolol, Concor Cor tablets contain only 2.5 mg of the active substance.

The manufacturer made sure that the preparations had an external difference: Concor Cor tablets are distinguished in white, while Concor tablets are colored yellowish, the saturation of which depends on the content of the active substance (tablets containing 10 mg have a darker color).

Like the Concor preparation, the Concor Cor tablets have a characteristic heart shape and are separated by a groove in such a way that each tablet can be easily broken into two equal parts.

Indications, contraindications for use and side effects

How to take Concor Cor

Concor Cor tablets are recommended to be used at the beginning of the medication for the so-called titration – a gradual increase in the dose of the active substance of the drug by 1.25 mg per week.

Such a titration is especially important in chronic heart failure, when the patient’s body is very sensitive to the drug, and the maintenance dose should be quite high (up to 10 mg). In such cases, start with half a tablet Concor Cor, and the desired dose is reached only after 12 weeks.

Of course, in the future it is rational to switch to Concor 5 or 10 mg, since taking one or two tablets is more convenient than four.

Concor Cor tablets may also be needed to gradually discontinue the drug by gradually lowering the dose.

As with all medicines containing bisoprolol, Concor Cor tablets are taken once a day, in the morning. The drug can be taken before, during or after a meal, drinking a small amount of liquid (tablets can not be chewed).

What can replace the tablets Concor Cor: the price of analogues in Moscow

Synonym for Concor Cor are Aritel Cor tablets, which also contain only 2.5 mg of bisoprolol. This domestic drug has a more affordable price (the average cost of Aritel Cor tablets in Moscow’s pharmacies is 73 rubles per pack containing 30 tablets).

Slightly higher is the cost of another Russian drug Concor Cor – tablet Hypertenace 2.5 mg (the average price for a package containing 30 tablets is 107 rubles, and for a package containing 100 tablets – 242 rubles).

Reviews of patients and doctors

Analysis of reviews of the drug Concor Cor showed that doctors love to prescribe these pills. A small dosage of the active substance allows the use of this dosage form for the gradual achievement of the maintenance dose, and for the gradual withdrawal of the drug.

In addition, therapists often prescribe this drug for hypertensive type of vascular (neurocirculatory) dystonia with a tendency to develop tachyarrhythmias.

According to patient testimonials, Concor Cor is well tolerated and protects against blood pressure surges and heart attack. Cases of increased individual sensitivity to the drug are rare.

What reduces pressure better than Concor? Combined drug tablets Concor AM 5 + 5 mg, 5 + 10 mg, 10 + 5 mg, 10 + 10 mg: instructions for use, price, reviews

Composition and properties (brief summary)

Concor AM is a combination drug that contains two active ingredients: a cardioselective beta-blocker bisoprolol and calcium channel blocker amlodipine .

In this case, there are three forms of drug release:

  • tablets containing 5 mg of active ingredients
  • tablets containing 5 mg of bisoprolol and 10 mg of amlodipine
  • tablets containing 10 mg of bisoprolol and 5 mg of amlodipine
  • tablets containing 10 mg of active substances.

Outwardly, all forms of release are two-convex oblong tablets of white color, on one side of which there is an oblong indentation, and on the other – marking "MS".

The tablets are placed in blisters of 10 pieces, so that each package of the medicinal product contains 3 blisters (30 tablets).

What helps tablets Concor AM (Concor + amlodipine)

The combination of bisoprolol and amlodipine is one of the basic in the treatment of hypertension, especially when combined with atherosclerotic lesions of the coronary vessels.

Both drugs have the ability to lower blood pressure, but have different mechanisms of action. The cardioselective beta-adrenoblocker bisoprolol reduces the heart rate and power, thus reducing cardiac output. At the same time, the calcium channel blocker amlodipine dilates peripheral arterioles, reducing peripheral resistance.

Another common property of bisoprolol and amlodipine is the ability to prevent strokes during coronary heart disease. In this case, bisoprolol reduces the oxygen demand of the myocardium, reducing strength and heart rate, and amlodipine dilates the coronary arteries and reduces the load on the heart by reducing peripheral resistance.

Thus, the healing effects of bisoprolol and amlodipine in relation to coronary heart disease are also mutually enhanced by various mechanisms of drug action.

As a rule, the combined drug Concor AM is used as a replacement for the previously prescribed monocomponent preparations of bisoprolol (Concor tablets) and amlodipine.

Effect on potency

Since the combined drug Concor AM, in addition to bisoprolol, also contains amlodipine, the probability of reducing the potency when it is prescribed increases slightly (from 1/10 000 to 1/1000).

It should be noted that the likelihood of developing impotence with inadequate treatment of hypertension is much higher.

Reviews of patients about side effects and the effectiveness of the drug Concor AM

Reviews of patients about the drug Concor AM indicate that this dosage form is very attractive for its ease of use (you need to take one tablet instead of two).

At the same time, patients do not notice the appearance of unpleasant side symptoms or any significant reduction in the effectiveness of treatment in the transition from single-component drugs to Concor AM combination tablets.

How to apply medicine Concor AM (Concor plus amlodipine)

Konkor AM is starting to use bisoprolol and amlodipine as a replacement for monocomponent drugs. Various medicinal forms of the drug Concor AM (5 mg + 5 mg 5 mg + 10 mg 10 mg + 5 mg 10 mg + 10 mg) were created specifically to make it easy to choose the right combination of active ingredients.

Concor AM tablets are taken in accordance with the instructions: once a day, in the morning, before, during or after meals, with a small amount of liquid.

How long can you take pills?

Treatment of hypertension is a long-term, usually life-long. In this case, the drug Concor AM is one of the basic drugs designed to maintain blood pressure at an optimal level and prevent strokes.

Therefore, the medical drug Concor AM is designed for prolonged use as maintenance therapy. As a rule, such treatment is well tolerated by patients, and side effects are relatively rare.

How to stop taking pills Concor AM?

Concor tablets and similar drugs: indications for use, instructions, price, reviews and recommendations of doctors

Analogs and generics (synonyms) of the drug Concor

Like any other pharmacological drug, Concor has its analogs and generics (synonyms). Under generics or synonyms in medicine is commonly understood as drugs that have the same composition of active ingredients.

Generics, as a rule, are produced by various manufacturers, therefore they may differ in the quality of purification of the active components and in the composition of auxiliary substances.

Prices for synonymous drugs can vary greatly (10 or more times). How much the price of a generic drug corresponds to the quality of the drug remains unknown, since clinical trials have not been conducted comparing the efficacy and safety of synonymous drugs.

The patient can make the substitution of the drug Concor for a synonym-generic, independently, based on their own preferences and affordability of tablets by price.

Analogs are drugs from the same pharmacological group: in the case of Concor, we are talking about drugs from the group of beta-blockers.

Such drugs have different pharmacological properties, and may have additional indications and contraindications. Therefore, if you want to make the replacement of Concor tablets for a similar drug that is not a generic (synonym), you must first consult with your cardiologist.

What is better: Concor tablets or cheap Russian analogue of bisoprolol?

The Russian drug Bisoprolol is synonymous with German Concor tablets and is also available in two dosages (5 and 10 mg). Bisoprolol tablets are produced by various Russian companies and are distinguished by an extremely affordable price.

Thus, in pharmacies of Moscow, the packaging of the drug Bisoprolol, containing 30 tablets of 5 mg of the active substance, can be purchased for 23 rubles. However, the demand for this generic is relatively low. Obviously, patients are alarmed by the lack of advertising and too low a price.

Which is better: Concor or Coronal’s analogue (5 mg and 10 mg tablets)?

Coronal is a generic pill of Concor of Slovak origin (Zenitwa). In pharmacies in Moscow, Concor and Coronal are equally in high demand.

At the same time, the price of generic Coronal produced by Slovakia is almost two times lower than the cost of Concor. The average price of tablets containing 5 mg of active substance is about 100 rubles for a package of 30 tablets and about 200 rubles for a package of 60 tablets, and the average cost of tablets containing 10 mg of active substance for the corresponding packaging is about 200 and 300 rubles.

What better lowers blood pressure: Concor tablets or Egilok (metoprolol)?

Concor and Egilok are not synonymous with drugs, as they differ in the active substance. The active component of Concor tablets is bisoprolol, and Egiloc tablets are metoprolol.

However, the drug Egilok is "closest relative" Concor tablets are drugs belonging to the group of cardio selective beta-blockers.

Therefore, the indications and contraindications for these two drugs are absolutely identical. Both types of tablets, as a rule, are well tolerated, and the side effects that occur in rare cases when taking Concor and Egilok are of a similar nature.

Egilok and Concor are equally effective at elevated pressure, however, due to the different nature of the active components, there are significant differences in their action.

First of all, it concerns the time of the effect. Egilok acts very quickly, so that a decrease in blood pressure can be noticed already 15-20 minutes after taking the pill. On the other hand, the active substance of Egilok tablets is rapidly excreted from the body, so the drug should be taken two or three times a day.

Another significant difference between the drugs is that Egilok tablets should not be taken on an empty stomach, since the active ingredient of the drug is much better absorbed with food. So Egilok tablets are consumed during or after a meal, without chewing (washed down with a small amount of liquid).
Read more about the drug Egilok

What better reduces the pulse at high pressure: Concor or Betalok ZOK?

Concor and Betalok OCR preparations belong to the same group of drugs, therefore, they have identical indications and contraindications, and can also cause similar side effects.

Metoprolol , The active ingredient of the tablets Betalok ZOK, characterized by a faster metabolism in the body. However, unlike, for example, Egilok (the active ingredient of metoprolol tartrate), Betalok tablets ZOK (the active ingredient of metoprolol succinate) is characterized by slow absorption of the active ingredient.

Slow release of the active component allows you to achieve a long-term maintenance of therapeutic concentration of metoprolol in the blood, so that the tablets Betalok ZOK, as well as Concor, are taken 1 time per day (in the morning).

The effectiveness of drugs Concor and Betalok ZOK in relation to lowering blood pressure and relief of attacks of tachycardia is the same. However, doctors habitually prefer the German means of Concor. It should be noted that the price of the Swedish drug Betalok ZOK in pharmacies in Moscow is comparable to the cost of Concor tablets.

What is better for hypertension: Concor or Nebilet tablets?

Nebivolol , the active ingredient of the drug Nebilet, belongs to the same group of medicines as bisoprolol, the active component of Concor tablets.

However, the distinctive feature of nebivolol from other cardio-selective beta-blockers is the additional ability to expand peripheral vessels. This feature allows you to select the drug Nebilet as the most effective antihypertensive agent among related drugs.

It should be noted that the cost of Nebilet tablets is significantly higher than the price of Concor, and reviews of many patients and doctors indicate that Concor is sufficiently effective in treating hypertension.

What is better to take from pressure: drug Concor or anaprilin?

Anaprilin preparation is the ancestor of a whole group of medicines – beta-blockers. This is an old, time-tested drug. However, it has a number of drawbacks, since, unlike Concor tablets and other cardio-selective beta-blockers, it affects not only the adrenergic receptors of the heart muscle.

Therefore, when using anaprilin, unpleasant side effects (such as, for example, impotence and depression) and dangerous complications (marked bronchospasm, Raynaud’s syndrome (spasm of peripheral vessels of the extremities with a violation of their trophism)) develop much more often.

So for long-term use in hypertension, it is better to use beta-blockers of the new generation, in particular, Concor tablets.

What works best with high blood pressure: Concor or Carvedilol?

The drug Carvedilol is a drug that simultaneously blocks alpha and beta adrenergic receptors. Medicines from this group have an additional antihypertensive effect, expanding peripheral vessels.

In addition, the drug has antioxidant properties, that is, it protects the body’s cells from self-poisoning by free radicals (many pathological processes are associated with the effects of these metabolic products – from premature aging to the development of malignant tumors).

The disadvantages of the drug Carvedilol include non-selectivity of its effects on beta-adrenergic receptors, so this drug causes such dangerous side effects as bronchospasm much more often than Concor.

Carvedilol is usually prescribed for moderately severe arterial hypertension, since it reduces blood pressure significantly more effectively than Concor tablets, and can be used as a monotherapy in such cases.

At the same time, with low numbers of abnormal blood pressure, but in the case of a pronounced tendency to tachycardia and attacks of arrhythmias, the use of Concor tablets is preferable, since this drug is better tolerated.

What is better to use as a medicine for pressure: Concor or Niperten (analogue of Concor, made in Russia)?

The drug Niperten is synonymous with Concor tablets. This is a fairly popular and relatively expensive Russian counterpart.

However, compared with the drug Concor, the cost of hypertension is low. For example, in Moscow pharmacies, the average cost of Nepriten tablets containing 5 mg of active substance is 132 steering wheels per pack of 30 tablets and 300 rubles per pack with a hundred tablets, and the average price of Neripen tablets containing 10 mg of active substance is 200 and 450 rubles for appropriate packaging.

What is better to use from pressure in case of tachycardia and extrasystoles: Concor or Lokren?

Concor and Lokren preparations belong to the same group of selective beta-blockers. However, the main component of tablets Lokren is another active ingredient, namely betaxolol .

Betaxolol in a series of selective beta-blockers is characterized by the longest half-life (about a day). As well as other long-acting drugs, Lokren is prescribed once a day.

However, in contrast, for example, from the drug Concor or Betalok ZAK, which are prescribed to be taken in the morning, for Lokren tablets, you can choose any time of administration, based on comfort for the patient.

Another positive feature of the drug Lokren is an additional weak membrane stabilizing effect, so this drug is more suitable for patients with a tendency to develop such pathological cardiac rhythm disorders like extrasystole and paroxysmal tachycardia.

It should be noted that the price of the French drug Lokren is quite high (the average cost of a package containing 28 tablets in pharmacies in Moscow is about 500 rubles).

What is better for heart arrhythmias: Concor or Sotageksal?

The drug Sotahexal, in contrast to Concor tablets, is a non-selective beta-blockers, so when using it, various side effects occur more often.

However, the undeniable advantage of the drug Sotahexal is its pronounced antiarrhythmic effect, due to which many pharmacists refer it not to beta-blockers, but to third-class antiarrhythmic drugs.

As studies by foreign authors have shown, the drug Sotahexal, with long-term use, is much more effective than many antiarrhythmic drugs.

Regular intake of tablets Sotahexal prevents sudden arrhythmic death. Therefore, it is better to choose the drug for patients who suffer from attacks of life-threatening arrhythmias, such as ventricular tachyarrhythmias, ventricular fibrillation, etc.

What is better to buy in Moscow: Concor or his synonym Bidop?

The drug Bidop is synonymous with Concor Irish tablets. In pharmacies in Moscow, it is much less popular than the German drug Concor, although it is more cost effective.

Thus, the average cost of Bidop tablets containing 5 mg of active substance is 150 rubles per package (28 tablets), and the average price of tablets containing 10 mg of active substance is 200 rubles for the same package.

What is better to take with tachycardia: Concor or his Russian counterpart Biprol?

Biprol tablets belong to the popular cheap domestic counterparts – generics of the drug Concor. The cost of domestic medicine is several times lower than the price of the German drug Concor.

So, Biprol tablets containing 10 mg of the active substance, in Moscow, it is quite possible to buy at the price of 125 rubles for a package of 30 tablets.

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